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Chrome Masks - 25% OFF CLEARANCE SALE


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Since it's been a while since I did anything on my last thread, I thought I'd make a quick update!

Just to recap, here's part of the description from my old thread:


"Hello and welcome!  I enjoy creating a lot of custom chrome LEGO parts and I thought I would make a portal to all of my custom creations for sale.  I'll try to keep all of these entries current and as best updated as possible.  This store is very WIP right now, so please let me know if there's anything I can do to improve it!"


"All of my masks have been specially coated to be durable and long lasting!  No paints have been used!"


Currently I'm having a clearance on all of my old items so that I can make room for new stock!

Here's some of the SALES going on so that I can clear some of my inventory

(please note that sales don't account for shipping)

-I've marked all of my BIN prices on Ebay down by 25% on all of my loose masks!

-Additionally, anyone who wishes to purchase any masks directly on BZP with paypal I'll be willing to give another 10% off discount after that!

-Lastly, for anyone wanting to purchase 6 five or more loose masks on BZP with paypal, I'll throw in and ADDITIONAL 10% DISCOUNT after both the 25% and 10%


Here's a list of everything after the discounts IF you are purchasing them on BZP with paypal:

(chrome gold) Mask of Jungle $20 $13.50 - 7 left

(chrome gold) Mask of Water $20 $13.50 - 2 left

(chrome gold) Mask of Ice $20 $13.50 - 5 left

(chrome gold) Mask of Earth $20 $13.50 - 6 left

(chrome gold) Skull Spider Mask $20 $13.50 - 5 left

(chrome gold) Protector Mask  sold!

five or more loose masks listed above^^^ $100 $60.75

Full set of 8 (including chrome gold fire and stone masks) $160 $108 - 4 sets left!


For those wanting to purchase masks directly through ebay instead, here's the links to all of my ebay entries:

Chrome Gold Masks of Jungle

Chrome Gold Masks of Water

Chrome Gold Masks of Ice

Chrome Gold Masks of Earth

Chrome Gold Skull Spider Masks

Lot of 8 Chrome Gold masks


I would also like to thank everyone here who has made purchases for my chrome masks!  It's great to see that there has been so much support for my chromed LEGO pieces and I intend on doing much more in the future!

As for chrome gold Masks of Creation?  If no one was aware, there was a few internal issues the past several months that have prevented me from creating more gold-colored parts.  I appreciate everyone's patience and please stay tuned as I'm doing everything in my power to get them finished!

In the meantime, I'd like to sell the rest of these masks to make room for the Chrome Gold Masks of Creation (and some other surprises as well!)  But when these masks are gone, THEY'LL BE GONE FOR GOOD!  So please consider supporting my chroming endeavors; even a little bit can go a long way!


Thank you for your support,




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Do you still have the Protector Mask?

Yes!  Protector masks are still available!  Feel free to send a PM if you are interested in purchasing one!


EDIT:  ONLY 2 PROTECTOR MASKS LEFT!  Get one for yourself before the single ones all sell out!



Since I no longer any of those ones left, I'm going to change the offer 10% off to 5 instead of the former 6!

That means if you wish to purchase any 5 of the available loose masks (or more) with a discount of 25%+10%+10% off!  (Or $60.75 for 5 masks!)

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