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A Day In The Life Of Teridax?


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I'm going to try and revive this topic to the best of my ability. With that said... I'm most likely going to edit out the cross-over episodes with TSO's Ridiculous Mission. Sadly, I won't be able to bring that back, since the second part of the trilogy was deleted, thus making a hole in the series. So, here is the first episode unedited and left as it was since the day I first wrote it. Now then, I'm going to keep all the first GS and PGS characters, but due to the harassment I got back in the day I won't be accepting new ones, so don't ask me. Now onto the comedy.Well ,here it is. I've always been wanting to feature Makuta Teridax in his own show instead of having him as a guest character on Ask Roodaka and Vezon Tv. First, some short descriptions of the characters.Teridax: Bold, arrogant, lazy leader of the Brotherhood of MakutaIcarax: A smash-a-holic, a lover of torture, and secret Cascada addict.Mutran: The world's dumbest smart guy.Gorast: An angry Makuta with a crush on Teridax and pure hatred of Mutran and almost everything else.Krika: A Makuta who's always got something wrong with him.Bitil: A depressed Makuta who doesn't do too much of anything.Antroz: Bossy and selfish creep.Chirox: Bumbling scientist.Atheron: Intelligent and cautious.Norenka: Dim and not all that careful.Vamprah: The never-speaking Makuta that speaks only through emoticons.Episode 1: Bionicle All-Stars Melee*somewhere on the island of Destral…*Teridax: Okay, so I’m going to take role now to make sure everyone is here. Antroz?Antroz: Yeah.Teridax: Chirox?Chirox: I’m here.Teridax: Bitil?Bitil: I’m bored.Teridax: Gorast.Gorast: I hate all of you… but not you, my lord… wub.gifTeridax: Yeah, whatever. sarcasm.gif Mutran?Mutran: Right here.Teridax: Of course you are… (to himself) you psychotic nutcase. (aloud) Krika?Krika, flying around: I’m a fairy princess!!!Teridax: Let me guess, he got some of that virus on him again?Antroz: Yup, and he thinks he’s some fairy.Chirox: I just wish he’d keep quiet. Hey, tinkerbell! Let’s chit-chat!Krika: I’m a pretty girl!!Teridax: If play time is over, let me continue!! Atheron, Norenka, Icarax?Norenka: Here.Atheron: Same here.Icarax: I’m here, boss.Teridax: Vamprah?Vamprah: howdy.gifTeridax: Okay, we’re all here. Now let us get to business. Any old business?Mutran: I still can’t find the remote! No one’s helping me look!Gorast: Be quiet, you Chirox rip-off! Mutran: Don’t insult me! I’m not the one that looks like a Visorak on steroids! *Gorast starts attacking him.*Gorast: Say that one more time! Just say that again. I love comments on by beauty!Mutran: You’re a supped-up Visorak… *Gorast knocks him out cold.* Gorast: That’ll teach you, you green and black head ache.Teridax: Thank you for that, Gorast. He was getting on my nerves. Can we continue?Bitil: Krika’s getting on my last nerve. We need to do something about him.Chirox: Food for my Rahi. Just feed him to my Rahi.Teridax: No, we can’t do that. That’ll make one less Makuta on the Brotherhood. There’s only 11 of us here. There’ll be less if we get rid of him.Icarax: How about we torture him?!Teridax: Good idea! But how do we do that?Icarax: I dunno. I can beat him up! Or… I can lock him up and then beat him up! No, wait! Dress him like a little girl, then I lock him up, and then I beat him up! Or better yet, I’ll dress him up like a little girl, then I lock him up, and then I beat him up at a Cascada concert and hope no one calls the cops!Chirox: I like the last one.Vamprah: smile.gifNorenka: So do I. Go do that one, Icarax!Gorast: I’m also for it. (thinking) Oh, why can’t Icarax take me with him?!Atheron: By why one of her concerts?Icarax: lookaround.gif Because.Teridax: Okay, fine, Icarax, go do your thing. Icarax: Yay! I get to see Natalie perform live! Um, I mean, I get to beat something up! Gorast, come with me. Um… I might need some help beating the Antidermis out of this weirdo! *he grabs Krika and run out the door.*Gorast: winner1.gif *she gleefully runs out the door to join him.*Vamprah: mellow.gifTeridax: Okay, that was weird. Anything else?Bitil: Should we worry about those Toa Nuva guys and that Takanuva creep?Teridax: Nah, I don’t think so. People stopped caring about them years ago.Norenka: But… no, they haven’t.Teridax: Silence! Atheron: Stop yelling at her!Teridax: Stop yelling at me!Norenka + Atheron: Stop yelling at us!Teridax: I said silence!Chirox: Yeah, but seriously, those guys are annoying. We should do something about them. Teridax: Yeah, we could do something about them, but I’m just too lazy to. Just have Icarax do something about them. I can just have him beat them up while letting him listen to Cascada. That’ll keep him busy for hours. It’ll also keep him from prank calling me 30 times a day. *Umbrella ringtone.*Atheron: Your phone’s ringing.Teridax: Yes, I know, but it might be Icarax.Norenka: What if it isn’t? It could be Roodaka…Teridax: I’m answering the phone! *answers phone.* Hello? What do you mean I look like a rusted piece of scrap metal? No, I don’t want a happy meal! Icarax, get off the phone!Icarax, on phone: How do you know it’s me?Teridax: I can recognize your voice, Gorast is cheering in the back ground, and I can recognize Natalie Horler’s voice anywhere. Icarax: Um… oh, no! *smashes his phone.*Teridax: *sighs.* Why do I have to work with so many moronic Makuta. Why, Mata Nui?Mata Nui’s voice: Because I don’t like you.Teridax: Hey, you’re supposed to be asleep! *loud snoring.* That’s better.

