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Tearing Through Dimensional Portals


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"They say that the multiverse is composed of constants and variables.  There are endless possibilities for what could happen.  In one world, he dons the last mask of dimensional gates and is forever bonded to it by his destiny.  In another, he teams up with a young woman who lost her finger and gained the power of tears.  In yet another, he is unlucky enough to be the lab rat of a homicidal artificial intelligence with a penchant for portals.  Through all these variables, one thing remains constant: Vezon is an annoying lunatic who never shuts up as he stumbles blindly from one universe to the next."



Ah, Vezon.  Whether you love him or hate him, I think we can all agree that he was certainly... memorable.

As of this past March, I can finally add BioShock Infinite to the list of games I've completed.  A crossover between BioShock and Portal, specifically Elizabeth using the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device, was something that I had in mind for a while, even seen here in this Garry's Mod screenshot from last year.  You know, because portals and tears are basically the same thing (okay, not really, but that's not the point).  Now that I've completed BioShock Infinite, what better way to celebrate?

But then, I remembered another Portal crossover that I wanted to do for an even longer time.  You can see one of my cruddy sketches from circa-2008 depicting Vezon meeting GLaDOS.  A while back, I even jokingly suggested to Andrewnuva199 the possibility of a "Vezon's Mind", basically a Freeman's Mind-style playthrough of Portal from the perspective of Vezon.  Again, because portals and dimensional gates are basically the same thing (again, not really, but that doesn't matter).  And now, it's finally made possible with the porting of the BIONICLE Heroes Piraka models to GMod, thanks to The Frosty_Engine!

So then, I asked... "Why not both?"

Much like Armed with a Tail, the mental image was just too amusing for me to pass up.  Elizabeth running through Aperture Science, escaping from GLaDOS and her turrets... while Vezon rides on her shoulders like a Jockey from Left 4 Dead, telling her where to go and pretending that he's contributing something useful to the situation.

Admittedly, the "riding on the shoulders" pose proved to be the most difficult part of the picture to pull off, thanks to Vezon's thick legs and Elizabeth's (comparatively) short thin arms.  Also, I discovered that, even when adjusting video settings to their maximum (e.g. enabling anti-aliasing), images through portals in GMod are not affected (e.g. still aliased), so GLaDOS ended up looking lower-quality than the rest of the image.  Even Super DOF doesn't affect images in portals.  Therefore, I tried to hide this with some additional dynamic post-processing in Picasa, but... I still don't know if I trust that program when I can't tell whether or not the JPG files it saves (and it only saves JPGs) are truly lossless.


Once again, big thanks to The Frosty_Engine for making this possible.


Comments and constructive criticism are appreciated.

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Ha ha, I actually played Bioshock for a bit at a friend's house recently. Gotta love the Skyhook. But that's for another thread.


Lemme just say it: This picture is hilarious. I love the look on Vezon's face. XD (Please tell me that the Heroes models can be used as player skins...)




A big thank you to Toucan Sam for the Okotian name.



:vahi: [ON HIATUS]  :vahi: 



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