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Does the Earth Region still exist, as represented in the map, or has it been absorbed into the territory of another region, such as the adjacent Stone?


- :burnmad:


It still exists as represented on the map. Albeit in disrepair from being abandoned for 20 years.


It could prove fruitful to explore it? But it's more likely to be a waste of time.


E: Although they did have half the Mask of Time in their possession before their defeat, so who knows.

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Question for all of you players: would you rather that rounds last three days, or seven days?


The only thing this will impact is how much time you're given IRL; in-game time will not change. My main worry is that seven days might prompt too much inactivity - but three days could turn out to not be enough time.

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I'd definitely prefer three to seven. 


I think if I had to wait a week between anything happening, I'd lose interest or completely forget what I was planning. 

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I'd say three definitely. Truth be told, I don't think there should be too much activity allowed during one episode, so three seems like it would be a fair amount. It also allows those that may not have the most time available to still hopefully get their actions in.


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I'd say have it be Four, or the minimum of Three. Five and seven are a bit much.

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Man... I have a bad feeling about this first episode...


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It's Game of Thrones.


If you go into an episode feeling optimistic and full of hope, there's something very wrong with you. 

Embers - A Bionicle Saga - Chapters/Review

Class Is Out - A Farewell To Corpus Rahkshi - Chapters/Review

BZPRPG Characters - Minnorak, Kain, T'harrak, Savis, Vazaria, Lash

BZPRPG Mercenary Group - The Outsiders - Description - History - Base

Ghosts Of Bara Magna - Ash Tribe - Precipere - Kehla, Somok, Skrall, Gayle, Avinus, Zha'ar

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Oh, I forgot to read this. Well I have some catching up to do...

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He sat at the table, one of his Skull Warriors standing silently behind him. The eyes of the Council Members from each region of Okoto were on the guardian, all of them wary of making a wrong move and paying the price for it.


“ToaD,” Voxumo said quietly, drawing the attention of the Ice Council Member. “See me once the others are gone.”


“Yes, my Lord Mask Maker.”


“The rest of you are now dismissed,” he ordered, now speaking more loudly. “Return to me soon with news from your regions.”


The other Council Members affirmed their orders and one by one exited the chamber, each of them heading towards their own regions. ToaD, still seated at the table, now leaned towards Voxumo.


“What do you need from me, Lord Mask Maker?”


“I need you to give your new ruler a message,” Voxumo replied, handing him a slip of paper. “Give this to Commander FF. If your region is to flourish once more, they will first need to prove their loyalty to me.”


ToaD nodded, glancing over the note quickly before packing it away and turning his attention back to the Mask Maker. “Was there anything else, my lord?”


“No. You are dismissed.”


Only once the Ice Council Member was gone from the chamber did Voxumo push his chair back and stand. The Skull Warrior followed him as he went to his forge, and began surveying the various materials at his disposal.


He was confident that, with a new ruler, the Ice Region could be properly re-introduced into the fold. With the Stone Region as loyal as ever and the other two regions still retaining their neutral outlook, he was left with the Fire Region as the main threat to watch over for the moment. The Mask Maker grimaced involuntarily as he remembered the incident that had occurred a year ago.


Commander Burnmad still owned the Golden Mask of Fire – it was the only reason that the Fire Region ruler had not already been slain, due to the threat that it posed to his most powerful of guardians. He cared little if Burnmad lived or died (though it would be annoying to find a new ruler if he did perish), but he did care about that mask. Once it was in his hands, he would be able to trust those from his old home again.


Perhaps it would be wise to inform the Stone Region of what it was, exactly, that Burnmad had done – they might gladly retrieve the Golden Mask of Fire for him then. It might even be enough to entice the Ice Region into full compliance…


…regardless, it was an issue for another day. Burnmad seemed to be satisfied with keeping the peace for now, and as long as he did so, the Mask Maker would not interfere.


“But still, something is coming,” he murmured to himself, eyeing the materials in the forge. “What to make…?”


Inspiration struck, and the Mask Maker smiled as he gathered what he needed. It would take him a bit of time, but once it was finished, this mask would be useful indeed.


After all, who couldn’t use a Mask of Stealth?





Over in the Fire Region, unaware that he was being thought about, Commander Burnmad stood atop the highest ridge, overlooking the many workers down below. His thoughts were also on the incident a year before; he still counted himself lucky to have his head, and he remained wary of Voxumo to this day.


He entertained the thought of trying to overthrow the Mask Maker every now and then, but each time came to the same conclusion: that it simply was not worth the trouble. Voxumo was ever on guard, and the Stone Region would leap to defend him even if it meant their doom – to say nothing of the Ice Region, who had been trying to worm their way back into the Mask Maker’s good graces for three years now.


Besides, at the end of the day, Voxumo was one of their own. If he wasn’t overthrown, they could establish a Dynasty of Fire, to last just as long as the Water Region had.


Better to make peace with the other regions. Their relationships with the Ice Region and Jungle Region had always been poor – but they didn’t have to be that way. Perhaps the Fire Region could take the first steps into repairing those bonds….




He turned to Imrukii. “Yes?”


“RG is back from the Ancient City… did you want to meet?”


He thought for a moment before nodding. “Find RG and Dragonstar and bring them here.”


