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Here is the first comedy I ever wrote, and part of the whole story-universe I created. Now then, I know it is poorly written, but give me a break, it was my first attempt. The first chapter was only 263 words! That is why I might combine chapters together since they are so short. But for the most part, the comedy will be unaltered from what it once was. Everything will be as it was, aside from my joining chapters together so it is over 300 words. Later on, I'll post a list of who is who, seeing as I know it's confusing as to which Makuta is who. For one thing, here is a small hint:Antroz is #1, Icarax is #2, Norenka is #7, Spiriah is #6, and Kojol is #5.CHAPTER 1: Take this mask and hide it*In the Brotherhood of Makuta headquarters*Makuta:*banging gavel* Order! Order in the court! This trial is now in sess--Member #1: blink.gif But this is a brotherhood meeting, not a courtroom--Makuta:How dare you interrrupt me?! If you do so again, I'll make sure you end up like the last guy who did!!#1 beg1a.gif beg1a.gif NO!! PLEASE!! DON'T!!! I won't do it again!!Makuta: Very well. Now, I stole this... mask... thingy and I don't know what to do with it. *holds up the MoL* Any bright ideas?? Anyone??#2: I say we burn it!#3: I say we shred it!#4: I say we launch it to some far away island where no one can get it! *all member voices over lapping*Makuta:*banging gavel again*Order! Order! If none of you can be quiet, then by the powers invested in me, patriot.gif I now pronounce you husband and wife.Sidorak, Rodaka: Get on with the plans!!burnmad.gif burnmad.gif burnmad.gif Makuta: You may now kiss the bride.#6: Can we move on? I say we bury it outside these headquarters where no one can get it.Makuta: That's a GREAT idea! Ever considered being my assistant? #5, fetch me my tools.#5: You mean your knife and your fork, sir?Makuta: burnmad.gif burnmad.gif #5: What?! You've gained a few pounds from eating #7's food. Lose some weight, already. ziplip.gif *Later...*Makuta:*at the hole* May this mask never see the light of day ever again. *tosses it in* drooling.gif I'm hungry!! #7' get me some food ready while I go out and steal some more stuff! I expect it ready by the time I return.#7: I don't have to be treated like this!Makuta: It's in your contract. rtfm.gif #7: Oh, Kratta slime! 450 years later...*The tides rose above the mask's burrial spot an is lost in the ocean and capsizes in the water, drifting away.*(in the home of Norik...)Toa Norik: I over slept again?!?! Oh no! The guys will be really mad at me now!! I've got ot hurry to the headquarters or else I'll be in so much trouble with the boss!!. cry.gif (later..)Iruini: mad.gif Where were you?! As always, I have to cover for you. You are a Toa so act like one for once!Kualas: wakeup2.gif Iruini's right.Iruini: biggrin.gif Now let's go fight some crime or whatever Toa do.Norik:sarcasm.gif And I'm irresponsible??Bomonga: bounce1a.gif Heya guys. 'Sup fellas? Wheres Gaaki?Kulas: She went out. Good thing it isn't raining (Thunder, Downpour) blink.gif At least she's the Toa of water.Pouks: wacko.gif Man, what a storm!! I was out on a walk when it started to rain and the wind came. How wierd is that?? So what do we do?Makuta: Good news!! I'm giving you all a day off!! Have a nice life!!Gaaki: (runs inside, soaking wet) What'd I miss?Makuta:Don't mess up the floors!! mad.gif Now #8 has even more work to do an his life is miserible already with me around!!Gaaki: I'm terribly sorry. I was walking to this club thing and passed by Pouks when this storm came.Makuta: Well, go home! I have schemi-- er, plannig to do so go home already. I need my chair. (sits his duff in a huge chair, gets some coffee, and reads the paper)wakeup2.gif Hey. Some guy named Turaga Dume is having a party. I should sneak in and steal some stuff. But where is this "METRU NUI?"(even later..)Norik:(by a stream) I need to become a better Toa, BUT HOW!! (sees something in the water) What is that? (jumps in and grabs it) It's a Kanohi mask.Matoran cop: Hey You! What are you doing?Norik:UMM... I was just... (stares at the MoL) ...getting my mask!Cop:Really: I thought you were swimming in a "No Swmming" zone. Run along.Norik:That was a close call. Good thing I didn't go swimming there. I need to get a pool very soon. Now to get home.