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Yeah, I'm going to try and revive this. And yes, after all these years he still has it as his ringtone. :P It's written like the day I originally wrote it, so yeah it's unaltered. The first batch will be written just as they were all those years ago, but somewhere along the line I'm going to go on and write all new chapters seeing as like I said, some stuff in the old one won't work or make sense anymore. Plus looking back, there's a whole lot of things I wish I could go back and do over again. As a hint as to what I'm going to do (without giving anything away), Icarax's character and fate may change a little bit.Episode 2: Caramell Dansen*somewhere on the island of Destral…*Teridax, yawns: I’m bored. Everybody’s gone off to do their own thing. Icarax has gone to the concert of a hot girl to beat up Krika, Gorast has gone with them, I don’t care about Atheron and Norenka, and I care even less about everyone else. What’s one TV?

Teridax: I hate these news channels. They bore me to tears. crying.gif *changes channel*Icarax: Hey, boss!Teridax: sarcasm.gif Great, Mr. Happy’s home!Icarax: Yup, and Krika’s all taken are off. Gorast is throwing him into the dungeon as we speak. So, what’cha doing?Teridax: I’m trying to find something on TV, but there’s nothing on. I wonder if Ask Roodaka is on…Icarax: Why do you wonder that?Teridax: sad.gif It’s the only way I can see Roodaka since Norenka is completely useless in helping me find her!*Flashback*

Madame Nori (Norenka), out of breath: Could you atleast go a little slower nest time?Makuta: Shut up, you old crone! I am the Lord of Shadows, so I’m in charge here! *at that moment, he sees Roodaka in the window.* Ah, Roodaka,my lovely rose! I have found you at last! I hope that moron called Sidorak did nothing to harm you in anyway.Roodaka:…Makuta: Soon I shall whisk you away, and we shall live the rest of our lives together forever!Reidak: Duh, no you won’t! You aren’t gonna take my life-sized Roodaka poster away from me! *with that, he rolls the poster up, and he takes it away.*Makuta: bigeek.gif POSTER?!Madame Nori: Dear me, the searching spell I used must have located a poster of Roodaka, and not the real thing. I’m sorry, your psychoticness.Makuta: Not only am I the Lord of Shadows, but now I’m the Lord of Guys who talk to posters…

*end flashback.*Teridax: And don’t even get me started about what happened on the island, or the moon, or any other time.Icarax: Okay, I won’t. Hey, wait, Ask Roodaka isn’t on until an hour from now.Teridax: GAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!Icarax: don’t worry, I’ll find you something until then! *grabs remote and changes the channel.*

Announcer: And now a semi-educational moment. Here is Vezon…

Icarax: Hey, I like this show!Teridax: Well, we’re in it for one thing. Why wouldn’t you?

Vezon, in sandbox: Je vous donnerai un dollar pour arrêter de me frotter mon lard fumé… I’ll give you a dollar to stop rubbing my bacon. *hysterical laughter.*

Teridax: Hey, this isn’t half bad. I kinda like this.Icarax: What’d I tell you?

Vezon: Hé, Avak! Arrêtez de boire mon jus de singe! …Hey, Avak! Stop drinking my monkey juice! *hysterical laughter.* Teridax et Cascada/Natalie dansent au Caramell Dansen sur les Nuits DDR… Teridax and Cascada/Natalie dance to the Caramell Dansen on DDR Nights! *suffocating with laughter/ burying himself in the sand.*

