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BIONICLE: The Last Chronicle

Master Inika

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“The Last Chronicle.” I really have no right to call this record by that name. For one thing, I doubt it will be the last historical record of its kind, and for another, I’m not much of a Chronicler. Reader, if you’re looking for something on par in terms of literary quality with the works of Kodan, Takua, Hahli, and Kopeke, I advise you to continue searching for your reading material. If, however, you’re looking for the true story of what transpired on Spherus Magna after the death of Teridax (for real this time), then you are indeed reading the right historical record.


I guess I’ll begin with some simple background information: The first year after the battle between the two giant robots was peaceful. Boring, but peaceful. The survivors came together and established a new government covering most of the planet. The Matoran, Toa, Turaga, Agori, and Glatorian lived in peace side-by-side. Sure, there were a few isolated communities out in the Wastelands; Ahkmou, Sahmad, the Bahrag, and most others who didn’t fit in the paradigm of perfection lived in these societies. The golden-skinned monstrosity created by the Skakdi was defeated by the remaining Toa in the early days and permitted to live within the confined of a Wasteland society, New Zakaz, where most Skakdi also chose to live, constantly worshipping their wretched creation.


But back to life in respectable society. The Kanohi Ignika, still housing the spirit of Mata Nui, was placed in a special chamber in the center of the capital city, New Metru Nui. The superstitious among us would make pilgrimages to the mask to offer it their prayers for peace, stability, and happiness. Their prayers would not be answered.


By the way, if you’re wondering who I am, my name is Tuyet. I’ve been described as insane. Some people say I process information differently than those around me, leading to “morally unacceptable” conclusions. I will do my best to keep my personal opinions out of this record and simply relay to you the facts as I witnessed them firsthand.



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"You are an absolute in these uncertain times. Your past is forgotten, and your
future is an empty book. You must find your own destiny, my brave adventurer.
-- Turaga Nokama


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Chapter 1: The Many Deaths of Someone Else This Time


Reader, I would like to confess to a mistruth I may have spoken in my prologue to this record. I, Tuyet, did not personally witness the events I recounted to you leading up to this chapter; I gathered them from rumors and hearsay, and saw no reason to doubt them. I have since learned I was, in fact, mistaken in certain details of my prologue; one of the mistakes was rather minor, while the other was not.


But those mistakes will have to be revealed next installment. (Maybe I’m a better storyteller than I thought.) No, our story begins on Bota Magna, in the fortress prison of an insane Great Being. Also present was the mad half-Skakdi Vezon, former Brotherhood of Makuta leader Miserix, Order of Mata Nui leader Toa Helryx, Artakha, the two Order agents Axonn and Brutaka, and two Matoran. (Toa Lewa was with us previously, but, luckily for him, had wandered off.)


As we debated freeing the Great Being from his prison, Miserix’s eyes suddenly went wide. He didn’t say anything, simply activated his power of teleportation and moved most of our group out of the fortress right before it blew up.


A good distance away, but still within sight of the destroyed fortress, Miserix and I reappeared alongside the two Matoran. No one else in our group was present.


I looked at Miserix in horror. “Where are the rest of them?” I demanded.


“The three Order members plus that old crazy builder and the Great Being are dead,” Miserix responded bluntly. “Vezon, though, I distinctively saw teleport himself away right as I moved us out.”


I walked over to the shaking Matoran and knelt down to their level, putting an arm around each of them, as I looked to the Makuta and said, “You didn’t have to let them die.” (Though some do question my actions, I do everything I do out of a desire to make life safest and best for Matoran, as is my duty as a Toa.)


He shrugged. “I didn’t have to save you and them. But I was created to protect the Matoran species and you, well…”


“I have the Nui Stone still embedded in my armor,” I finished for him, standing up again. In the sunlight of Solis Magna (which I later learned was the sun’s proper name), bits of the powerful stone glistened in my armor. “I am the most powerful Toa in existence, and you didn’t want to lose the chance of having me as an ally.”


“You’re perceptive,” Miserix said with a satisfied nod of his head.


“More than you are,” I said back before unleashing a blast of water at him. When I noticed the Makuta attempting to open another portal, I strengthened the blast, rendering him unable to concentrate enough to conjure any of his powers. All he could do was slip out of his armor in his true form, a dark green vapor, while the force of my power crushed his armor. I knew he was defeated, weakened, for now, but would return. I mentally placed his name beside Vezon’s on my list of figures to be on the lookout for.


