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Quake beast revamp 




It has been quite some time since the last posted creation, however they come to know more and hope you find it to your liking.
A few months ago the images of bionicle summer sets were released and not everyone liked this concept of beasts in the sets, however, I found an interesting idea in each set, one that took my attention was the quake beast.
two ideas came as inspiration for creating the moc, the original set and head concept from "ultimate dume"
compared to the figure, there are not many details, only try to add items to make it look less humanoid possible, the right arm was designed as a deck, unlike the set that uses more skeletons easier to pose this arm and as a whole the left arm is normal with some modifications to make it look fair to the proportions of his opposite arm.



I hope you liked there and see you in the next post!!  :afro:  :afro:


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I love it. This is fantastic. I love the detailing between the bright purple and dark purple.

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It's an interesting redesign-you do basically throw away the whole official model and create a whole new set here while staying true to the concept. Like the Ultimate Dume inspired head.

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