Icarax: burnmad.gifTeridax: lookaround.gif What?Icarax: You’re friends with her and you never told me?!?!?!?Teridax: Well… yeah, we kinda are.Icarax: Why?!?!?!Teridax: I’m not so sure. One day she just barged into my lair and straight up challenged me to a dance-off. It was intense!Icarax: Did you win?Teridax: No. She whupped me good. Now I know why she’s the Queen of Dance.Icarax: I would have liked to see that… Master of Shadows versus Queen of Dance. laugh.gifTeridax: and after that… we sort of became friends and we have DDR nights every Thursday. Okay, can we try something else now?Mutran: Hey, you found the remote!Gorast: I said shut up, green and black headache!Mutran: In case you haven’t noticed, you’re also green and black.Gorast: Yeah, but I look much sexier in it that you.Mutran: Um… I don’t think “Gorast” and “sexy” should ever go in the same sentence.Gorast: I didn’t use those words. Yeah, well, you look stupid.Mutran: No, I don’t. *Gorast knocks his head off/ Mutran’s body wanders around looking for the head.*Gorast: There, now you do!Mutran’s head: Finland!!!Gorast: So, what’s on tonight, anything good, my lord? wub.gifTeridax: No, almost everything here is bad. Say, where’s everyone else?Gorast: Oh, I just left them outside… except Krika cause he’s in the slammer and Mutran because he’s being stupid again.Teridax: Good, then they won’t bother me tonight!Icarax: But I’m here to bother you.Teridax: Well, except for you.Icarax: smile.gifTeridax: Unless, I bother you for a change!Icarax: How do you do that?Teridax, with microphone: Hello, everybody. I’m the Makuta of Metru Nui. I bet you’re all wondering what I like to do at night. Well, at night, I like to dance the Macarena! *Macarena playing/ disco ball drops from the ceiling/ strobe lights.* Makuta likey to dance to Macarena, Makuta like to dance all night and all day-a. I wish that my name was Spaghetti, hey Macarena!Icarax: Erm… does he always do this?Gorast: No, sometimes it’s the Waka Laka or the Caramell Dansen.Icarax: Hey, do the Caramell Dansen one!Teridax: You mean this doesn’t annoy you? It annoys everyone else!Icarax: I’m not everyone else.Krika: I have heard legends of a Brutaka. It's said he is a great hero who guards a valuable treasure. But in Matoran legend, every pile of rocks is a treasure, every Rahi larger than a Stone Rat is a monster, and anyone who doesn't scream and run when the thunder cracks is a hero of great courage.Teridax: Very true, Krika, very true indeed, but what does that have to do with anything? Wait, you’re supposed to be in the slammer, how’d you get out?!Krika: A mystery! I must remove my pants! *rips shirt off.*Gorast: You said you were going to remove your pants, instead you removed your shirt.Krika: Okay, fine, I’ll do it for you. *rips his pants off, revealing his striped boxers.* I feel all free and freezing now…Gorast: *grabs him and throws him back in the slammer.*Teridax: Thank you for that, he was scaring me.The Mask Narrator: Will Teridax ever survive for an hour before Ask Roodaka comes on? Will Icarax ever get to see Terdax perform the Caramell Dansen? Why did Krika rip off his shirt when he said pants?Icarax: Hey, man, you’re in the wrong show. You’re supposed to be on that cancelled show.Narrator: Well, too bad, I’m here now.Teridax: Fine, but the show is over!vahi.gifTeridax: The Mask of Time! I must have it!LOS: No, now get back over there.Teridax: Fine. *walks away.*LOS: Yeah, sorry about that folks. biggrin.gif Edited by ShadowBionics
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I'm going to admit... when I heard the archive was no more, I wasn't sure how to respond. Considering I'd been writing in the old comedies forum since February 2006 and a lot of work was on there... it felt like a big part of my life was just erased. I'm not blaming anyone for what happened, but since it did, it kind of left me a bit sad inside. And yet, there are some things in my old comedies that I kind of look back and say "What the heck was I thinking?" So in some ways, it's not bad that it's all gone because then people won't see how much of a dorky "loser" I was. At the same time, however, I know some people liked a lot of the things I made back then.

A Day in the Life of Teridax is one of those comedies that I looked forward to writing every day because I had fun with the character and so did a lot of other people. It was one of my most popular things on the old BZPower, next to Ask Roodaka and The Shadowed One's Ridiculous Mission. As much as I would like to revive both of those, I can't... considering it would take me years of rewriting and feeble attempts at remembering everything that happened. Ask Roodaka would be the worst, seeing as it was written in 2006-2008, and it had over 100 combined chapters.

I've found a way to bring back some of the first chapters of ADITLOT. The first 2 have already been posted. With that said, I don't know if people would like to see a revival of this. It isn't going to be the same, considering I have changed a bit and I can't remember every single thing that happened in there. Now, also not that I'm not going to alter these first chapters at all, meaning these will have been written by ShadowBionics age 15, who is a lot different than ShadowBionics age 20, and you are going to see why very soon if you have not already. Although I might just chop out some parts because... well, you might say I'm kind of ashamed of some of it because of how young and naive I was back in those days. So it might create somewhat of a plothole.