Also of note was that my water blast was even stronger than I intended for it to be. I had assumed there were no other Toa except for Lewa around, but the Nui Stone was automatically drawing power from, judging by how much stronger I felt, three unknown Toa as well as him.


Then, a third Matoran, a Po-Matoran like one of the two already with me, approached. He looked different from the other two, deformed almost, and carried two drills.


“Um, hello?” he said quietly. “Are you okay? I heard the explosion.”


I pursed my lips. I immediately knew something was off about him, but I couldn’t make a move unless I was sure. “Don’t worry, little one,” I responded, trying to sound calming. “My friends and I were okay.”


“Oh, good. I’m sorry about the ones who were still in there, but it’s good a Toa’s still around. I escaped from the Matoran Universe, but got separated from my group and ended up here,” he replied, an innocent smile on his face. It vanished as soon as I tackled him to the ground, holding my hand, glowing with elemental power ready to be unleashed, at his neck.


“I never said there was anyone else inside the fortress,” I told him. His expression immediately turned into a scowl.


“Don’t do anything you might regret, Toa,” he said to me. “My name is Velika. I’m a Great Being in the body of a Matoran, and I’m on a mission to claim my rightful place as ruler of this planet. If you’re interested in returning peace and stability to this war-torn world, I’d welcome your help.”


First, I had to decide if he was telling the truth. It was a lot take in, the idea of a Great Being, the creators of even Mata Nui, living among us all this time, as a Matoran no less, but he had proven that he was more than he appeared. I had no doubt in my mind he not only knew about, but also caused the explosion that almost killed me. I would do nothing less in my pursuit of safety for all Matoran, so I stood back up, helped him to his feet, and accepted his proposal.


The two Matoran were confused and frightened, but after some convincing, were able to accept that this was the best course of events. Velika began leading us to our next stop: the ruins of Karzahni, where the Dark Hunters were to meet with the four remaining Barraki warlords. Velika explained that they were to join us or die.



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"You are an absolute in these uncertain times. Your past is forgotten, and your
future is an empty book. You must find your own destiny, my brave adventurer.
-- Turaga Nokama


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Chapter 2: How I Became Queen of Spherus Magna


We briefly stopped at civilized society before reaching Karzahni to drop off the Matoran, who were harshly warned not to reveal Velika’s secret until the time was right. I only mention our brief stop to admit to you the first mistruth I recorded in the prologue: the name of the capital city was not New Metru Nui, but New Atero. Glad I can scratch rectifying that little error from my to-do tablet.


I learned that the realm of Karzahni had, within the past year, been devastated by a Nova Blast from Gali, the Toa Nuva of Water. So, as you can imagine, I was expecting to see the place radically different than I had been led to believe it would appear. It was in absolute ruins, with no structure remaining taller than myself, debris and corpses lying strewn about, and Karzahni’s trademark weather threatening to destroy what little remained. In that regard, I was disappointed; it looked every bit as I anticipated.


The Barraki and Dark Hunters were concluding their negotiations when Velika and I arrived. Pridak and the Shadowed One were shaking hands as we approached, and our presence was immediately noticed. A number of Dark Hunters and Barraki soldiers moved to stop us from advancing any closer to their leaders, weapons at the ready, but Velika simply smiled and held up both hands.


“Relax,” he said. “I’ve heard you two factions are uniting against the people of New Atero. Tell me, what makes you think you’ll have any success against them?”


The Shadowed One smirked as he knelt down to Velika’s level. “I am in possession of a secret virus, the prototype of the very one used to infect the Great Spirit Mata Nui so long ago. With the Barraki at my side, I will conquer them easily. But why have you traveled so far to ask? You’re just a Matoran and his Toa escort. At least… you appear to be.”


“Perceptive,” Velika praised. He went on to confess his true identity, and greatly disappoint the Shadowed One with his declaration of, “And that virus of yours? Useless. If you hadn’t noticed, the Great Spirit’s body has already been incapacitated. In fact, I recommend we walk as we talk, for we won’t last much longer in here anyway.” As he stepped away, he called over his shoulder, “I should know. I helped build it.”


The Shadowed One’s smirk vanished as he reluctantly followed along with the Barraki and their two armies. “Great Being or not, you’re still just in a Matoran’s body, half-filled with elemental power over stone you can’t even access. Am I to believe you will conquer the city with your slight physical strength over other Matoran?”


