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So it might seem odd to speak of new features being added to BZP now that G2 has been cancelled, but the end of G1 proved the end of the products being released won't deter the fanbase.


On several occasions I have some thoughts or offhand ideas I feel like sharing with the BZPower community, or little odd things like how I happened to luck out and find a chrome Hau in a random assortment of Bionicle parts I traded for recently, however these things are far too insignificant to warrant their own thread. Is it possible that BZP will get some sort of chat-room in the future, set up here on the forums? Is this a thing on some other platform and I just haven't heard of it? Was this idea already thrown up and then shot down by some perfectly valid reason I can't think of right now?


Either way, I know setting something like this up here on the forums isn't something you throw together in half an hour and it requires resources, but either way, it might do the community some good.


Thoughts? Feedback from staff?



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One thing that is great about BZPower is its level of moderation. I haven't seen flame wars and I've seen problems be dealt with by the staff such as keeping topics on, well, topic and to halt mudslinging. The thing about chat rooms is that they are very difficult to moderate, and there would have to be constant staff presence to keep the chat in check. And finding the time to do that is a struggle within itself. A chat system outside of PMs probably won't be seen in the near future.


If that isn't true, then anyone, please correct me.

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N.A.R.G.'s hit the nail on the head for the biggest issue.  Moderating a live chat is quite a bit tougher than a message board for a variety of reasons.  While I'm not wholly opposed to the idea (Discord's pretty popular these days) it's a lot easier said than done.

Hey: I'm not very active around BZP right now.  However, you can always contact me through PM (I have email notifications set up) and I will reply as soon as I can.

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For what it's worth BS01 has a chat that you can use if you're a registered member. It's not on BZP of course, but there's a lot of overlap between the two communities. The chat is very inactive currently, but if enough BZPers are interested that could change quickly.

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BZP could have one. Could have basics, like being inaccessable to members under 13, as a safety feature (I know there's an obvious work-around). Also a basic wordfilter like the old days.


If you remember me from when I was most active on BZP, from 2009-2011...

I know I was cringy. But please keep in mind I was literally 12.


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Even though the member base is smaller now than in years past, so is the size of the staff—not to mention that word filters don't catch flaming and spamming.  The basic idea is that if you run a chat, then you have to be prepared for the worst that might occur.

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Chat rooms aren't bad ideas, though I don't really imagine BZPower to host one officially that's tied into the forum itself. I can't say for sure how it would pan out; the member base is much smaller and a lot of members (like myself) are kinda blue moon active. 


For comparison, I've been on a lot of forums that utilize a chat box near the top of the forum and while those forums are RP based (or used to, I haven't been on any other forum sites in a long time with the advent of Discord/Tumblr and where my attention tends to go). But an issue on all those sites is the members would take personal arguments to the chat box, rather than just talk to the person they were having problems with one on one so it always became a cluttered mess of in-character drama that was pulled out into out of character and created a lot of problems within the communities themselves. I know I ended up quitting most of those sites because of the constant yelling/arguing/etc... in those boxes. 


On the other hand, there were a few that were really nice. Difference was, the really nice ones were filled with maybe 10 - 11 people at most, and 2 - 3 at the least and we were all pretty similar minded and less confrontational sorts (and it was easier to moderate because of the lower amount of people, and the clear rules written on the side of it). 


I mean, part of me feels it'd be worth trying out to see how it would go with this community, but another part of me knows for an on-site BZPower chat, it requires code and time to make the chat box, and time to make the rules for the chat box that would need to be displayed by it, and then time to moderate it and to make sure you keep the feature that lets you ban users from the box itself. 


Usually BZPower's had unofficial, offsite chats, which I never really participated in or sought out so I'm not sure how they are, but I figure one's likely still around? 


The thought of using Discord wouldn't be bad, but it wouldn't be on site and would prolly just divert traffic from the site, or end up as a similar deal as the BZPower FB group. 


Generally, for sharing small things it's always been "get premier membership" or find a way to make it a topic worthy thing (ie: something that generates discussion). 

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