Episode 3: Teridax leaves the Brotherhood!!! (Kinda)

QUOTE(Bionicle all-Stars Brawl)
Lariska and Roodaka: AAAAHHHHH!!!Brutaka: What all the screaming? We should be celebrating! *turns around.**We see Gadunka towering over Brutaka, holding our lovely ladies in cages. He slams them and roars*Brutaka: Holy Gadunka!Announcer: Ready?Brutaka: No!Announcer: GO!Brutaka: I don't know what to do!Lariska: Here's an idea: Free us!Roodaka: And do it fast!Brutaka: Okay, here goes everything. *he starts beating up the cages, but Gadunka fires squids at him* Roodaka: Watch out, he's armed!
Teridax: This show got boring after a while. I don’t like it anymore, even though it has Roodaka in it… as well as me. *sighs.*Icarax: Still can’t find anything?Teridax: No.Gorast: Well, you still have about 45 minutes to go. Teridax: Aw, to Karzahni with this TV, we’re better off going to Six Flags!Gorast: But… don’t you remember what happened the last time we went to Six Flags? You know?Teridax: Yes, but this time Vezon won’t be there to annoy me, so there fore I will not cause any trouble.
QUOTE(Crazy Siddy’s Import Game Emporium)
Crazy Siddy: Crazy Siddy here with Crazy Siddy’s Import Emporium, southern continent’s video game paradise!!!! We have the most helpful staff you’ll find anywhere!Vezon, wearing get-up: I hate my job.Kid: How much is this game?Vezon: Get away from me!!Kid: :crying: Crazy Siddy: But don’t take my word for it!Mutran: Yeah, about a week ago, I bought a game from here. When I opened the case, there was no disk inside. There was nothing but sand… And when I went in to complain, Sidorak threw a Gamestation 3 at my head and landed me in the hospital.Crazy Siddy: Another satisfied customer! Come on down and check out all the crazy deals this week! Hallo 4! Fatal Fatality! Lego James Bond: The Game! Orange Pie-Man! Never-ending Fantasy 21! But wait! If you buy Lewa’s Airride for the Xii, you automatically get Line-Dance Craze Revolution: Techno Edition for the Xii for -$5.00! It features songs from many hit artists of today!Guy: Crazy, Crazy, Crazy Siddy! Crazycrazycrazycrazy Crazy Siddy!Crazy Siddy, Hanging from a Flagpole: Still Crazy!!
Icarax: Hey, Mutran, I never knew you went there!Mutran: Yeah, I did. The service was terrible, and so are the games. I’m not ever going there again.Gorast, knocks his head off: Go fetch!Mutran’s head: You are malicious!Gorast: You are stupid… as well as ugly in my color scheme!Icarax: How do you do that?Gorast: Well, I’m a Lego girl in a Lego world. Life in plastic… is fantastic.Teridax: Ugh, I’ve had it with that song. Vezon made it worst by spoofing it!Mutran’s head: Hey, why don’t you take a vacation?Teridax: Of course, I never would have thought of that! Time away from all you psychotic nutcases is all I need to relax!Gorast, sadly: You mean… you’re leaving us?! Teridax, sadly: Well… sadly, I’m not supposed to leave you forever, otherwise I would have abandoned you all years ago. The union requires me to take only about a week maximum of vacation time. Icarax: So does that mean you’re going to be gone for a week?Teridax, sarcastic: No, it means I’m going to be going to Lollypop Land and having dinner with all of my closest friends.

Icarax: Can I bring someone??

Teridax: Yes.

Icarax: Really?

Teridax: NOOO!

Icarax: :(

Teridax: Say... you know, that doesn't sound like a bad idea.

Icarax: Going to Lollypop Land??

Teridax: No, that's a terrible idea. And you're still a moron.

Icarax: :cheesy:

*Some lengthy explaining later…*Teridax:… So that is why I will be going away for a week. My life too miserable and pathetic and I just can’t stand any one of you weirdos. Atheron: But then what are we supposed to do while you’re gone?Teridax: Hmm… Don’t know, don’t care. I’m leaving now. I will be calling you to see…Krika: If you’re sleeping are you dreaming, if you’re dreaming, are you dreaming of me?Teridax: No, but thanks anyway. I like that song… No, I’ll be calling you to check up on things every so often because I know that without me, you guys would be completely lost.Krika: I need to take off my pants for this job. *rips off pants, revealing his striped boxers.* Now I can think better!Teridax: :bored: Right. And this is exactly why I’m taking a vacation away from you all.

Gorast: DON’T LEAVE ME HERE ALL ALONE!!!!Teridax: Relax, it’ll only be a week.Gorast: It’ll feel like a century!Teridax: What are you, my wife?Gorast: (under her breath) Maybe some day…Teridax: So, as long as bad things don’t happen… see you all in a week. *runs out, his bags packed.*Chirox: Wow, I’ve never seen him run that fast before.Antroz: Neither have I.

Norenka: What’ll become of us now?Atheron: I’m here for you.Bitil: So am I, pretty lady.Atheron: Go get your own.

Icarax: Hey, you all thinking what I’m thinking?All: no.Icarax: Wild party?!Vamprah: :happydance: Icarax: See, he’s got the idea!Atheron: What if our leader finds out?! He’ll kill us!Icarax: If he finds out.Atheron: :evilgrin: If is good.

Icarax: It sure is…

*somewhere in L.A.*Teridax: Ah… this is the life. Away from all those chaotic morons and all that stress. Too bad it’s only for a week… Stupid union, telling me I can only take one week per year. I wonder how everyone else is. Actually, no I don’t!*on Destral**Can’t get you out of my Head playing/ Makuta dancing.*Icarax: Yeah, this is the stuff right here! No boss, no rules, it’s all us, baby!Atheron: you got that right, pal!Vamprah: :onfire: Antroz: I agree with you, Vamprah.

