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When your 3D modeling class gives you the assignment of creating a robot, is there really any choice in the matter for any self-respecting fan? It's gotta be Bionicle. Sure he's biomechanical, but the teacher doesn't know that. So here's the Tahu model I did a few months back. There's a few parts I'm not so happy with (the neck, the mask), but I didn't feel like putting any more time into this particular model. 



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I really need a better signature.

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It looks so good as you gave it hands all in all nice model.




Cool! It reminds me of the never released game "Legend of Mata Nui", I love that simple style. Is it poseable as well? :)


I see where you're coming from there. The model is poseable, and I even had to make him walk for the school assignment. The animation was too awful to share, mostly because it was my first attempt and I was in a rush. 

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I really need a better signature.

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