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The Continue-A-Story Game


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Basically, you have to add a bit to the story each post, eg:

In the time before time, there was a...
Matoran. His name was...
Pirok! He was...
Rules:You have to finish the sentence in the last post in each post. One noun per sentence.*It must be BIONICLE-related.*NEW RULE: I can remove something from the story if I think it is against the previous rules (this has been added in light of recent events. *Glares at King Joe*)‹br /›‹br /›*Some exclusions apply, eg:
Pirok! He was...
Unhappy. This was because...
He was dead. He had died when...
In cases of ninja-ing (I've always wanted to make a rule about this!), the first poster's post will count. The person who was ninja'd's post will not count, unless edited before the next person posts.I will begin:In the time before time, there was a... Edited by Vorex: Paradox Eater


Nikarra - Kaelynn - Ronan - Muir - Donal Aerus - Montague - Kira - KouraLearu - Alteora - Fuacht - Caana Nessen - Merrill

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