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Beach Attack of the Water Vako


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The Le-Matoran Duka was hoping to enjoy a relaxing day at the beach, but the peace was ended when the Water Vako arose from the waves. What is this Rahi after? Does it want to gore the sunglasses-wearing beach-goer, or is it more interested in his Bula ice cream cone? DUN DUN DUN!

I decided to brick it old school by making a couple of small-ish MOCs and tie them together with some scenery. I used a few of my tried and true techniques on the Matoran and Rahi (as in, it's true that I've tried them before, but nobody else really cared). The scenery is based on a concept I've dabbled with before, but this is the first time I've really given it some color. I'll be interested to see what people think about it. (Also, a mini Ussal that's only about half system, but I make up the ratio in the rest of the model.)

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Ha, I think we were looking at each others' entries at the same time!

This is great vignette. You definitely stayed true to the "kickin' it" part of the theme. :P It's neat how you did the glasses on Duka--is there any way to connect the lenses at the center? The flexibility in his design is nice too--even though you do use CCBS to do it, I don't think it detracts from the model at all. The Vako really feels like a Rahi that belongs on Mata Nui. The tubing as water coming off it is a subtle but very nice touch. And I'm jealous that you have so many of those triangle connectors. :P Seriously great work, I hope this makes it far!

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I must confess I find it hard critiquing multiple models. 


The Matoran looks like he's wearing goggles instead of sunglasses, but the mere fact he has eye-wear is impressive enough. I feel like using G2 parts on the lower arms and torso is cheating.


The water Vako is very cool and very much liek a G2 rahi, except without a  mask to pop off. I like how you used an inika torso on an inhuman build and the treds on his lower body are a very neat and help with the G1 rahi look.


The crab is cute and I do like that you've given him movement for all six feet and his arms.


The beach chair is cool for it's ability to connect to and hold i's occupant. The tree is splendid, I like the spines as leaves.

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Man, I have no words for how absolutely amazing this is. The treads on the rahi, the unique matoran build, the fact that you actually made the surface of the water as well as the beach, the tree, the bed and that cute little ussal. 


Everything about this is perfect. I want this to win.



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It's incredible that you managed to capture that Classic Rahi look using parts from '06 and beyond. The color scheme and Technic really does help the Vako stand out.


I really like your Ussal and tree design, but I can't help but feel the large scene actually detracts from the brilliant techniques used within. Though using CCBS parts, especially as well as this, is by no means "cheating," the Matoran feels overly complicated and dark, clashing with rather than completing the Rahi. The same can be said for the hand-socket, tri-connector base, but maybe that's just because I'm used to the beautiful simplicity of the MNOLG backgrounds.


Great work, I wish you luck!

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Yo xccj! 


Very fun entry. You nailed the G1 rahi look with that Vako—the whole "face made of technic parts" is really reminiscent of the Master Builder Set. Was there ever an official rahi with a head made out of those rounded bracket pieces? I feel like there must have been. 


The sunglasses are pretty ingenious too. I really like the way they mount to the head from the back; it's clearly based on something from the real world, but adapted in a weird way that fits well with Bionicle. My only complaint is that the Le-Matoran seems a little dark... I kind of wish he had a brighter secondary color, both because it would seem more "beach-y" and because it would make the sunglasses pop more if they were the only major black part on his body. 

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This does an impressive job of rendering good-looking backgrounds out of unusual usage of normal pieces, and while the Water Vako seemed kinda iffy at first glance, after closer inspection I started noticing things like the tread and classic-inspired frame, and it does a really good job of making me think of the 2001 Rahi sets.  If I had to pick an overall winner for the contest, I'd go with this one.  It might not be my favorite entry, but in my opinion it's almost certainly the best.

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