“As you wish, Commander.”


It was an hour before Imrukii returned with RG and Dragonstar in tow. All three quietly waited for Burnmad to speak as he continued to gaze out over the Fire Region.


“Was there anything of note, RG?” he asked.


“Not really, Commander. The Mask Maker seems as wary as ever. Will you share with us why we lost his trust?”


“No,” Burnmad replied, his eyes far away. “No… he would have my head.”


“What do you want from us?” Imrukii asked.


“I’m sending you to the Jungle Region,” Burnmad told him. “Once there, I want you to forge an alliance with them if possible.”


The other three all shared a glance of disbelief. “The Jungle Region? Our worst enemies?”


“They don’t have to be,” Burnmad said. “Go in peace, with open arms. I have heard that TimeLord is reasonable; he will listen. Establish an alliance with them if you can, and once you’re done, continue onto the Water Region and do the same with them.”


Imrukii bowed. “As you wish, Commander.”


“Go now.”





“I think we should strengthen our ties with the Water Region,” Smoke Monster said, opening up the meeting before Tekulo could insert one of their trademark remarks. “What are your thoughts, Commander TimeLord?”


“We must survive no matter what,” TimeLord responded, pounding a fist on the table for emphasis. “I agree with you. We prioritize allegiances with the Water Region and the Mask Maker. After that… let’s see where we end up. I have dreamed a dream of allying with all on this island.”


“The funny thing about dreams is, they don’t really ever come true,” Underscore muttered.


“I’m also not sure that making allies with every region is a great idea,” Smoke Monster said slowly. “Sooner or later, that’s gonna force us to break an oath.”


“Oh cheer up Smokey,” Tekulo replied. “The best thing about making a whole lotta friends is that you get to stab them in the back!”


“No backstabbing,” TimeLord snapped. “I keep telling you no backstabbing! We do not stab friends in the back!”


“Oh, that’s fine,” Tekulo said, shrugging indifferently. “I can stab them other places. The hand, the heart, the butt, the eye-”


“Please stop,” Smoke Monster groaned, dropping his head to the table with a thunk.


“Anything else to add?” TimeLord asked, looking at each of them as they shrugged. “No? Good. Underscore, you will stay here and make sure that Tekulo does not kill anyone. Tekulo, do not kill Underscore. Smoke Monster, you are coming with me; the Water Region is supposed to be sending their Diplomat over soon.”


“If you… but… wait, why am I not going?” Underscore asked.


“Better to not ask questions like that,” Tekulo said sagely, as Smoke Monster followed TimeLord out of the room. “It’s much more fun to be insane.”





He found Bronze, RahiSpeak, and Ghidora all observing the new statue and fought back a sigh at the sight. After a brief struggle he managed to pull his leader away, speaking to Bronze privately in the nearest alleyway.


“This is no way to treat your leader,” Bronze muttered, not sounding very upset about it at all.


“Stop being overdramatic,” Zatth muttered. “Listen, I was wondering if I could have permission to travel to the Ice Region.”


Bronze scoffed. “Why would we visit those traitors?”


“Those traitors have new leadership, and new leadership might be more… acceptable,” Zatth replied. “I plan to offer them our support, if they can prove their loyalty to the Mask Maker anew. As a method of… penance, so to speak.”


“No forgiveness for rebellion!”


“We were rebels once,” Zatth reminded him. “The only difference is that we succeeded.”


Although sometimes I do wonder… our region becomes more fanatical in their loyalty and devotion with each passing week.


“Besides, it’s not like they can refuse,” Zatth continued blithely. “If they do, we just report it to Voxumo as another act of treachery and boom, no more Ice Region.”


Looking pleased, Bronze nodded. “Very well. I approve of your mission. Go to the Ice Region, and bargain.”


Grinning, Zatth nodded and immediately set off, the plans already forming in his head.





When Jed returned from the Ancient City, Terrorsaur immediately called for a meeting of the Water Region’s highest ranks. There, Jed professed that he felt alliances with the Fire, Ice, and Stone Regions should be considered, though the Council Member felt it would be difficult, if not outright impossible.


Pulse knew better.


“Commander, send Stamos and I to the Jungle Region,” he said. “Together we will form an official alliance with them, and secure a proper trade agreement at the same time. While we’re there… perhaps we’ll hear word of the Fire Region, and can continue on to them afterwards.”


“Fire and Jungle have always been enemies,” Stamos replied. “That might not be the wisest idea.”


“We can detour through the Ancient City if we have to,” Pulse responded. “Might I remind you who-”


“We understand,” Terrorsaur said hurriedly, nodding. “I approve. Both of you shall travel to the Jungle Region, and link us with them closer than we have ever been before. But this proposal to include the Fire Region… I am not certain. It could bring us too close to Stone. Besides, I have been speaking with a contact in the Ice Region recently… if both of these pan out properly, we will already have secure ties with two regions.”


Pulse grinned. “So why not make it three?”





He, personally, felt that it was best to serve one’s own self-interests first. The different regions were all so embroiled in various alliances and feuds with each other that acting on part of the whole was often futile – or, if it got results, they never lasted very long.


But if you negotiated for yourself, Nato had found that his fellow players in the game suddenly became far more malleable.


It was an arrangement that was optimal for everyone.


