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What do you think of Mixels?


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Hi, guys!:) I know there is a Lego theme called Mixels. It is about colorful tribes of creatures mixing. The theme has a Catoon Network TV series, which is primarily 30-to-120-second shorts at first, and then it turns into 22-to-30-minute specials. We have been having it for 2 years since 2014. My question is what do you think?

For me, I think the franchise as a whole is good, but I wish it could become better. Here's my thoughts:

1. I would rather go with shorts preferably, so the Mixels can mix with everyone in their respective series. I could think of 27 possible different mixes in the series, like their set forms, before we could move on the next series. For example, every Mixels in Series 1 (the first Infernites, Cragsters, and Electroids) should make 27 of these mixes, like the Infernite mixing with another Infernite, Volectro mixing with Shuff, and Zaptor mixing with Zorch. Those are things that I would like to see, including how they look like and how their combined powers work. The same goes to Series 2-9, and beyond (if that could happen). I don't a Mixel from one series mixing with one from another series, like Series 1 Mixel with Series 3 Mixel, Series 2 with Series 5, Series 4 with Series 7. I don't mind three or Mixels mixing, either.

2. Give Series 2-3 and Series 5-7 Maxes more screen time. Give each his own short.

3. Give characters some more character development, like overcoming their fears or competitiveness or something.

4. Make new sets that are the old Mixels returning, but probably make them look slightly different (say Flain coming back as Flain Nuva (a reference to another theme called Bionicle).

5. Give Series 7 and 8 27 possible different mixes in set forms in Lego's Mixels page, too. I only saw 3. I wish there are 24 more, like Series 1-6.:(

4. Give certain Mixels some more screen time, like the Mixies besides Jamzy.

5. Kraw's and Scorpi's voice actors be revealed.

6. Give Mixels who are released as sets more lines to say.

7. Have it crossover with another theme called Ninjago (since Ninjago stated that there are 16 realms, and I would like to think that Mixels is one of them. Lol.:P Both shows are in the same TV channel, after all.).

8. The history of Mixels' lives and origins be explained, like how they first learned how to Mix, how their Cubits are created, and how are the Cubits have different colors. The same goes to Nixels, like why Nixels hate Mixels and their mixing and have their origins explained.

9. Give Major Nixel and King Nixel their own sets.

10. If Mixels is a Cartoon Network TV show, then it should be a show with 15-or-30-minute episodes, rather than shorts or specials, but all of the ideas above would apply there. This is another option that I would go with, too.

11. Update and expand the Mixels app games with more Mixels. What I meant by that meaning give Calling All Mixels Series 4-9 and beyond (if that could happen) and Mixels Rush all other Mixels and their homes. Plus, a new app game this year (so I would at least see Series 7-9's animated Max forms). I know the existing ones are outdated, but it would be great if that could happen.


So, there. What about your thoughts?:)

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I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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