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Here, have a Gelu.


In this revamp, I strove to retain as many elements of the original set as I could (including proportions, the life-counter and those awful gen-1 limbs).

 At the same time, conversely, I took many liberties with his Chestplate, the positioning of his 'snowflakes', his weapons, and by nerfing his feet.


Quite happy with this - the system-chest was a real blast to work on.  


More photos may be found on my Flickr here

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Dayum, Savage. I did try using HF shells in his torso, but system was the way to go in order for me to get the shaping I needed.


The arm length was an intentional reference to the proportions of the original set. The giant hands don't help; I'm triggured as well lol. 


Hey, thanks for the input.  :)

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This looks like how Gelu might've looked in a Miramax-style 2009 film. 


I like the use of System! Gelu is a favorite of mine from when I was a wee lad, and it's cool to see him get a revamp. :)




A big thank you to Toucan Sam for the Okotian name.



:vahi: [ON HIATUS]  :vahi: 



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