This did not, however, mean that he wanted the Ice Region to collapse – no indeed, he wanted it to thrive. He considered each proposition brought forth carefully, weighing it against any and all other options available.


Right now, he was in a meeting with FF, Hero, and ToaD – who had been sent back with a message from the Mask Maker Voxumo.


“I am a forgiving Mask Maker, and should the Ice Tribe wish to regain favor in my eyes, it is strongly suggested that their ruler meet with me in the Ancient City to discuss a mutually beneficial agreement, an agreement that could change the course of the Ice Tribe’s future for the better,” ToaD read aloud.


FF hesitated. “That… sounds iffy.”


“It’s hard to say,” Nato replied. “It definitely could be. But if it is, why would he want you dead? You’re new to the ruling position. It’s more likely a series of demands, followed by an ‘or else’.”


“It’s that ‘or else’ that bothers me,” Hero murmured.


“I’m actually more bothered about the demands he might make,” Nato said, leaning back in his seat and shrugging. “I’m perfectly happy to serve the Mask Maker and be loyal subjects, but if he’s got special requirements, things are going to go downhill fast.”


“Shall I tell the Mask Maker you said no?” ToaD asked.


“Tell him I must discuss it with my advisors,” FF said after a moment. “That is, after all, what I am doing; I am simply taking a bit longer than anticipated.”


ToaD was saved from responding as another Protector of Ice stumbled in, the door slamming into the wall as it swung open.


“Stone Region Diplomat at the border,” the Protector said, panting for breath. “Says he’s Zatth? Wants in for a diplomatic mission.”


Alarm bells began to ring in Nato’s head, which he shook. “Absolutely not.”


“I’ve gotta agree with Nato here,” ToaD said slowly, eyeing the new Protector. “First the Mask Maker wants our leader to visit him alone, and then the region most loyal to said Mask Maker sends their Diplomat to demand an audience?”


There was another reason why Nato did not want Zatth in the Ice Region, though he did not mention it, allowing the other three to draw their own conclusions. It did not take them long at all to send the other Protector on his way to deny the Stone Diplomat from entering their region, and FF dismissed them shortly afterwards.


“I need time to think,” their ruler said.


Nato exited with Hero and ToaD, bidding them farewell and returning to his home… or rather, he made it appear as though he did.


In truth, he began the trek towards the Water Region.


It was time to begin.





Pulse and Stamos had been greeted by the Jungle Region’s Ruler, TimeLord, upon arrival; the Ruler had been accompanied by his Trader, Underscore, as well as – shockingly – the Fire Diplomat Imrukii.


“He came to ally with both of us, so I figured we could have a threeway!” TimeLord told them, sounding excited. “It’s very cool.”


Pulse had shared a wary glance with Stamos before nodding slowly. “Very well. What are your terms?”


Now they stood around a large round table, as Imrukii started the proceedings.


“I was sent here by my liege, Burnmad, to establish alliances with both Jungle and Water – thanks to TimeLord here, the time it will take to do so has hopefully been sliced in half. In order to forge this alliance, I propose a mutual trade of good and services to each other beyond our usual trading of materials.”


“Go on,” Smoke Monster prompted, eyes glinting with interest.


“Labor workers from the Fire Region would be assigned to both Jungle and Water to help with the construction of new buildings and outposts in both regions,” Imrukii continued. “This on top of the coal that we already supply to both, though we can increase the level of trade there. In return, the Jungle Region would provide both Fire and Water with agricultural products, supplemented by the Water Region guaranteeing both Fire and Jungle additional clean and fresh water supplies.”


Pulse thought it over before nodding. “Sounds doable so far.”


“This ‘South Eastern Trade Agreement’, if you will, should help all of our regions to establish proper and mutual benefactors in each other, strengthening our ties indefinitely,” Imrukii said, nodding as he finished before looking around the room. “What do you think?”


“I like this so far,” TimeLord replied, “and I like the name – ‘South East Trade Agreement’. SETA for short. But we need a safety net to make sure we all follow this, even after the people in this room are dead. I propose that if one of the three regions should break this contract or strike at the others in any way, shape, or form, the other two regions shall rise up against them.”


“Aye, that sounds fair,” Imrukii agreed.


“With my own Ruler here, I know I don’t really have final say in it,” Smoke Monster said, glancing at TimeLord, “but I also like the looks of this agreement.”


After thinking it over for another minute and sharing another glance with Stamos, Pulse spoke: “We would be happy to supply both Fire and Jungle with water in exchange for the aforementioned supplies. We agree to Imrukii’s proposal and TimeLord’s amendment. My only question is regarding transportation. As it stands right now, the paths through each region are in poor condition at best; fine for travelling alone, but not so great for shipping supplies.”


“Go on,” TimeLord murmured, nodding along with him.


“What about a road of sorts, connecting all three regions?” Pulse asked. “Such a road could serve many purposes. An official trade route for one that both Traders and Diplomats could take, decreasing travel time and increasing safety. It would also allow for each region’s forces to be gathered rather quickly in case of aggression, and easily blockaded.”


“A highway of sorts sounds like a great idea,” Smoke Monster replied.


“Also, once this is done… I plan to travel on to the Fire Region,” Pulse added. “If anyone can provide company…?”


