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BBC Contest #73 Prelim Poll Jack Stone

BBC Contest #73 Preliminary Poll Jack Stone  

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Preliminary Poll Jack Stone

BBC Contest #73: Brickin' It Old School!


Here we are... it's the preliminary round of voting for BBC Contest #73: Brickin' !t Old School!


Two entries will advance from each poll, as well as two overall wildcards.


Preliminary Voting begins June 23rd and ends June 26th at 11:59 P.M. EST.

Final Voting begins August 6th and ends August 7th at 11:59 P.M. EST.

The contest winner and final voting results will be posted in a separate thread on August 9th.


One voter from each poll will be randomly selected to win a McToran polybag from 2001!




BZP Rules and Guidelines




1. imag0388.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> THE Piraka


2. c73_009.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> Kraga Nui


3. c73_010.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> Magnus, Toa of Fire


4. c73_021.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> Mk. 17 Boxor Combat Frame


5. img.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> Toa Arkanielle


6. c73_024.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> Beach Attack of the Water Vako


7. img_1916.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> Toa Turaaga


8. c73_018.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> DH Crusher


9. dsc00606.jpg_thumb.jpg >>> Miyara and K'orak

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Toss-up between 6 and 8 for me.  I ended up going with 6 because it was just so darn creative, even though I felt 8 fit the theme better.

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I believe I went with number 6. It fits G1 pretty much to an exact for me.

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I feel 2 and 6 are great representations of the era's sets, while 5 and 8 are great representations of the era's MOCs. 3 is pretty sweet too.


Not sure who to vote for yet!


EDIT: Ended up going for 5.

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Went with #2. Love me some technic old school fish



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Entry 2 seems like it does a good job recreating that old-school Rahi aesthetic, but the photo makes it tough to judge the back section, and any functionality it has is not obvious. Plus, its color scheme is kind of monotonous. Entry 5 has beautiful colors, good color blocking, and a good use of greeble, though I think the 1x1 round plate on the mask is superfluous. Entry 8 has a unique build and uses greeble in a way I think even die-hard System mecha builders would appreciate, and it's got a cool color scheme to boot. Entries 5 and 8 also both have very distinctive silhouettes. It was a tough choice between those two entries but I ended up going with 8.

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Imagine the black as gray and orange, and Number 2 looks like it would be right at home with the Rahi of the Master Builder Set.  I'm a fan of the old Technic Rahi sets, and Number 2 earned my vote.  6 was good, too.


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