“No,” he replied. “You are to believe I will with the Mask of Time.”


The Shadowed One’s smile returned in force. He threw back in head and laughed, a horrid sound that made the birds flying overhead scatter in all directions. He said nothing, simply gestured with his hand as a massive Dark Hunter hulked forward and deposited a small orange object into his claw.


“A mask currently in my possession, you realize,” the Shadowed One said.


“And also a mask you cannot use,” Velika reminded. “I assisted in the creation of your very race. We made you Argorna too powerful for your own good. Too strong, too fast, too well-armored, too smart. We had to install at least one weakness, and we decided to fill the world we made with masks granting extraordinary power—masks with powers only accessible by those you would destroy otherwise.”


It was then I realized just why I was chosen to remain alive. Velika needed a Toa with enough power to use the mask, but flexible enough morals to actually do so in his service. Fortunately, he had found just the right Toa. I will admit, I was apprehensive about allying with the Dark Hunters. I had once manipulated my former comrades into fighting them, with the hope the Dark Hunters involved would die, and furthermore, the Hunters were not known for their forgiving nature, nor their poor memory. However, the Shadowed One was no fool, and he saw that this three-way alliance was the best way to gain power over his enemies. As quickly as that, we went from a Matoran and a Toa to an entire army.


Despite my reservations, our alliance was surprisingly fruitful. After so long of handling Toa power beyond what any other Toa had, I was more than capable of controlling the power of the Vahi with ease. I slowed time to a virtual standstill as Velika casually walked into the palace where the ruling council was living. In a fraction of a second, the entire standing army of New Atero was disarmed, their leaders dethroned, and Velika installed as King of Spherus Magna, the Shadowed One his general, the Barraki his governors, the Dark Hunters his army, and myself as his queen.


Now is as good a time as any to mention the second of the two mistruths I reported in my prologue, the more urgent of the two. The golden-skinned being I had mentioned as being content to remain on the reservation of New Zakaz had turned out to be not quite as content as we thought, and I doubt he was marching his army of war-ready Skakdi on New Atero to peacefully discuss his grievances.



Edited by Master Inika

"You are an absolute in these uncertain times. Your past is forgotten, and your
future is an empty book. You must find your own destiny, my brave adventurer.
-- Turaga Nokama


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Chapter 3: Early Exploits of King Velika


The Skakdi invasion solidified Velika’s rule as king. Thousands invaded the streets of New Atero, pillaging and destroying, all the while chanting two peculiar words: Razakk Atann.


The poor, innocent population had no time to ponder their meaning, but I surmised as much as it was the name of the golden-skinned being who commanded them. The 40 or so Toa still in existence quickly rallied against the Skakdi, aided by the handful of Spherus Magna natives with elemental powers. They did poorly. I looked to Velika, expecting him to use his forces to defend his kingdom, but he simply looked out the window of the palace, watching the destruction. In the tradition of Makuta and other tyrannical megalomaniacs, I expected to see a twisted smile of sick satisfaction on his face, but saw none. He simply stood with his hands clasped behind his back, neither smiling nor frowning, eyes focusing intently on specific moments, until the Skakdi forces had the palace surrounded.


Then, he gave the order for his Dark Hunter allies to attack. Where the Toa had attempted and failed, many having already been killed, the Dark Hunters were amazingly successful. Though still badly outnumbered, the mercenaries utilized a wide variety of powers and strategies that the attackers were unprepared for. The Battle of New Atero was over before the sun set.


The people, slowly realizing the danger was over, emerged from their hiding places. Debris and corpses still littered the streets, but their eyes were drawn to Velika, standing from his balcony, overlooking the city.


“Citizens of New Atero,” he called, “rejoice, for today we have conquered a great enemy. We have demonstrated that we will not be subject to the wills of foreign overlords, and will not simply allow invaders to take our land and our goods.


“But this is a victory that was only made possibly by unity. Could the council that had previously led you have repelled this attack? No! But, under a single ruler, commanding a well-regimented fighting force putting the safety of the community above their own lives, we have been victorious. My friends, I invite you to live in peace and prosperity as my loyal subjects, and all your needs will be met.