“I might be able to join you and return home,” Imrukii replied. “I like the idea of this road as well.”


“Me too!” TimeLord said, clapping his hands together. “Once everyone signs this, I think we will be all good!”


It was passed around; TimeLord signed, followed by Smoke Monster, then Imrukii, then Stamos, and finally Pulse signed his own name. Once it was done, TimeLord turned and whispered something into Smoke Monster’s ear; the Jungle Trader nodded and hurried out of the room. Imrukii followed, though when Smoke Monster went right, the Fire Diplomat went left.


Pulse and Stamos went to follow, but found themselves stopped by TimeLord, who held a finger to his lips as his Diplomat – Underscore – slipped in from another entrance.


“Time to be very quiet,” the Jungle Ruler told them, his voice barely a whisper. “I have been in contact with people.”


“Ah, yes, that,” Pulse replied, nodding. “Yeah. We know.”





“You do realize that you didn’t have to join me,” Smoke Monster muttered.


“I know!” Tekulo said brightly. “But it’s the scary Stone Region! You better have company!”


They had reached the edge of the Ancient City – where they found one of Voxumo’s Skull Warriors waiting for them. The silent and fearsome guardian led them towards the great forge, where Voxumo was hard at work; upon realizing he had company, however, he paused and gave them his full attention. His gaze was full of suspicion.


“What business do the Jungle Trader and Council Member have in the Stone Region?” the Mask Maker asked quietly. “And why are they travelling through my city to get there?”


“We’ve been sent to establish a trading connection with them,” Smoke Monster said quickly. “Travelling through the Ancient City is the fastest way to the Stone Region at this point in time.”


Voxumo grunted. “Why the Council Member? Sending a Diplomat with the Trader would make more sense.”


“Erm, I guess I should clarify,” Smoke Monster said, rubbing the back of his neck. “I was sent by our Ruler. Tekulo just sorta… tagged along, I suppose.”


The Mask Maker sighed, shaking his head. “Very well. I will allow you to travel through my city to the Stone Region; I will even assign one of my Skull Warriors to safeguard you until your return trip.”


“Thank you, my Lord Mask Maker,” Tekulo said, bowing deeply. “While I am here, would you like a report as well?”


“Go ahead.”


“Some peeps from Fire and Water showed up pretty recently,” Tekulo told him. “TimeLord signed this big ‘South Eastern Trade Agreement’ with them. It’s like a giant threeway, you know. Like an alliance.”


“Interesting…” Voxumo murmured.


“Did I do good?” Tekulo asked.


Voxumo did not reply, instead returning to work on his mask. Smoke Monster pulled Tekulo away. “Come on – let’s get moving.”


The Skull Warrior accompanied them to the edge of the Stone Region – where they found none other than Zatth, the Stone Region Diplomat. All three froze in their tracks for a moment, unsure of what to do, before Smoke Monster broke the silence.


“Greetings. We were… just on our way to your region,” he said. “What are you up to?”


“Ice Region is barring all access,” Zatth replied, “but I heard some juicy rumors that their Diplomat has been travelling quite a bit on his own without informing his fellow Ice companions – and that he was last spotted at the border between the Water and Jungle Regions. You wouldn’t know anything about that, would you?”


“Not us!” Tekulo replied, grinning cheerfully.


Zatth glared at them, unimpressed. “You’re a really bad liar, you know.”


“I uh… we’ll just be on our way,” Smoke Monster replied, moving to step past the Stone Diplomat – only to find the way blocked as Zatth stuck an arm out.


“Let’s hold on for a minute here,” Zatth said slowly, glancing up at the Skull Warrior. “I hope this isn’t some sort of… conspiracy. Because that Skull Warrior of Voxumo’s might not be very happy if it is.”


The tension could have been cut with a knife.


The silence stretched.





He slowly sank down into the chair, glancing around at the other faces seated at the table; Pulse, Stamos, Underscore, TimeLord, and Terrorsaur.


“I’m listening,” TimeLord said, leaning in.


Terrorsaur nodded. “We’re all ears.”


Nato fought to keep the grin off of his face as he leaned forward, both palms flat on the table.


“Alright… this is my plan.”




Things are already starting to heat up moving into Episode 2!


For certain players, there will be a few new PMs being sent out related to your current situations as of Episode 1. Otherwise, continue as you are!


Episode 2 is looking to shake things up quite nicely….


Episode Two begins now!

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Would anyone be in favor of shortening Episode 2? Quite a lost has occurred and it is going to start limiting what everyone can reasonably accomplish over the next few days (but keeping it to the standard might prove beneficial as well, who knows).

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I'd be infavor of it... I feel like alot that occurred episode 1 was more than should have for a single episode, and the same seems to be the case for episode 2.. And with the amount that is going on, I can't possibly see this lasting for 10 episodes unless we limit the activity per episode to a reasonable amount.


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I'd be infavor of it... I feel like alot that occurred episode 1 was more than should have for a single episode, and the same seems to be the case for episode 2.. And with the amount that is going on, I can't possibly see this lasting for 10 episodes unless we limit the activity per episode to a reasonable amount.