*Before Icarax could go and "play DJ" for the party, Atheron and Nokrenka go ahead and halt him.*

Icarax: What'd you do that for?

Atheron: To save us from you and your music.

Norenka: Besides, it's a party, so just mellow out.

Icarax: Fine...

*phone ringing.*Krika: Holy smokes, that phone is ringing! I better take off my pants so I can kill it! *he rips off his pants once more and runs over to the phone.* Chirox, answers: Hello?Krika: Hey, he was mine!Chirox: Leave me alone… and put some pants on.Teridax, over phone: How’s everything going?Chirox: Oh… um… everything’s fine. There’s no partying going on here.Teridax: Okay, good. If you ever need me for anything, please hesitate to call. *hangs up*Chirox: That was a close one, and he seems none the wiser. *loud explosion.* Oh, no, he knows!!!!Vezon: Freeze, suckers!Antroz: What in the world is going on?Roodaka: Alright, where is he?!Norenka: Who?Potu: You know who, your fearless leader Teridax!Mutran: He’s on vacation, and he won’t be back for another six days.Umbra: You’re not lying to us, are you?Gorast: No! He really left us all alone for a week!Vezon: Okay, your story checks out, but I still don’t trust you Maklooters.Vamprah: :(Norenka: Stop calling us Maklooters!Vezon: No, I won’t! I can call you all whatever I want to!Spiriah: If you call a Makuta whatever you want, it’ll be the last thing you ever do, you know.Takadox: He has you there, you little nutcase.Vezon: Fine, I’ll stop! But I’m still not happy.Icarax: Why are you here anyway?Roodaka: I'm sick and tired of Teridax toying with my emotions, and I wanted to get here as soon as possible so I could fill his life with misery and woe!

Bitil: He says his life already has enough of that, which is why he took a vacation.

Roodaka: We would have been here sooner if Brutaka hadn’t delayed us with his sudden reappearance.

Brutaka: Well, I had enough of that place for over a week! I wanted out!Spiriah: So, where is our “fearless leader” at right now?Chirox: I think he’s in L.A. somewhere.

Icarax: Spiriah! Long time no see!

Spiriah: No, don't hurt me!

Antroz: Why would we do that? We've been looking all over for you and waiting for your return.

Spiriah: I don't believe what I'm hearing...Umbra: Then we must go and find him!Roodaka: Let’s go!Icarax: I’m going with you! I wouldn’t wanna miss this!Umbra: Fine. Come with us. *they all leave*Mutran: Wow, this was all very, very random. It was almost as random as Krika.Gorast: So… they’re going to go beat up Teridax?! Krika: Holy smokes, I must give this young lady mouth-to-mouth recesserification! *he runs over to her and starts making out with her.*Mutran: See what I mean? You fool, you don’t know what you’ve done.Krika, resumes: I think your husband is onto us.Gorast: *she literally tears Krika apart and throws him onto the floor.* HOW DARE YOU KISS ME!!!! And I will never love Mutran!

Kojol: The high school yearbook says otherwise...

Chirox: Who said that?! And why does it smell like hot dogs all of a sudden?

*Kojol quickly leaves as to not be seen.*

Mutran: Who cares? For once she’s mad and I still have my head. *Gorast knocks his head off.*Mutran’s head: I spoke too soon.Atheron: So should we worry about what happens to Teridax? I mean, when they go to beat him up, he’ll know we were doing something bad.Norenka: Oh, no, you’re right! We are so dead! Antroz: Or… maybe, we didn’t do any partying whatsoever!Vamprah: :???: Antroz: Work with me here. We have to get rid of all of this and erase all evidence of what went on here. Teridax will remain ignorant of what happened and Icarax will be severely punished for his treachery while nothing happens to the rest of us!Mutran’s head: Then we’ll have to work fast if we want to keep our heads!Gorast: Speak for yourself, tall, thin, and headless. *Mutran’s body wandering aimlessly.* Bitil: Forget him, we need to work fast before he comes back.Norenka: You mean… if he gets back.Atheron: :evilgrin: If is good.Norenka: They might beat him so badly, that he might not even be able to make it back.Mutran’s head: Let’s hope that happens. *just as Mutran’s body is about to get the head, Gorast kicks it away.*Gorast: Oops, clumsy me.


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Episode 4: Teridax Strikes back!