“As a token of my mercy, I offer amnesty to the previous regime that would have opposed me, including the opportunity for all Toa and Glatorian, and even Skakdi, who are veterans of this battle to join the ranks of my warrior elite, and serve the city as a new generation of heroes. However, as proof of my loyalty to preserving peace and disallowing even the risk of another terrifying attack, I offer you this spectacle…”


As he gestured with his hands, the doors at the base of the palace swung open. A group of Dark Hunters dragged Razakk Atann, bound in handcuffs, to an elevated platform. They threw him down on the platform and all of them raised their weapons at the defeated monster. They waited for Velika to nod his approval, and then fired. The combined powers of their weapons reduced him to a pile of gold dust, dispersed by a weak wind mere moments later.


The audience applauded. Velika slowly raised both arms, taking in the applause. This, he announced, was the first day of a golden age for Spherus Magna.


One person was not content with Velika’s speech, however: his general, the Shadowed One.


“How dare you?!” he spat, swinging his staff at the king. The blow sent his small Po-Matoran body flying into the wall. “No one decides who is and is not worthy of joining the Hunters except for their one true leader! Did you think this obvious attempt to usurp my power would go unnoticed?”


Two of Velika’s Dark Hunters guards moved to apprehend the Shadowed One, but Velika gently held up a hand to stop them.


“Relax,” he said. “I had no choice. The Toa and Glatorian are too… self-righteous to be left to their own devices, and the Skakdi are even worse. Trust me, including them will allow me to better keep an eye on them.”


The Shadowed One seemed pacified by the excuse. He apologized, bowed, and quickly left the chamber. Velika and I both knew what his actions meant: he was planning revenge. The Shadowed One interpreted events to indicate Velika was attempting to displace him as commander of the Hunter (and was right). That night, the Shadowed One and a band of his most loyal followers infiltrated the palace. They quickly encountered a band of his not-so-loyal followers, who found Velika’s more egalitarian, less chop-off-body-parts-y leadership style much easier to support. To ensure the attempted coup was put down as quickly as possible, I called once again on the Vahi, and in a fraction of an instant over one hundred Dark Hunters were killed. The Shadowed One, however, was spared, at least until morning. The leader had the honor of being publicly executed in the same fashion as Razakk Atann, by six of his own former followers.


After that, the Dark Hunters were radically reformed from a band of individual warriors paired up for missions to a standing army, with larger divisions formed based on lumping together soldiers with compatible fighting styles but different powers. Long ago, the Dark Hunters operated like a conventional army in their war against Metru Nui, but failed. I imagine it was the shift in leadership from the Shadowed One to Velika that made them much more effective now. Both crime as well as external threats became a non-issue as Velika’s rule became much more legitimate to the people, who were by now weary of constant warfare and conquests.


Third to die in Velika’s purge was Takadox, a fifth Barraki. He approached us after the Shadowed One’s attempted coup, wanting to become a governor himself, but his former teammates testified to his treachery. Velika weighed the options, and decided a third execution was in order just for good measure.


It seemed, then, that peace had finally been attained. The only thing still bothering the king was strange reports coming from Bota Magna. There were rumors that primitive Agori and sentient Vorox had taken Toa as prisoners, but more shockingly, that the Great Beings had come out of hiding. They last one shook Velika to his core. He left the Barraki temporarily in charge as he personally led at least half the army into the jungle. I accompanied him, and the morning we left, he began acting a little strange. It began when he burst out laughing as we were pulled in our transport cart.


“What’s so funny?” I finally asked.


After he forced himself to stop, he cleared his throat and said: “You, water. Me, stone. The Barraki are one white, one red, one black, and one green, so, ice, fire, earth, and air. Do you get it? We’re just like a Toa team!”


That did, I admit, get me to giggle a bit. “A Toa team with only one Toa…” I commented. But that was when his behavior got weird.


“Tuyet,” he said, looking down at my feet, “if I don’t survive this confrontation, there’s something I need to tell you.”


“What is it?” I asked, almost immediately uncomfortable.


“I…” he began, but trailed off as he looked up at me. “This is going to sound insane to you, but… I love you.”



"You are an absolute in these uncertain times. Your past is forgotten, and your
future is an empty book. You must find your own destiny, my brave adventurer.
-- Turaga Nokama


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Chapter 4: Jungle of Death


I looked at my king, unsure of what to say. I knew those who said things he found disagreeable could be executed, but somehow, that’s not what concerned me. No, I was just wondering what he meant by “I love you.”