I agree. I hadn't quite anticipated just how quickly people would be able to move their pieces into position. This might be a much faster game than I originally expected. :P

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ohhh the spoilers that i could spoil but won't





"The Tale Of A Murderer's Brother" "The Civil War"


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So much has happened in the last 24 hours...


I wonder if this is what it's like to watch an actual Game of Thrones episode. :P

Fun fact: When George R(ocket) R(accoon) Martin was writing the first book of A Song of Ice and Fire, he only planned for the series to be a trilogy... but as he wrote more and more he realized it'd take about six-ish books for the whole thing. So it appears BZP GoT is mirroring reality more than we anticipated (and without the hour-long programming block of the TV show) :P


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So much has happened in the last 24 hours...


I wonder if this is what it's like to watch an actual Game of Thrones episode. :P

Fun fact: When George R(ocket) R(accoon) Martin was writing the first book of A Song of Ice and Fire, he only planned for the series to be a trilogy... but as he wrote more and more he realized it'd take about six-ish books for the whole thing. So it appears BZP GoT is mirroring reality more than we anticipated (and without the hour-long programming block of the TV show) :P


That is some interesting trivia. I wonder how much more this game will continue to mirror the books and TV show as it goes on. 

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As the Stone Region border guards deliberated, Zatth faced off with Smoke Monster, Tekulo, and the silent Skull Warrior accompanying them. The two Protectors of Jungle shifted uncomfortably, and Zatth took the opportunity to speak.


“My lords, do you know the story of the Earth Protector settler who wished to create a new village?” he asked, smiling thinly as they both shook their heads. “She scoured far and wide through unexplored tunnels, until finding the best possible new area, filled with plenty of good ore and crystals. The only problem was it was infested by ground moles who would not allow for any settlement to be built. The Protector decided to get rid of them, and so she killed off all the moles, and got to building the settlement. Of course, every action has many unintended consequences, and more so when one only considers the short-term picture. See, the Protector forgot that the ground moles had built tunnels that supported an entire network of caverns inhabited by other Protectors, so killing off the vermin meant that a few weeks later an entire village came crashing down on the settlement. And when the dust had settled, the ground moles returned to their home from before. I sincerely hope, then, that these rumours I've been hearing are just that, because you might discover that a short-term action might have... more effects than imagined before.”


“Cool, cool,” Tekulo replied, the Council Member nodding as if they had understood everything that Zatth had just said. “What rumours do you speak of, though? Pray tell.”


The Stone Diplomat shook his head, stepping past them as the Stone Region border guard called out to let the two Jungle Protectors in. “Perhaps the next time we see each other, Tekulo, I shall explain.”


He entered the Ancient City, briefly detouring to the forge, where he found the Mask Maker Voxumo hard at work. He was toiling over two projects, and as Zatth watched, the Mask Maker completed both of them, wiping the sweat off of his face as he stepped away from the forge before finally noticing him and smiling.


“Greetings,” the Mask Maker said. “Come closer, look upon my newest work.”


“What are they?” Zatth asked, stepping inside to examine both of the new masks.


“On the left is a Mask of Stealth,” Voxumo replied, “and on the right… a Mask of Strength.”


“Impressive.” It was true; rare was the Protector with enough skill to forge new masks. Rarer still were Protectors such as Voxumo, who could craft Masks of Power.


“You are on your way to the Jungle Region, I hear,” Voxumo continued. “I am curious as to your business there?”


“I attempted to enter the Ice Region on a diplomatic mission but was refused entry,” Zatth explained. “I am not certain if it was with hostile intentions, or because they have spent so long now as outcasts that they cannot help but be wary of strangers. Regardless, I heard rumours from the border guards that their Diplomat had left the region without consulting Commander FF first, and was acting of his own accord in the Water and Jungle Regions.”


The Mask Maker grunted. “On your way, then. See what he’s up to.”


“Of course, my Lord Mask Maker.”





“The Region of Stone is currently attempting to open diplomatic discussions with the Ice Region,” Nato said, “and the Mask Maker himself wants to strike a deal to put us back on his side. I do not want either of these things.”


“What do you want, then?” Pulse asked, sounding wary.


“I want to form an alliance with the Regions of Water and Jungle,” Nato replied. “I want to depose the current leadership of the Ice Region, and once that is done, use the combined military might of our three regions to overthrow Voxumo, and put the rightful heir back on the throne.”


“Rightful heir?” Terrorsaur asked, sounding sceptical.


“The rumours have been all over the island for twenty years,” Nato drawled. “They’re in the Water Region – your region – though I don’t know who they are. I am also aware of someone high up in the Ice Region who is also loyal to the heir, though I haven’t tracked down who it is yet.”


Terrorsaur shrugged with a smile. “Sounds like a good plan, especially with our poor relations to Stone. But I’d like to get Pulse’s opinion first.”


“That’s understandable,” Nato said, nodding amicably. “So, what do the rest of you think?”


Stamos shrugged, looking indifferent, as did Underscore.


“I am fine with this, as long as it does not go against the agreement,” TimeLord said.


Nato looked at the Jungle Ruler sharply. “What agreement?”


“South Eastern Trade Agreement, SETA for short,” TimeLord explained. “The Regions of Fire, Water and Jungle signed it recently.”


“I somehow doubt that the Fire Region would agree to overthrow the Mask Maker that they helped put into power,” Nato scoffed.


