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What does bionicle g2 need to the most?

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I went with mask packs, but for a more nuanced reason than that. Thinking back, there were a lot of things that drew me to the '01 world, but I remember there was a definite "collect them all" desire. To that end, mask packs were important, but I only ever owned a couple of them. It was more about the integration with the storyline. The knowledge that there was a lot I still had to do was a big driver on top of the story (rather than G2 relying on story alone).


I also always loved the huge builds, but I think I appreciate them way more now than I did then. They were important as a way of adding grandeur to the world (Rahi, in particular), but I'm missing more of them than I am canister sets.


You'll notice a trend in those two answers: What I'd love to see is a bigger support network around the product line. The supports may not sell in high volume themselves, but they exist to make the core sets seem more viable and tempting. Not dissimilar to price anchoring, in that sense.

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