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The Mask: Anniversary Edition


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Now if you want to see what The Mask could have been had I written it years later when I got better, here is a good comparison. This is the first chapter, but only with over 300 words, added details, and plus all the characters are named. It's more organized than it once was. It's sort of funny and pitiful at how much I improved, but oh well. I wrote the original back in February of 2006, so the comedy is OLD! This was written sometime back when it was the 5-year mark. Hope you enjoy it.CHAPTER 1: Take this mask and hide it*Somewhere on Destral, in the headquarters of the Brotherhood of Makuta...*Teridax: *banging gavel* Order! Order in the court! This trial is now in sess--Antroz: blink.gif Um... But this is a brotherhood meeting, not a courtroom--Teridax: How dare you interrrupt me?! If you do so again, I'll make sure you end up like the last guy who did!!Kojol: Which was what, eaten by you in a fit of rage?Antroz: beg1a.gif NO!! PLEASE!! DON'T!!! I won't do it again!!Teridax: Very well. Now, I stole this... mask... thingy and I don't know what to do with it. *holds up the MoL* Any bright ideas?? Anyone??Kojol: Yeah, how about mentioning the fact that I was the one who stole it for you ungrateful urchins?Teridax: Ignoring you, the pannel is now open to suggestion!Icarax: I say we burn it! I hear Natalie Horler's good with fire... wub.gif She's an amazing woman, you know...Chirox, ignoing Icarax: I say we shred it!Krika: I say we launch it to some far away island where no one can get it! *all member voices over lapping*Teridax: Ugh... I can't put up with this, anymore. *plops his face onto the table.*Gorast, comforting Teridax: Don't give up, Teri. I know you can bring order to this chaotic excuse of a Brotherhood.Teridax: You know, you're right. I should assert my authority like I'm supposed to! *banging gavel again* Order! Order! If none of you can be quiet, then by the powers invested in me, patriot.gif I now pronounce you husband and wife.Sidorak, Rodaka: Get on with the plans!! burnmad.gifTeridax: You may now kiss the bride.*Insert Wedding March*Spiriah: Can we move on? It's been more than 15 minutes since I've looked at myself in a mirror for crying out loud! I say we bury it outside these headquarters where no one can get it.Teridax: That's a GREAT idea! Ever considered being my assistant? Gorast: Hey! mad.gif Why can't I be your assistant?Teridax: Okay, fine, both you you can be my assistant. In the mean time, Kojol, fetch me my tools.Kojol: You mean your knife and your fork, sir?Teridax: burnmad.gif Why, you little--Kojol: What?! You've gained a few pounds from eating Norenka's cooking. Lose some weight, already, I mean come on! You've got your own gravitational pull!Teridax: One more word out of you, and I might consider dropping a whole lot of weight... on top of your head! Kojol: ziplip.gif Teridax: There you go, now was that hard? Now fetch me my tools OR ELSE YOU WILL DIE!*Kojol quickly runs away and gets Teridax his digging equipment*Gorast: Are you sure you don't need me to go with you?Teridax: Nonsense, stay here here with the others. I wouldn't want you to have to join me on some stupid digging job all by yourslef with me.Gorast, crying slightly: But... I'd feel better if I could just tag along, actually.Teridax: Don't you worry your pretty little head aout it. *He lightly pats Gorast on the head before leaving outside carrying the Mask of Light in his hand.*Gorast, slumping against a corner: *crying* Oh, Teridax... if only you knew how I felt about you... I love you so much, it actually HURTS me inside...Mutran: Gorast, are you okay?Gorast: burnmad.gif *she knocks Mutran's head off his body.* How dare you eavesdrop on a woman's private moment to herself! Didn't anyone ever teach you some manners, you pointy-headed lab geek?!*Later...*Teridax, digging: Who knew it was so tough to dig through this island?! *panting loudly as he continues digging.* Ah, I think this should be good enough. *he reaches for the Mask of Light.* Okay, here goes nothing. I have a bad feeling this mask could cause me a lot of trouble in the future. Oh, well, I've got a plan at least. May this mask never see the light of day ever again. *tosses it in and then starts to fill up the hole again. As he does so, his tummy starts to growl loudly* drooling.gif I'm hungry!! Norenka, get me some food ready while I go out and steal some more stuff! I expect it ready by the time I return.Norenka: I don't have to be treated like this! As a woman, I have a right to have proper respect!Teridax: It's in your contract. rtfm.gif In other words by serving me, you have to do as I say, including make me lots of Over-dubbed voice 2: Spaghetti!Teridax: Every day for...Over-dubbed voice: DINNER.Norenka: Oh, Kratta slime! Curse this legal nonense, he always gets me with that!Teridax: That's right, you can't beat me. It's not just a suggestion, it's THE LAW! And don't you forget it!

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