“Hold on a moment,” Terrorsaur snapped, glaring at TimeLord. “The Water Region never officially agreed to it; I haven’t given it my final approval yet.”


“You gave Stamos and I diplomatic control while we were in the Jungle Region,” Pulse reminded him. “You gave us your approval to sign any deals that we felt were fair – and the SETA is more than fair for us. Besides, I wouldn’t spurn any seemingly friendly offer – this or SETA.”


Terrorsaur shrugged, looking unhappy but leaving the issue be for the moment regardless as Pulse continued.


“We should remember that the Mask Maker has Council Members in each region, and their loyalty could possibly be in question,” he said, before turning to Nato. “I’d also remind you that the Fire Region’s relations with the Mask Maker have soured – their opinions might be tricky to gauge, but I believe they are not very fond of him, given how they originally proposed SETA, and made an alliance not just with the Water Region in the process but also Jungle – whom they have historically been enemies with.”


“Oh, I’m well aware of that,” Nato muttered. “But just because Voxumo has distanced himself doesn’t mean they’ll want to see him dead or deposed. Perhaps we should leave the Fire Region out of the loop, and see how they react once our plans are set in motion?”


“So we publicly sign SETA, but secretly form an alliance between Water, Jungle and Ice instead,” TimeLord said, mulling it over.


“Seems like a solid plan,” Terrorsaur said. “I’m all for it.”


“Just remember that not a word of this leaves this room unless with those who are in this room right now,” Nato warned. “What we’re discussing here is treason. If any word of this gets to Voxumo before we’re ready, we’ll be executed. I don’t want to wake up one morning in chains because somebody blabbed to the Mask Breaker or something.”


Terrorsaur nodded, in total agreement with him. “Don’t worry. I’ve already set a plan in motion that will guarantee our safety… well, from the Stone Region, at least.”


“Wait, really?” Nato asked, now growing worried. “What?”


Pulse leaned forward, looking even more nervous. “What have you done?”


Terrorsaur smirked, crossing his arms and leaning back in his chair. “I poisoned our latest shipment of water to the Stone Region. Anybody who’s there for the next few days… there’s a good chance they’re on the chopping block.”


Pulse stood to his feet, eyes wide. “I need to go.”


The Water Trader was gone out the door before anybody could stop him – not that they would have had the opportunity, for an enraged TimeLord was now on his feet.


“My Council Member and Trader are both in the Stone Region at this moment,” the Jungle Ruler said, his voice nearly a whisper, and yet carrying throughout the room. “You’ve threatened the lives of two invaluable members of my tribe. You’ve broken SETA.”


“Whoa, whoa, let’s calm down,” Nato said quickly, eyes flicking between the two leaders as he thought for a way to de-escalate the situation that had suddenly turned catastrophic. “Let’s take a minute, okay? Maybe they got denied entry, or maybe they’ll be gone before the Stone Region distributes that particular shipment.”


TimeLord ignored him, marching over to the wall and brushing aside several vines that were growing down it to reveal a keypad; the Jungle Ruler input the code and a slab of stone slid away to reveal the Golden Mask of Control. TimeLord reached out and placed it on his face; his eyes glowed as he activated the mask, and several guards entered the room.


“This is way,” he murmured, looking entirely mad. “Guards, beasts, throw them into cells. I arrest you all on charges of treason against the Mask Maker and acts of war against the Regions of Jungle, Stone, and Fire.”





In the Stone Region, RahiSpeak sat alone in his quarters. Exhausted from his work and sweating in the heat, he drank deeply from his canteen.


His head feeling a bit fuzzy (from the heat, of course) he sat on his bed.


He was struggling to breathe. Of course, he had been working rather hard.


He began to choke, now frothing at the mouth.


Moments later, he lay dead on the floor, and saw no more.




With the ever-silent Skull Warrior behind them, Smoke Monster and Tekulo sat on one side of the table. Across from them sat Bronze, Ruler of the Stone Region, and Ghidora, the Stone Council Member.


“Water?” Bronze asked.


“Yes please,” Smoke Monster said gratefully.


Bronze pulled out four large cups, handing the first to Ghidora and the second to himself – Smoke Monster shared a significant glance with Tekulo, not missing the insult. Soon enough, however, they too had water; both of them nursed theirs in their hands for a moment as Bronze and Ghidora both took hearty swigs, wiping their mouths as they set their empty cups back on the table.


“Alright,” Ghidora said, grinning at them. “Let’s get this… party…”


They all turned to look at the Stone Council Member with dawning horror as Ghidora began to wheeze, staring at his cup in disbelief. Smoke Monster stood to his feet, his chair toppling to the floor as he lunged across the table to stand beside Ghidora and turning back to Tekulo.


“The water’s poisoned! Don’t drink it!”


Tekulo tossed the water to the side, making a face before pointing at Bronze. “Look! Him too!”


“No, no no no no no, Bronze, how do I save you?” Smoke Monster asked, turning to the Stone Ruler desperately, for Ghidora was already gone.


“T-take… th-this,” Bronze managed, pressing something into his hand and looking into his eyes with firm conviction. “Avenge… us. W-water… make them… pay….”


