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What is the best bionicle movie?

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The second movie has a lot of strengths. While the first movie suffered from an inconsistent tone and very little character development, and the third completely re-wrote certain characters (read: Vakama) to facilitate a poorly-thought-out betrayal plot, the second movie for the most part is solid. It knew what parts of the 2004 story to keep, and which parts to gloss over (though some acknowledgement of the struggle against the Morbuzakh would have been nice).

As for The Legend Reborn... it was the prologue to a trilogy that never was. And they took some MAJOR liberties with the visual representations of characters and events.

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the first movie suffered from an inconsistent tone and very little character development


There's a reasonable amount of character development for Tahu and Takua; Tahu goes from a headstrong hothead to more considerate of other Toa, and Takua goes from spineless loser to being able to face his destiny. I thought they went too far in making Takua flawed, but that's a different matter.


If there's one other thing I don't like about MOL, it's that the ending is way too sudden and leaves too many questions unanswered. Was Makuta killed for good? Was Mata Nui reawakened, or was that any closer to happening? What relevance does the new island have to the story? Did the heroes immediately go there or go back home?


Of course these questions were answered by other media, but they're left hanging when MOL is watched by itself, and even watching the other movies doesn't help as MOL never got a direct sequel. LOMN and WOS are both prequels, and whilst TLR technically takes place after MOL, it's long after and focuses on a completely different set of characters and places.

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Web of Shadows would be my favorite out of the movies. I really liked the darker tone it had. Plus the battle with the Toa Hordika and Visorak at the end was a little more fleshed out than in the book, which I thought was neat.

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Legends of Metru Nui is probably the strongest, looking back. Really enjoyed the darker tone of Web of Shadows though. I have a soft spot for Sidorak.

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