*Somewhere on Destral...*


Antroz: Okay, we’re almost done here! We have to hurry if we want to live!Chirox: Hey, they’re actually showing this on Ask Roodaka! *laughing* This show is so funny!Antroz: I got it! Chirox, keep watching and let us know if anything happens!Chirox: Got it, Antroz.Antroz: Okay, so how’s everyone doing?Bitil: The basement’s clean.Mutran: Attic’s fine.Gorast: Music and party junk all put away.Vamprah: :music: Antroz: Excellent! At this rate, we should all be fine!Norenka :Okay, the back yard is all cleaned up.Atheron: Same with the front yard. I even got the mail!Antroz: Did my magazine come in?Atheron: No, it didn’t, it’s nothing but bills, death threats, scams, and a bunch of other things.Antroz, sighs: Same old, same old stuff. Why can’t I ever get something I want?!Mutran: Well, whatever you do, don’t go breaking hearts anywhere. Look at Teridax.Gorast: He’s in danger of dying!!Mutran: Exactly.


Bitil: Honestly, what's so great about Roodaka anyway?


Mutran: I don't know. I'll have to analyze it on the computer.Krika: I’m the prettiest girl at the Harvest Moon Ball! *running around in a dress.*Bitil: My eyes! They’re on fire!!Vamprah: :onfire: Chriox: They’re thrashing Teridax!Gorast: WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!? *she jumps onto the couch right next to Chriox to see everyone firing their weapons at Teridax.*Chirox: This doesn’t look good…Gorast: :crying: Atheron: Well, if he survives this, at least he’ll be home were we all love him, right?Gorast, crying: YES!!!Atheron: But… if he dies, then we can all kiss our jobs good-bye. In this case, if is bad. Bitil: Quick, we need to lock Krika up before he does something bad!Krika: If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands! If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands! If you’re happy and you know it, then your face will really show it. If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands!


*Atheron and Mutran grab him and then throw him into the slammer.*Antroz: Okay, are we done now?Mutran: Yeah, just about. When Teridax comes back, we have to act natural. *Gorast knocks his head off.*Mutran’s head: Hey, what was that for?!Gorast: You said to act natural. I’m naturally malicious to you.


Mutran: Hurtful. You are so hurtful.


Antroz: Ah, pipe down, you two. You're always fighting like some married couple.


Mutran and Gorast (slightly embarrassed): SHUT UP!Chirox: Well, it might be awhile. Teridax is rolling downhill from L.A. in a trash can and heading right this way.Icarax, breaks in/out of breath: I made it!Mutran, with his head on his body: Yeah, barely. Teridax was right behind you all the way, I bet.Icarax: Darn right! You know how hard it is to outrun a trash can going at full speed down a hill while it had a head start? Not very easy!Gorast: Well, you deserve it for how you treated our beloved, powerful, brilliant… handsome… attractive… charming… dreamy… erm, noble leader!Icarax: Yeah, well, he shouldn't be running this place anyway. I just wanted first row seats to see if he died.


Chirox: Well, obviously, you realize he's not dead. And he's on his way right now. And he's going to remember that you were present and just sat there and watched him get pummeled. And when he does, you're really going to be in for it.Icaax: Uh. Oh. *loud crash outside.*Teridax, walks in: :dazed: I was strolling through the gas one day… Gorast: Teridax!!! *she runs over to him and embraces him*Teridax: Uh, huhuhuh… I love you…Gorast: I love you, too!!!Teridax: If I were some guy from Brooklyn, then I’d have a Brooklyn accent. Mutran: He’s speaking gibberish!Icarax: Yes, we can see that.Gorast: Teri, snap out of it! They’re making fun of us.Teridax: Huh? The last thing I remember was being burned and stuffed in a trash can and rolling. *looks at Gorast.* Why are you clinging on my body?Gorast: Because… I’m very cold.Teridax: Oh, okay, then cling away. Icarax!!Icarax: Aw, son of a me! Teridax: You’re going to pay dearly for your little stunt today! Not only did you ruin my vacation, but you had Roodaka turn against me and you had me roast ‘Frisco style in a trash can!Icarax: But that wasn't the case! They threatened me to come with them! They told me they'd do cruel and unusual things to me if I didn't go along!Teridax: You mean like what I'm about to do to you now? Too bad, you must die now!


*he uses pretty much all 42 of his Kraata powers on him and then he beats him up while having Gorast clinging onto him like a Velcro midget.*Icarax, weakly: So… do you forgive me now?Teridax, sits on him: Now I do. *he tosses him into the slammer with Krika and leaves.*Antroz: So, are you alright?Teridax: Yes, I’m fine. Well, since the rest of you behaved much better than I expected you would, I’m going to treat you all.Chirox: Really?!Teridax: Yes, so enjoy this moment because I am feeling awkwardly generous today. I’m going to take you all out to eat!All Makuta: YAY!!!Vamprah: :br: Gorast: Thank you, sweetie…Teridax: So, let us all go! Enjoy tonight because tomorrow I will not be feeling as kind and forgiving.