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Man, looking back, this is definitely not my best work! You know, seeing as that anniversary version of this is now posted on here, maybe after I finish here, I can rewrite this for real and make it much cleaner and better. I'm actually almost ashamed, to be honest...CHAPTER 2: Taka-NorikLast time: Norik is a loser in life,he rescues a mask, and Makuta wants to steal.*That night...*Norik: At least I made it home okay. *phone rings* Hello?Iruini: Hey Norik. Wanna go to this new club? Gaaki got all of us some tickets and got you a pool.Norik: blink.gif Sorry, but I have to feed Volkew. Remember my pte ussal crab?Iruni: beg1a.gif C'mon!!! crying.gif I NEED YOU!!!Norik: NO! I'm tired from work (even if we didn't do a thing) so go alone.Iruni: mellow.gif Alright. No one else wanted to go 'cept Bo so Alright.*hang up*Norik: Volkew? *whistles* Here boy. *Volkew rushes at him* Good boy. *Volk grabs the MoL from him* I know.It does look like junk. I'll put it on the wall or something tonight. *Later that night...*He dreams of being a rich guy with a huge house, money, and inventing something called a "wheel".Norik: *to Ir* Stop all that snivelling, now. Take this 1,000 Wid bank note and rub your nose.Iruni: sad.gifAnd so on and so on....Norik: *awake* Why's that mask glowing? *notices MoL glowing brightly**goes over, takes it down and looks through and the mask sucks on his head on Norik is swallowed in a tornado of light and emerges as a Toa of Light*taka-Norik: Whoa baby!! Look at Me!! I'm onfire.gif I'm Fa- amin'!! *walks out into the street*Neighbor: Hey wierdo!! Get off of Norik's property!! *T-N runs back in and N gives a chase with a blank Kanoka disk and launcher* I have you now *blasts him out the window from a 3-story window and falls to his death.... NOT!*Taka-Norik: *flat* *as a redneck*Look MA! I'm road kill!! *grabs a newspaper that says Gaaki is preforming at the new club* wakeup2.gif confused1a.gif omigosh.gif Time to get some green to make the scene *reaches into pockets an butterflies come out* whu-oh. Outta cash. TIME FOR A SPRING FLING!!!!! *dashes into lightning of to the First (ond only) Bank of Pana Nui to get some widget bank notes to full fill Norik's (the real one) dreams of being rich and to paint the town yellow and red**At that same moment, Makuta got some of his lackies to try and rob the bank for him the same night* *At the bank....*#1: I can't belive we'e doing this! evilgrin.gif#2: I know! We haven't done this in years!#3:We'll be paid handsomely like me!*unfortunately, Taka-Norik beat them to the punch*Taka-Norik:*swirls out in twister* Sorry boys, but this dump's been cleaned! *rushes out again just as the Matoran police force come to catch the robbers that they think robbed the bank:Them!*All 3: But we didn't do it beg1a.gif beg1a.gif beg1a.gif *and so they were arrested while Taka-Norik headed down to the Copa Gukko Club to see Gaaki**BoM Headquarters*Makuta:I don't get it. Who could have done this I had the perfect plan to do this.*Earlier*Makuta:*banging gavel* Order in the court!! This trial is now--#1:But sir--Makuta: evilgrin.gif#1: ziplip.gifMakuta: Now, any old bussiness? *no one awnsers*Okay. Any new business? *#7 raises hand* *sigh* Yes, #7?#7:Can I have my break now? I'm getting tired of cooking junk food that makes you even fatter and fatter.Makuta: NEVER!!!!!! Even if I become 1 Million pounds I never go on a diet.#5:*scoffs* Puh-leez. You even have your own gravitational pull.Makuta: What do you--*notices fruit revolving around him* How did these fruit get here? Ummm..... anything else before I go on? *#9 raises hand* Yes #9?#9:Why do you wear that Kanohi mask over your real face?Makuta: mad.gif Is that all you ever want to know? Very well. #10 has something to show us all. #10?#10:Yes, well, before Makuta burried the mask of light, I chipped off a piece and made this liquid I put in a vial. *holds the vial for all to see the golden liquid*Everyone: ohmy.gif#10:It is pretty cool, isn't it? I researched it and it can give you powers beyond your wildest dreams!! If someone other than the one chosen for the mask wears it, it will grant you access to light, the six elements, immortality, and more.Makuta:yeah, yeah, yeah. Now. I want to rob a bank. Any volunteers? *#'s 1,2,3 raise hand*Excellent!! Do it tonight. Play dirty if you have to ,but don't get caught.*end flashback*Makuta:I'm ruined. #10, CAN YOU TAKE THESE ORBITTING FRUITS AWAY?!?!Sidorak:Sir, can i have a moment of your time?Makuta: #10 won't come any quicker. Alright! What is it?Sidorak: Did you ever consider using a "Crime Boss" to handle your robberies?Makuta: Who? You? I wouldn't even put you in charde of the Visorak hordes!Sidorak:Not me. My brother Kollerak. He and Lariska used to be a famous pair of villians that struck fear into Matoran until Lariska became a Dark Hunter and they parted ways. He lives on a cay not to far from here.Makuta:Then get him for me!Sidorak:Also, you have some fruit, a bowl, and me caught in your orbit. GET ME DOWN!!Makuta:#10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#10:There's nothing I can do.*At the club...**Everyone is excited at the grand opening when Taka-Norik arrives on the scene in a limo with "wheels"*Taka-Norik:*takes his left leg in, takes his left leg out and shakes it all about and comes out*Greetings dezidens of Pana Nui!!Matoran: What are those round things on that transport?I call them "WHEELS". *Goes up to the list guy*LG: wired.gif Are you on here?Taka-Norik: *takes deep breath*No, but my friends Hunam, Komau, and Ruru are.*takes out bank notes and tosses them into the air as he advances into the club**He takes a front row table*Anouncer guy: And now, Here's that live-wire of water: Toa Gaaki!!*people cheering* *Gaaki comes from the velvet curtains ,getting ready to sing one of the classics. *Gaaki(singing): Hey, big boy, I like what I see. You ain't no Ian McGee.... But you'll do....Taka-Norik*heart jumping from his chest, whistling, banging on the table and howling like a wolf as she preforms**whistling as he turns the knob of a "table pounding" machine*Gaaki: Hey, big boy, you're so extreme. Come up stairs if you know what I mean....*she ends preformance*Taka-Norik: SHOWTIME!! *dashes behind band playing music**people gasp at his horrific figure, spot light lands on him*Time for the Magic Hour!! *turns the band into a Salsa Band and joins Gaaki on stage as the band plays* *they start to dance, ButTaka-Norik is too fast for her and begins to twirl her*Gaaki: Whoa!! Careful, Big Boy.*the dancefloor starts smokig from all the fast movements* blush.gif *thinking*He's pretty good. I hope I don't hurt Norik's feelings by being with this guy.Taka-Norik:Fa- Laaaamin'!!! onfire.gif onfire.gifGaaki: dazed.gifIruini: picturetake.gif This is good. I hope they stop. wacko.gif

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