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Voyage - the Independence Sequel


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Hey BZP. This is my second epic, Voyage. It's a follow-up to my first work, Independence. I definitely recommend reading that one first for a better understanding of the story and characters.
Anyways, guess I'll get us started....

Voyage - Chapter One


One morning at 5:00 AM, a Matoran powered on. This was a notable occurrence; this Matoran was supposed to be dead. He found himself lying on the floor of a room he didn't recognize. It was very large. The circular room's walls stretched off farther than he could see, and the ceiling was a dark blur, impossibly far up. There were torches and small, uncontrolled fires all about the room, but he still couldn't see much.
He pulled himself to his feet, his whole body aching. Nearby was another Matoran, lying on the ground. He approached cautiously, and then peered at his reflection in the shiny mask.
Dragon was a mess. His Miru was faded and dented in on the sides, where his interrogators had held him in place. His neck area also seemed severely damaged. He noticed that both of his arms were badly hurt; he couldn't tell what was supposed to be showing and what wasn't.
Dragon limped away from the body, and began looking around the room. It was full of machinery. Furnaces, conveyor belts, power converters. And everywhere there were bodies. Many Matoran, but mostly the robots. The Matoran had obvious signs of damage, such as blaster marks or missing heads. But the robots all seemed rather.... clean. Like they had just dropped dead.
As he thought about this, he tried to recall how he had gotten here. He tapped the back of his head, and realized that his brainstalk was much higher up than in should have been. His mind flooded with thoughts. He couldn't think.
But in that moment, when everything in his mind shattered, all of his logic and emotions, gone, one thing became crystal clear - he would kill everyone he saw. All of them. Dragon took his first step down the spiral of insanity and let out a disturbed laugh. He looked curiously at his own arms, and then started towards the bodies...

* * *


Irrie sat in the dark, staring at the computer monitors in front of him. Eight whole months had passed since he had sent Ghidarus through the portal. The city had bounced back quickly, and was in full swing. But despite the fact that the city thought of Irrie as a leader, he'd been hiding out in Ghidarus' old tower, working at the tyrant's computer systems. He'd already cracked several of the easier security programs, giving the Matoran access to a huge base of information that the supervisors had erased from the public records.
The door behind him swung open, and Tokytot walked in.
"We have a meeting to-"
"You go ahead. With Ghidora."
Tokytot stood at the door for a few moments, and then left.

* * *


Tokytot walked down the street, towards inner Po-Metru. He had been caught up with all sorts of important meetings and decisions that he hadn't had a chance to really appreciate how much the city had changed.
After discovering the horrors of the city's power system, electricity had been entirely phased out. Doors and stairs were all manual, and torches lit street corners. The exception was the computer system, which the supervisors had made solar powered from the beginning in case of a power shortage.
The walls barricading Ko-Metru and Ga-Metru from the rest of the city had been destroyed. Both districts were seemingly empty. Ghidora and Tokytot speculated that these districts were the ones selected to power the city. Still, no one had thoroughly checked these districts, mostly because of time constraints.
Soon, he found Ghidora again. The two had remained close friends after their adventures in the wild.
As they walked, discussion turned to Irrie.
"I'm worried about him," Toky said. "He's been very.... numb lately. He's become careless, almost misanthropic. I think his fight with Ghidarus messed with him."
"I wouldn't worry about Irrie. He knows what he's doing."
The two were almost to their trade conference, when they heard a metallic clang. It seemed to have come from a sewer drain. No one else was around.
They looked at each other, and then walked a little faster.

* * *


Irrie had been trying at this same firewall for hours. He'd based his attacks on previous successful hacks, but nothing seemed to work. Eventually, he'd given up and left it to chance. A computer program was trying random things.

Suddenly, he got in. As the beep sounded, he rushed over from another monitor. After so many letdowns, Irrie expected nothing. But the screen actually showed what he wanted to see.

Travel logs. Trade routes. Visits from foreign ambassadors. Anything and everything about other civilizations.
And how to get to them.

He let out a small cheer, grabbed his satchel, and bolted for the door.



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