“I’ve never heard that word used that way before,” I admitted. I loved many things—the Matoran, Metru Nui, the Nui Stone that gave me my power—but it seemed odd for him to just tell me, a single individual, that he loved me in particular.


Velika sighed, a sad look in his eyes. “I knew it was too good to be true,” he said. He stepped closer to me, so close I became uncomfortable. I took a step back, but tripped on a root growing under our tent. I fell and landed at the edge of our tent, at which point Velika stepped over my legs and placed both hands on my shoulders. He began massaging me gently, his gaze locked into mine, and continued, “There has to be some way I can make you know what I feel. I should have known you wouldn’t understand immediately. After all, we built you not to feel love the same way we do. I’ve been regretting that decision more every day since I met you.”


I had no idea what he was saying or was going to do next, but was incredibly thankful when a Freedom Defender (former Dark Hunter) entered the tent. He was speechless for a moment upon seeing us. To my relief, Velika got off of me and addressed his Freedom Defender.


“Well?” he asked impatiently.


“My king,” the tall, armored figured replied, “follow me. You’ll want to see this for yourself.”


I follow Velika and the Freedom Defender outside. The Freedom Defender led us to a gruesome sight: Toa Lewa, suspended in midair with vines tied to his waist, wrists, and ankles. The vines reach far into the jungle above, and as the trees swayed slightly in the breeze, so too did the Toa of Air’s body. Well, almost all of his body.


His unmasked head was left on the ground below.


By the look of things, it hadn’t been an even battle. Bits of armor had been ripped off of his body, and what armor remained was scratched and dented beyond all repair. His tool was nowhere to be found, nor was his famed Kanohi Miru.


“Marendar,” Velika muttered under his breath after a long moment.


“What?” I asked.


“Marendar,” he repeated, loud enough for me to hear. “He was one of our final creations before sending the Great Spirit on its voyage. We feared we might have made the Toa who monitored the Great Spirit’s well-being too powerful, and anticipated they might be discontent with being… retired once their purpose was fulfilled.”


“And so you built Marendar to retire us anyway,” I concluded.


“He’s working better than I expected,” Velika admitted. “He was stored on Bara Magna. I’m surprised he was both able to escape and make it all the way here without being detected.”


“Why would he come here?” I asked. “New Atero is in Bara Magna. Wouldn’t he start with all the Toa there?”


Velika shook his head no. “We made him too smart. We made so many of our forsaken creations so very smart. I’m wondering if we ourselves ever bore the trait at all. Marendar is certainly strong enough to maybe defeat every Toa in New Atero at once… but they’re also strong enough to maybe defeat him. He must’ve decided to attack whatever smaller groups of Toa he could find, thinning out the herd while also getting practice.”


I tried to remember back, those many days ago, to when I first met Velika, and felt that strange extra power whose source I couldn’t identify.


“Three,” I said with certainty. “There are three other Toa somewhere in this jungle.”


Velika laughed a long, cold laugh. “Marendar, up against three Toa, not even a respectable team of six. Killing Lewa was a flex of Marendar’s forefinger… Killing three will be a flex of his wrist. Normally, I would allow him to defeat them to spare me the trouble, but every victory will make him stronger. We must move now.”


That surprised me. I fully expected Velika to do as he has always done and allow his potential enemies to be taken care of. Marendar was his own creation, why didn’t he just regain its loyalty and use it as another enforcer? Then, it hit me.


Velika was a Matoran. But he probably didn’t want to stay a Matoran forever.


I didn’t have much time to think about it. Velika mobilized all his Freedom Defenders and we marched deeper into the jungle. The march was largely uneventful, much to my discomfort. There were too many awkward silences, where I feared Velika would try to resume our previous conversation. To my great relief, he did not.


After many days, we encountered a village of primitive Agori, the same ones rumored to have captured Toa Lewa. They spoke a faster dialect of Velika’s native tongue, and a quick interrogation of their chief told us all we needed to know: they had encountered and attacked Lewa, but not soon after they did, Marendar arrived. Lewa broke out of his prison and drew the mechanical monster away from their village, and that was the last they saw of either one. Velika thanked the chief for his information and we continued.


