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Diend's sales! BIONICLE, LEGO, Megabloks, Kreo


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Hi friends! My name is Artie Diend and i've been selling toys online for many years now. Feel free to check out my feedback (and more pictures for these auctions) on ebay over at: http://www.ebay.com/usr/artiediend

PAYPAL only!

LEGO Bionicle Toa Terrain Crawler playset. 100% comeplte with box and all instructions. $90

LEGO BIONICLE Rakshi Tuhrak. Complete with canister and instructions. - $8

LEGO BIONICLE Toa Matau. Complete with canister and instructions. - $8

MISB LEGO 70141: CHIMA Vardy's Ice Vulture Glider. Complete and unopened. $15

LEGO Architecture 21003: Seattle Space Needle. Complete with box & instructions. $18

MISP LEGO Polybag 30275 -TIE Advanced prototype - $4
MISP LEGO Polybag 30295 - Ninjago Cowler Dragon - $4

LEGO Knights' Kingdom sets 8704 and 8706 - Sir Ardic & Karzon. Complete with all peices, instruction, and tins! $10 each or $18 for both!

MISB Megabloks Hot Wheels 3 in 1 Rage Rider. Complete and unopened. $4

Megabloks Call of Duty 5 piece MEGA LOT! Includes Zombie Brutus, Vulture attack set, Juggernaut, Seal Specialist, and Claw Assault sets. All are complete and unopened. $45 for the entire set

Transformers Kreo Kreon Bumblebee, Hound, and Grimlock. All complete and unopened. $9 each

Transformers Kreo Kreon Underbite Jetpack takedown set. (x2). both and unopened and complete $18 each

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