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Episode 5: One night in the nameless restaurant

*at some fancy 5-star restaurant…*

Teridax, with Gorast clinging on him: Well, here we are everyone not including Krika and Icarax: The Restaurant that has no name!Bitil: I think I’ve been there before.Teridax: Then you should have no trouble.Norenka: How can you afford all of this?Teridax: Well… let’s just say I’m so rich, that I make Roodaka look like a drunken hobo.Vamprah: :o Atheron: Burn.Teridax: Yeah, the only thing was that up until today, I never thought about sharing my wealth with anyone. Chirox: I don’t even know you anymore!Teridax: Well, for tonight, that all changes. Tonight, we eat like there’s no tomorrow!Gorast: *screams* There’s no tomorrow, I’m going to die!!! *holds Teridax tighter.*Teridax: See, she’s got the right idea. Antroz: Let us all go stuff our faces with merriment and food!Vamprah: :D *they all enter, Teridax gets them tables and a booth, and they all sit down.*Antroz: Will you not sit down with us?Teridax: I can’t fit in the booth. Chirox: Well, why not?Mutran: See, I knew you shouldn’t have gone off that diet. You were doing fine until--Teridax: <_< No, basketcase, Gorast is clinging onto me, making it hard for me to sit down, stand up, walk, run, breath, and live.Mutran: Then dump the chick and sit down!Teridax: … I can’t do that to her. She and Bitil are like my most loyal minions out of all of you. Krika and Icarax are probably my worst minions out of all of you. Icarax is a jealous creep, and what do I need to say about Krika?Chriox: Fine, we’ll make room. *kicks Mutran out.* There, now sit. *Teridax sits down, with some difficulty.*Teridax: There, that should do it. *Gorast sits next to him, snuggling closer to him.* You must be really cold to want to be wrapping yourself around me for so long.Gorast: :love: You don’t know the half of it.*at Table #5*Bitil: I think I’ll get the lobster… 5 of them.Mutran, sitting with him: The soup is over $30! Bitil: Well, just don’t get too out of line, Mutran, or else you could end up like Icarax.Mutran: But I’m not some jealous, conceited creep who goes around smashing things.Vamprah: (IMG:style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif) Bitil: I hear you, pal.*at Table #8.*Norenka: I’m really enjoying this moment.Atheron: As am I. I’ve always waited for this moment.Norenka: We can finally be alone, no one to bother us!*since this might get boring, I’m going to go back over to the booth.*Teridax: Eating 17 bowls of spaghetti: This is good.All: :blink: Gorast: :inlove: Mutran: He really should get back on that diet.Bitil: Shut up!Chirox: I don’t know which head to look at. I’m afraid.Antroz: Well, Gorast is kinda cute, but Teridax haunts my dreams. This, and that video, only makes it worst.Teridax: Oh, yeah!!All Makuta (minus Atheron, Norenka, Gorast): Oh, no.Krika, breaks down the wall: No need to fear, I’m here!Gorast: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!Krika: Here comes me!! *he starts to destroy tables and burn the restaurant.*Icarax: Hey!All Makuta: *fire weapons at him.*Icarax, seemingly unharmed: Did you miss me? *he drinks some water, but it leaks through the holes in his body.* I guess not! *antidermis leaking out.* I’m feeling all lightheaded now… I’m coming, Melissa! *falls over.*Mutran: That was easy. But what about Krika?!Antroz: Augh, this is almost as bad as that time I was on the Rachael Ray show! I knew it would come back to haunt me!Krika: This whole place is on fire!!Norenka: Yeah, because you set it on fire!Krika: These fumes are deadly, I must give you mouth-to-mouth resperatficationunun! *he runs over to her, but Atheron blasts him with his double-bladed staff.*Atheron: Kiss her, and you shall die…


Krika: You sure got a mean left hook. But my work isn't done yet!Teridax: Well, this is sad. This place has only appeared in two of Lord of shadows’ comedies, and now it’s gone. Bitil: Where’s the fire extinguisher when you need one?!*everyone turns to see Krika wearing the extinguisher as a jet pack.*Krika, rips off his pants: Here comes me!! *he activates the extinguisher, and to everyone’s surprise, Krika takes off into the sky, breaking through the ceiling and flying away into the night.*Teridax, eerily calm: Okay, I’m not mad. None of you did anything to me, it was Icarax and Krika once again. I will treat you all again, only I will make sure these two boneheads don’t interfere. Yes… Gorast: Do you need a hug?Teridax: Yes, I do. Hugs make things better. Please, Gorast… *Gorast squeals and hugs him, never letting go.*Mutran: For sure I thought he’s explode.Chirox: Yes, but let’s not question it, just go with it.Teridax, calm: Come, my family, let us go home to enjoy the rest of our night. Let us leave Icarax’s body behind as we will not need it. *they all leave the ruins, returning to their home on Destral.*


Kojol: Whoa... What in blazes happened here? I guess it's easy to tell Teridax was here. Oh, well.


Icarax: :dazed: Hey, wait a minute, Mr. Postman, don't you have a letter for me?


Kojol: Oh, how much I missed you, Icarax...


*Kojol delivers a powerful kick to Icarax's face, sending him flying back many feet.*


Kojol: And by "missed," I mean I hate you and I wish I could never see you again.

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Wow... I had no idea people still read this. Well... okay. Anyway, that reminds me. Here's the next chapter, modified slightly due to dated references and members who most likely would no like me portraying their likeness as a GS anymore.





