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UPDATE 6/17/16, POST #5!

UPDATE #2 6/20/16, POST #6!




So, all of the parts for Chi Sir Fangar came in, and I've gotta say - LEGO, I'm SO disappointed in you for not releasing this wave of Chima figures in North America (or at least not making them more readily available)! After putting Sir Fangar together, I couldn't help but admire him; he's tall - even for a CCBS figure - he's got lots of cool parts, a SUPER-cool head mold, and he just oozes personality. He's arguably my favorite Lego villain since the original Makuta or Roodaka - I can understand why he can go for $100+ new in packaging now while others still clock in at $20 or less! However, being a life-long proponent of customization, I immediately started breaking down my Skull Basher and started digging in my spare parts, and I've eben able to make some key changes:


-Removed the unnecessary ankle friction adders/extensions, making his legs look more proportionate to his body and closing a gap between his chin armor and feet

-Added claws to the feet, adding more ferocity as well as more points of contact to the surface he's standing on

-Additional armor plating and re-arranging of pre-existing parts

-Filling in the gap above his torso armor with simulated fur and bones

-Slightly re-designing his staff to be sturdier and more aggressive-looking

-Adding a simple, short tail (sabertooth cats had stubby little tails!)


Even after these, though, I have a few things planned and a few obstacles to overcome:


-Trying him without the upper leg friction adders to make the legs even more to-scale with his body

-Obtain 2016 Kopaka and/or the Protector of ice for more white and trans-light/neon blue parts,a s well as Kopaka's longer torso with the swiveling hips

-Figure out a new method of attaching the new shoulder armor so not to restrict shoulder movement as much May not be a permanent solution, but I've got something figured out already!

-Find a way to fill out the torso more and add more fur/bone details

-Figure out a new neck design with more thickness/fur detail than the current super-short bone piece


If anyone has any solutions/suggestions for these issues, please - tell me! I've been out of Bionicle stuff for a long time, so any help I could get would be greatly appreciated! Anyways, on to the pictures (of which I'm VERY proud of; the sun was at just the right angle to really make the trans blue parts glow!):












I'm already trying to figure out solutions for these problems, so there may be more pictures soon! Also, has anyone else been having trouble with Brickshelf? I've been fighting it for over an hour to get these uploaded. :X Either way, stay tuned in - a second version is coming VERY soon!

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He looks okay, at first he appears to be a simple build, there's not that much of a hint to customization until I saw the top shot of him. You managed to hide everything below armour pretty well. He doesn't feel very special though.


Wait until I get more pics up later. I spent most of the evening making changes and experimenting with different configurations. I really got in-depth in adding detail - particularly to his torso. I took what Lego did for the ribs, and went a step further, which really helps bulk him up a bit more and solves a bit of the gap problem.

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Nice.  Very regal-looking, and at the same time he feels like he could actually be a set.

It is not for us to decide the fate of angels.

Dominus Temporis, if you're out there, hit me up through one of my contacts.  I've been hoping to get back in touch for a long time now.  (Don't worry, I'm not gonna beg you to bring back MLWTB or something.  :P )

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Nice.  Very regal-looking, and at the same time he feels like he could actually be a set.


Thank you so much! :D However, the "looking official" part won't stand up so much in this update, crossing into full-on MOC territory with some of the sub-assemblies!


In this update, I've attempted to fix the following issues:


-Loose/flimsy pauldrons

-Shoulder instability caused by the original set's construction

-Torso gaps

-Torso build instability

-Unsightly backs of the CCBS legs

-Lack of ice crystals

-Was in dire need of more chains!


I believe I've accomplished all of these goals, but there's still a couple of issues to hammer out:


-Needs a new neck build

-Posing is limited by current elbow design

-Could use a bit more ice/bones/fur

-Needs more black and/or white connector pins to get rid fo the unsightly glints of red

-Staff needs a bit more tweaking to make it easier to wield two-handed

-May order two Trans-purple Bohrok eyes to put in the gaps in his ribs to stand-in for lungs:



Regardless, here's another update! I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I enjoyed figuring out these solutions; I'm actually quite proud of some of the fixes I came up with!


WIP photos of the insides:





And this shot shows how the shoulder armor is attached, allowing it to swivel in.out as needed to improve arm posing:




And finally, the cool outdoors photographs!












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Welp! I think this is as close to "finished" as this MOC is going to be until I can get my hands on 2016 Kopaka and attempt a custom torso build. I gotta say, despite being stuck to mostly a large CCBS skeleton, I'm really happy with how this guy looks; he's regal, yet fearsome - and quite large as well, his staff being over a foot long and being exactly 9 inches tall at the top of his head. And, despite all of that, he's still an extremely well-articulated figure! I do hope that you guys like the final (for now) product:








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