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3D-printable: Toa Hagag Masks


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Let me first say that I absolutely love how you did the mask of clairvoyance and the mask of growth, they look really good.

I'm not too keen on the mask of emulation, mainly because of the large eye opening and the sheer bulk of the lower part.

As for the mask of rahi control, the front of it is kinda flat, which makes the entire thing look pretty blocky imo. Although I really like all the intricate details going on, especially the area around the scope.

All in all great job, looking forward to seeing more from you!


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I had been waiting for this day for so long. Can't wait for someone to order them and post pictures!
I wanted to make Kualus since I saw the first pictures on Bionicle: Next Generation wiki.
Did you use the original models by the BNG team or you made them yourself?

Also, could you post more pictures from more angles? Thank you :)


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I used pictures off the next gen sites and as to the mask of Mask of Emulation, it has an unrealistic shape so when trying to keep with the image proved the eyes holes where had to be made large. Only 2 of the masks have been printed the Mask of Emulation and the Kualus. I also decide to make my own mask of Mask of Intangibility the one I found reminded me of Kanohi Avsa the Mask of Hunger. That’s mask is going to be printed soon. I have designed a told of 25 masks so far, a lot of them are not put on my site because the clients want to be the only one that owns them.

The first version of the Kualus that I made was a model that would not work as a mask because of how it was shaped a lot of the left eye would be hidden:



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I find it hilarious that those B:NG masks have practically become canon. :P Let's take these one by one:


Mask of Clairvoyance: My, that's beautiful. The forehead is flawlessly done, though I think the mouth/cheek area could be wider/deeper. My only other complaint would be the sides of the mask. The original model curved around instead of having those awkward squares on either side of the head.


Mask of Emulation: Yeah... I've got to agree with Cezium. This one could use some work. I like where you're going with the long mouth area, but the sides could be brought back more, the eyes shortened (they weren't nearly that tall in the original comic appearance), and generally it could use some smoothing out.


Mask of Growth: You're on the right track with this one, but I'd recommend working on defining the mouth area and maybe doing something different with the top "horn" things. The etching work there and on the top of the mask looks great though.


Mask of Rahi Control: Again, it's a little flat and boxy. Try to capture the trapezoidal shape of the original a little more by bringing the sides of the mouth in and the top out. It would add a lot to the mask to angle the faces just below the eyeholes, including those circular areas, and add a bit of concavity to the mouth.



General notes: The mask of Clairvoyance is one of the best ones I've seen you do. It's good to see you're improving your modeling techniques and learning to capture some difficult shapes accurately. It also looks like these shouldn't have a problem fitting on a head or matching up the eyeholes, so great job there too. A bit of advice: The cost of your model is entirely determined by the material used, so the reason your models are so expensive (well, I guess they are still on the cheaper end of Shapeways masks) is that they have a lot of thickness to them. I've been making my masks with the standard Lego 1.5 mm thickness and haven't had a single problem with it breaking. It makes the masks cheaper and look better, as well as adding potential for more details. Also, the geometry in some of these masks is very easy to see. I'm sure it doesn't print too poorly, but the designs could be smoother. Try to use more faces when modelling, or use a Subdivide Surfaces modifier to get that extra smoothness. I hope that helps!

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