Not long after, we encountered a village of Vorox, though not as savage as the ones I had heard about in Bara Magna. They admitted to capturing three Toa and a Glatorian, all of whom escaped. I fully expected Velika to make an example out of their leader, Kabrua, to warn them not to interfere in the affairs of the rest of the planet again, but he seemed on strangely friendly terms with Kabrua. He left them in peace, with a promise that they would at some point be called on to assist him in New Atero. Kabrua acknowledged, and we left.


It was almost a month later the next time something interesting happened. But it was more than enough interest to compensate for the month of boredom. Three Toa, one Glatorian, and a tall figure in elegant garments, with a beautiful, flawless physical form approached from the distance. The tall being’s face was crafted like a work of art, with two gem-like eyes, perfectly sculpted nose and ears, and a soft curve of a mouth. He was muscular and clean-looking, by far the type of entity I always pictured Mata Nui himself as resembling


Velika looked at the mysterious figure with squinted eyes and a scrunched expression of disgust. That was when I was sure it was a Great Being.


We met up with the group in an open field. I cared not for the three Toa, Zaria, Orde, and Chiara, nor the Glatorian, Gelu, but I stood close to Velika as he confronted his brother.


“Hello, little one,” the Great Being said, looking down at Velika. It was in that moment I realize with dread for my poor creator that he didn’t know Velika’s true identity. “My name is Thuosh. I am a Great Being.”


“I know what you are,” Velika snapped, looking up at his brother. “My name is Velika. Does that name mean anything to you?”


Thuosh’s kind, grandfatherly smile instantly vanished. “You,” he spat. “I have to admit, I thought it was just a rumor. But it seems you really pulled it off… Carask.”


Velika (or, I suppose, Carask) simply gestured with his hand, and, recognizing the signal, his Freedom Defenders pounced on Thuosh. The Great Being, shocked to be attacked by his own creations, had no time to fight back as he was quickly subdued. His body was bound with vines as Velika interrogated him. Thuosh admitted that the other Great Beings were still in their hideaway even deeper within Bota Magna, and had expressed no interest revealing themselves, save for Thuosh himself. Angonce, he confessed, had left the compound a time ago to monitor Marendar in light of the planet’s reformation (excellent job he was doing at that).


Velika had not thought to bring the execution platform, so Thuosh had the indignity of being killed on the wet forest floor of Bota Magna. Currently, there were no loose ends to investigate except for the presence of Marendar. Velika (he quickly told me to never call him by his other name) announced we were returning to the city to make fortifications against the machine.


In hindsight, we could have done better. We traveled a distance, went to sleep, and awoke the next morning to Zaria, Orde, and Chiara unable to do the same. We hastened our pace and returned to New Atero, where it turns out we’d been gone longer than we thought.


For one thing, it was no longer called New Atero; it had been renamed after its new ruler.


For another, its new ruler was Miserix, who had taken over with the assistance of the Barraki, who had proven utterly useless as rulers in Velika’s place.


And, just to make things interesting, a Toa resistance had emerged against Miserix’s regime, counting among their ranks the remaining Toa Nuva (including Tahu and Takanuva), the Toa Mahri, the Toa Hagah, Lesovikk, Krakua, Varian, and Dalu.



"You are an absolute in these uncertain times. Your past is forgotten, and your
future is an empty book. You must find your own destiny, my brave adventurer.
-- Turaga Nokama


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Chapter 5: The Coming of Marendar


Velika and Dalu seemed surprised to see each other, the Great Being and king looking up at the other Toa of Water coldly.


“You look different,” he said. “Is that a new mask?”


“I think I liked you more when all you did was tell riddles,” Dalu replied, gripping one of her two Charger tools.


“I do have one,” Velika said. “What’s built to destroy Toa and on its way to the city right now?”


It was at that moment Tahu approached, telling Velika any information he could provide was welcome. Velika had other ideas.


“I knew about Marendar from the beginning,” he explained. “I foresaw a situation such as this one, and prepared accordingly. I placed in your universe an object of great power, a stone capable of channeling Toa power through it.”


I felt the eyes of every Toa around fall on me. Velika, too, looked at me with a smile, and explained I needed to focus my energies on him, and my Toa power would transfer via the Nui Stone into him, making him a Toa of Stone.


“I would wait until Marendar was defeated,” Velika explained, “but it seems it is necessary for me to claim leadership of this movement now.”


The Toa, especially Tahu, were apprehensive. It needs not even be written they distrusted Velika. But no one could deny that, as the creator of Marendar, he could be needed to defeat it.