Episode 6: One Angry Makuta*somewhere on Destral…*Mutran: I wonder why he didn’t explode…Chirox: I thought I told you to forget about it!Mutran: Yeah, but the Teridax we know would have blown his stack and murdered somebody for no reason!Antroz: Well, it all started after he beat up Icarax and took us to the now-destroyed restaurant with no name.Bitil: Are you saying that Icarax could have done something to our leader?! AAAAAHHHH!!!!Antroz, knocks his head off: No, I’m not saying that. Great, now I’m becoming more like Gorast.Mutran: Just stay away from me and my head.Bitil, getting his head: Where is she anyway?Norenka: I haven’t seen her since this earlier this evening. Atheron: Does that mean she’s gone missing?Vamprah: :alert: Chirox: No, she with Teridax… I think. He’s still acting all weird.Mutran: Perhaps we should look into this, after all, if there is something wrong with him, I don’t want to end up with the short end of the stick.Atheron: But who would want to do something to hurt our leader?Krika, falls from the ceiling: A mystery! Vamprah: <_< Krika: I have narrowed it down to the following suspects: Icarax the jealous creep, Gorast the lovesick temptress, me, field correspondent Brent Carazakki, Turaga Dume the old man, Pewku… *hours later…*Krika: … Krekka the village 1diot, Tuyet the Southern Belle with the beautiful voice that drives me mad, Nidhiki the crab man, and... uh... uh... uhhhh....Antroz: Okay, we get the point! We still need to see what the problem is…Mutran: Let us bring him to my laboratory!*in Mutran’s laboratory…*Mutran: We must analyze his head to see what is the matter.Teridax: Can you hurry it up, I’m missing my show.Mutran: Patience, Teridax, we must do this, or else something terrible will happen. *he takes an x-ray of his head and then studies it.*


Teridax: What is it?


Mutran: How long has your head been an empty shell filled with nothing but gas?

Teridax: We all have that, you dolt! We went through that evolution process, remember??Mutran: I see. It looks as though your head was loosened when you were rolling around in that trashcan. It knocked your brain loose. *he goes over to him and puts his head in tighter.* There you go. Good as new.Teridax: Hmm… Yes, I feel much better now. Well, almost. *clears throat.*YOU MORONS RUINED MY PERFECT VACATION!!!! BECAUSE OF YOU, I AM VERY STRESSED OUT! AND WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON ICARAX, HE WILL PAY DEARLY WITH HIS LIFE!!!Mutran: Whoo! Now that is what I call an explosion! You’ve still got it, Teridax! No one can explode like you!Teridax: Yes, it’s good to be me.Krika, breaks down wall: Here comes me to the rescue! It was Mutran who murdered Gorast’s husband!Mutran and Teridax: :???: What?Krika: Don’t worry, sir, I shall protect you from this serial killer!Mutran: We have to hurry before he burns this place!Teridax: To beat him, we need someone as insane and crazed as he is!

Mutran: Or... we add onto the insanity.


Teridax: What are you getting at?


*Mutran then takes out a blast ray from an undisclosed location.*


Teridax: How does that help me?


Mutran: This is an insanity blaster, filled with the same substance of the ever elusive insanity mist.


Teridax: Oh, yeah... I remember when I dumped the Toa Metru in a field filled with it.


Mutran: Exactly.


Teridax: Wait, but then it'll make him more insane!


Mutran: Are you sure?


*Mutran wastes no time and fires the thing at Krika.*


Krika: Why do I feel so… normal?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?Mutran: Insanity x Insanity = Normality. I never thought I would see my theory come true.Krika: *screaming*Mutran: Finally, something that makes him go… normal? Teridax: Okay, good. At least now he's kept under control... right?


Mutran: The effect is only temporary.


Teridax: So you can't make it permanent?!


Mutran: There's nothing I can do.

Teridax: Blast it!Gorast, embraces Teridax: Are you okay?!Teridax: Yes, I am. It was nothing. Mutran simple removed my head and then…Gorast, knocks Mutran’s head off: How do you like that?!Mutran’s head: I don’t!Teridax: He did it for scientific reasons. I’m fine now, and best of all no more rage! Plus, Krika has finally gone negative crazy!Krika, screaming: Pants! Pants! I want pants!!!!Gorast: I never thought that was possible.Teridax: Neither did I, but it is now!Gorast, slyly: Does that mean he’ll still be bothering us?Teridax: Yes, but the effects of whatever Mutran did to him won't last long. I’ll just leave him in the back yard and we should be fine.


Mutran's head: It will only last for 25 hours.


Gorast: Why not 24 like a normal person?


Mutran's head: There's nothing I can do.Gorast: Good. We should go to bed.Teridax: Yes, we should, it’s getting late.Gorast: Can I be with you?Teridax: Eh, why not. Good night, everybody!Mutran’s head: Good night. If anyone needs me, I’ll be in here… looking for my body. *body stumbling aimlessly.*


Krika: Why do I feel so cold?!

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