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Crescent Rose

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"Whoa!  Is that a scythe?"
"It's also a customizable, high-impact sniper rifle!"
"Uh... what?"
"It's also a gun."
So due to NickonAquaMagna's crossover pics, I have been introduced to the wonderful world of RWBY, and I absolutely love this show.  For those who don't know - RWBY takes place in a world plagued by shadowy demon-monsters.  To keep from being annihilated, the humans have set up schools, training people to fight said monsters.  Ruby Rose is one of the students at Beacon Academy, one of these schools.  Her weapon of choice is a fold-up scythe that also has a sniper rifle inside she calls Crescent Rose.  Here's my take on the weapon - and hey, it still folds up!  (more or less)
Transformation, pt.1 Pt. 2 Pt. 3
Scythe Form
It's Also a Gun


Comments, critiques and all that jazz are appreciated.  Especially the jazz.



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