The Ruler of the Stone Region fell limp. Smoke Monster remained frozen for a second before gazing at the badge that Bronze had pressed into his hand – it was the infamous symbol of the Mask Breaker.


Bronze, the infamous Mask Breaker and killer of the last Mask Maker, was dead.


So stunned was Smoke Monster that he did not even notice when the Skull Warrior knocked both Tekulo and himself out, tied them up, and began dragging them back towards the Ancient City.





He was a nervous wreck as he accompanied Imrukii back to the Fire Region, where they were summoned to Burnmad’s private quarters alongside Dragonstar and RG. The Fire Ruler inclined his head respectively upon noticing Pulse before turning to the others.


“Here are your tasks,” he said, handing both Imrukii and Dragonstar slips of paper. “Imrukii, you’ll go via the Ancient City; RG will accompany you for the next meeting of the Council. Dragonstar… you’ll be travelling through the Earth Region.”


Dragonstar shuddered; Pulse fought the urge to do so as well, having seen firsthand the ruins of the good Earth Protectors years ago.


“You have your tasks,” Burnmad said. “Now away with you!”


Once they were alone, Pulse spoke. “Commander Burnmad, you’re an honourable sort. I travelled here as quickly as I could to inform you that fools are already jeopardising the existence of SETA, which I take offense to, seeing as I helped to define its terms.”


Looking worried, Burnmad nodded for him to keep going.


“I do not wish any ill on the Fire Region, and so I will not hide secrets from you,” Pulse continued. “The ruler of my region, Commander Terrorsaur, poisoned our last shipment of water to the Stone Region. Even now rumours are spreading like wildfire that half of the Stone Region’s Protectors are dead. Nobody has seen their Trader in days; both their Diplomat and Ruler were discovered dead. The Jungle Region’s Council Member and Trader, both of whom were present in the region, are also missing. Undoubtedly, TimeLord will consider this poisoning an act of war.”


“Undoubtedly,” Burnmad murmured. “Your story continues, I expect.”


“This was unnecessary bloodshed, Commander – one that could plunge all of Okoto into war,” Pulse said. “I think that if we could somehow get fresh, untarnished water into the Stone Region, we might begin to rectify the situation. I can secure safe shipments of water to the Fire Region, where you could hopefully boil them to dilute any poisons. From there, you could share the shipments with the Stone Region. This would save them, as well as leave the entire region indebted to yours.”


Burnmad nodded amicably, waving his hand strangely; until two sets of hands grabbed Pulse and began to search him. They patted him down for a full minute before shaking their heads at Burnmad and exiting the room.


“Sorry about that,” Burnmad told him, sounding truly apologetic. “I have been… a bit paranoid at the best of times, of late. Your story… I needed to make sure I was safe.”


Pulse shrugged. “Understandable. I must also warn you – should Nato step foot into your region, let him through… and then kill him. It is his head at the top of this conspiracy, and I fear for my region, with our Ruler following his commands. He plans a coup of the Ice Region too – both a traitor and a fool. If we can guarantee his demise, however, I believe it would be safe to include the Ice Region in SETA.”


“I agree,” Burnmad decided, after thinking about it for a moment. “I do not know Nato’s location, though if TimeLord acts as you suspect he will, then Nato may very well be in Jungle Region custody. I will send 125 of my warriors to the Jungle Region to provide aid.”





He shook with a barely contained rage. Flanked by two Skull Warriors, he caught up with Zatth; the Stone Diplomat froze in place at the sound of his voice – as did RG and Imrukii, who were both approaching.


“My Lord Mask Maker?” Zatth asked.


“Come here,” Voxumo ordered, gesturing to Imrukii and RG. “Both of you as well; why are you here?”


“For the meeting of the Council,” RG replied.


“Go now.”


As RG scampered away, the Mask Maker turned his attention back to Zatth and Imrukii. “The latest shipment of water to the Stone Region was poisoned, and I have reason to suspect that both the Fire Region and this city of mine are both targets.”


Zatth was turning pale. “What of my region?”


Voxumo shook his head. “The rumours seem quite clear that half of your Protectors are now dead, as are both Bronze and Ghidora.”


“What of RahiSpeak?”


“He has not been seen since prior to the incident,” Voxumo said gravely. “I am afraid that we must fear the worst, Zatth. You are in command of the Stone Region now. Try and maintain order as best you can; even at half strength and without new supplies coming in, the Stone Region should survive for a while – hopefully long enough for this mess to be sorted out.”


“What am I to do, Lord Mask Maker?” Imrukii asked quietly.


“Return to the Fire Region. Warn them about the water, assuming they are not already aware, and being rationing your water.”


“Yes sir.”


“Both of you go, now. Your regions need you!”


As both the Diplomats hurried away, Voxumo made his way back to the Council Chambers, where he found ToaD, Jed, and RG already seated. One of his Skull Warriors stood directly behind Jed, the second still standing behind Voxumo.


“Well, well… it has been a busy time since our last meeting, my trusted… friends,” he said quietly, spitting out the final word.


As if on cue, a third Skull Warrior entered the Council Chambers, dragging a tied up, gagged, and unconscious pair: Smoke Monster and Tekulo of the Jungle Region. The Skull Warrior behind Jed placed a cup of water in front of the Water Council Member.


