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Kopaka: Toa of Ice

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Wow, another great DeeVee MOC has come to bless us all!


I remember seeing this wonderful MOC at BricksCascade earlier this year, and while it was cool, it wasn't quite recognizable as Kopaka. Now, however, it is instantly Kopaka. 


The gold kind of distracts from the rest of the colors, but the rest of it is great. Your signature wheel legs and feet really complete the effect. Bravo!

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Kind of a bold move, moving Kopaka over to red and gold secondary colours - and I think it really, really pays off. I think it would be fairly interesting to see all six original Toa redesigned with unusual/unexpected choices for secondary colours (or, in the case of several of them, any secondary colours at all), and...


Well, to be honest, if the official sets looked like this, I'd start buying them again. The whole design is very sleek and functional, with the construction of the torso in particular being very impressive.

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Interesting Color choice TBH. Personally a name signifying Ice I would think would be more so in-line with that theme, having tones of white, grey, blue, what have you. I never really thought of Kopaka ever having such colors until the reboot. If this is mant to go in-line with his current appearance, only more so decked out, you sir have aced that. Though, I am very unsure of the Red on him, perhaps it could signify a sort of Leaderal dominance within the team, or a more so independents and seperate member representing his own.


in any case it's quite fantastic, as is much of your work I've seen.

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Samurai Kopaka, anyone? 


I honestly don't know how I feel about giving Kopaka red and gold, but it's unique. The usage of the minifig backpack as a belt pouch is great.

The torso build is superb.


My one critique is the custom hand design; it's a little odd to me, having only two fingers and a thumb. I suppose it resembles the large two-fingered Mata hands in a way, so if that's what you were going for, it works. 


Also, congrats on getting featured!




A big thank you to Toucan Sam for the Okotian name.



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