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Transformers Optimus Primal (Transmetal)

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This is one of my best creations, i manage to create a transformer with CCBS pieces with lego digital designer.


unfortunately he has one major flaw, the ammounts of ccbs bones required to let the blue gorilla feet reach down doesnt give the best results in the visual department, but he has all 3 modes the original toy had (gorilla, transport mode, and robot). The only solution i had for his "face was to use a kanohi hau because its the closest to a gorilla and the robot face which is a HF visor connects as a butt plate in gorilla mode"


Gorilla Form

Flight Mode

Robot Mode


He is based on this


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I was expecting a Gorzan head and a larger figure - but I gotta say, I'm impressed that you managed to pack a transforming feature into such a relatively small package; bravo!


But Unfortunately Gorzan's head isn't available in the program and if could find i might have tried it out. Wish i could buy it since his legs he is a major pain to transform inside the program

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Not bad-always love to see Beast Wars stuff. Well, almost always.

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(It's actually called CCBS. Character and Creature Building System.)

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