“You seem thirsty, Jed,” the Mask Maker said, gesturing for Jed to drink. “Perhaps a nice glass of water from your home, courtesy of the Stone Region?”


Jed scowled. “I’m not thirsty, Lord Mask Maker, but I thank you for the offer.”


Voxumo snapped his fingers and the Skull Warrior wrapped its arms around Jed, restraining him; the other Skull Warrior dragged Tekulo and Smoke Monster behind it as it followed behind. The three Protectors would find themselves trapped in the most secure cells of the Ancient City soon enough.


“The Region of Water has declared war on my island,” Voxumo said to ToaD and RG. “They sent poisoned water to the Stone Region, and I have reason to believe that the Region of Fire and this city were also both targets. The Stone Region’s Ruler and Council Member both perished thanks to this treachery, leaving them without leadership.”


“How do you know this?” RG asked.


“I have ears everywhere,” the Mask Maker said. “I have heard from the Jungle Region that TimeLord has Nato in custody, for he formulated the plan, as well as Terrorsaur, who agreed to it and has already begun amassing an army in the Water Region to take Fire by force.”


The Fire Council Member scowled.


“Nato and Terrorsaur shall be executed soon,” Voxumo told them, “while the rest of the Water Region shall be undergoing interrogation once they are caught. Smoke Monster and Tekulo were with both Bronze and Ghidora when they died; I must also interrogate them to determine if they were involved.”


“My Lord Mask Maker, I must beg mercy for my region,” ToaD murmured. “We did not know-”


Voxumo raised a hand to silence him. “Return to your regions, and inform them about what has occurred if they do not already know. ToaD… you will inform FF that our meeting is no longer a choice. He will come, or all of you shall pay the price for Nato’s actions. Do I make myself clear?”


“Yes sir,” they both chorused.


“Then be gone.”





He sat alone, dizzy from everything.


Upon his arrival, he had learned that Voxumo’s predictions were almost spot-on; the Stone Region had been essentially cut down to half of its prior size. RahiSpeak was still missing in action.


He was beginning to understand how the Earth Region must have felt twenty years ago.


He had already sent a scroll back to Voxumo, informing the Mask Maker of a possible conspiracy to kill off support for Voxumo before striking directly.


To the Fire Region he sent another scroll, informing Commander Burnmad of the deaths of Bronze and Ghidora, and his suspicions that whoever was responsible might be targeting any who were involved with the rebellion twenty years prior. He had advised the Fire Region to keep in contact, and to watch the Water Region closely.


He was worried about supplies. All trade in the region had failed, and without RahiSpeak… they would not last long.


It seemed impossible, but the Stone Region was very much drowning.




Some notes:

-If you made any actions via PMs that were not included here, bring them up again for Episode 3.

-Traveling will now take 24 hours IRL from one region to the next; until you are present in your destination, you cannot be a part of any discussions or moves made officially (and if you do take part, those discussions/actions may be voided in part or in whole).

-Remember to keep in mind any loopholes. While a region without its Trader might only have 3 episodes until they collapse, individual players might survive by being taken in by another region; the demise of a region could also be delayed by other regions choosing to actively send them supplies.

-Due to all the confusion at the end of Episode 2 (mainly people continuing to make moves after the round had ended) I’m going to be creating NEW PMs for Episode 3; if you wanted to make a move, simply repeat it in the new PM. Certain PMs will remain valid; I will say so if they are.

-I think that’s all for now, but let’s see how this goes :P



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And thus the Mask Breaker lies dead. Vengeance has been delivered. 

Embers - A Bionicle Saga - Chapters/Review

Class Is Out - A Farewell To Corpus Rahkshi - Chapters/Review

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Think of it this way, Zatth:


Aside from Vox, you've now been handed the most unqie experience of the game on a silver platter.


Although Nato's shenanigans are a close runner up.

*whispers* no one Zatth should have all that power


Nah, but the game is amazing. It's turning out unreal and I can see we've all been taking the game to new grounds, as any GoT-based situation should  :P

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Although Nato's shenanigans are a close runner up.


I embraced my inner manipulative mastermind. 


This feels like the beginning of a beautiful, terrifying friendship. 

Embers - A Bionicle Saga - Chapters/Review

Class Is Out - A Farewell To Corpus Rahkshi - Chapters/Review

BZPRPG Characters - Minnorak, Kain, T'harrak, Savis, Vazaria, Lash

BZPRPG Mercenary Group - The Outsiders - Description - History - Base

Ghosts Of Bara Magna - Ash Tribe - Precipere - Kehla, Somok, Skrall, Gayle, Avinus, Zha'ar

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I think the new IRL time delays for certain actions will be staying; this round has been much more manageable, and I think once the three days are up we'll have an episode that contains just as much as the previous two.

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I'm feeling as much hype for the next episode of this game as I am for the next episode of the actual show.

Embers - A Bionicle Saga - Chapters/Review

Class Is Out - A Farewell To Corpus Rahkshi - Chapters/Review

BZPRPG Characters - Minnorak, Kain, T'harrak, Savis, Vazaria, Lash

BZPRPG Mercenary Group - The Outsiders - Description - History - Base

Ghosts Of Bara Magna - Ash Tribe - Precipere - Kehla, Somok, Skrall, Gayle, Avinus, Zha'ar

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