“The greatest risk is Marendar allying with Miserix, or Miserix otherwise allowing Marendar to wipe you out,” Velika explained. “If we can get Miserix to fight Marendar for us, however, the Makuta would definitely win. Marendar was built to destroy Toa, but it possesses no programming for facing anything else. After that, we can turn our attention to Miserix.”


“Why would Miserix help us, though?” Toa Gali asked.


“He won’t,” Velika continued. “We’re going to help him. He knows none of this. To Miserix, Marendar might well be a machine designed to kill Makuta. But before we proceed, we should begin the ceremony.”


Velika ordered the Toa to stand in a ring, with him and myself in the center. I was directed to place my hands on his mask, which I did. I focused on Velika as asked, and I could feel the vast reserves of energy inside me flowing into my hands. I did not feel them leave my hands, though.


“Focus, Tuyet,” Velika commanded, his eyes closed and his breaths long and deep.


“I am,” I insisted. I stood there with my hands on his head for a good many minutes. More and more energy kept moving into my hands, to the point where it began to hurt. It came to be so bad I was forced to break contact with Velika, and as I did, the burning sensation I felt from my wrists to my fingertips left as the powers redistributed itself through my body.


“I don’t get it,” Velika said, falling to the ground. “It’s impossible. I made this body. I made it to become a Toa! It’s its destiny!”


“The body’s destiny, but maybe not the mind’s,” Toa Krakua commented.


“Watch your tongue, Sonics Toa,” Velika ordered. “You don’t yet know your own destiny.”


“Neither do you,” Krakua said simply.


Velika said nothing in response to Krakua, but continued acting as the group’s self-appointed leader. Miserix was supported not only by the Barraki, but by the Dark Hunters who didn’t participate in the Bota Magna expedition. Velika believed that, if combined with his Freedom Defenders, the warriors could put up a good fight against Marendar, enough that Miserix would be confident enough in his odds to fight a Makuta-destroyer. After that, it would be a simple matter of turning the resistance’s resources against Miserix.


Marendar arrived in the evening. It was roughly the size of a Toa, only entirely silver in color, with a mechanical face and two blades in place of hands. He knew there were Toa in the vicinity; he could sense them by their elemental signature.


At the specific time, the Dark Hunter-Freedom Defender coalition struck. Hundreds of power blasts went flying at Marendar, successfully pushing him back several feet. He shrugged them off, however, and released his own wave of power against the army, knocking all of them to the ground. The other Toa and I, hidden out of sight, became worried, but Velika didn’t seem to be so. This confused me. He didn’t want any of them dead, so Marendar’s success against them didn’t seem to benefit anyone.


Then, it made sense. Only when Marendar was sufficiently weakened did Miserix personally leave the palace and apprehend the machine. Miserix’s new form bore resemblance to the one I destroyed; I surmised he took control of a much smaller being and had been gathering mass to shapeshift back to his well-known previous form since our battle. Miserix used the traditional Makuta method of dealing with opponents of particular power: the Shadow Hand. Marendar would not only be defeated, but his power added to Miserix.


“Won’t he gain Marendar’s strength against Toa?” I whispered to Velika.


“Not necessarily,” he answered. “He still doesn’t know that strength exists.”


Miserix’s Shadow Hand grabbed hold of the machine and began pulling him in. Marendar looked confused, frightened, and unaware of what to do next. Miserix also looked quite apprehensive, holding out a weapon as Marendar neared him. However, the union occurred without issue. Miserix stumbled back a few feet, and then stood back upright, declaring that New Atero had been saved from certain destruction. He and his Dark Hunters returned to the palace while the Freedom Defenders slipped away and regrouped with us. Velika and Tahu wasted no time working together to formulate a plan.


“Matoro Division, you will scout out around the palace’s north wall. When you are sure it is at its weakest, Lhikan Division will join you and you will storm it together,” Tahu ordered.


“Lewa Division, you will wait in reserve. Expect to either be deployed to the palace to reinforce Matoro and Lhikan, or be sent to pursue Miserix if he flees,” Velika added.


“Lewa Division?!” Tahu exclaimed.


“Oh, did I not mention that?” Velika asked innocently.


I grant the Toa of Fire great respect for limiting his response to slamming Velika into the stone floor. He apologized and continued planning the attack after helping Velika up. Tahu knew as well as I did that we could not afford to be divided. That would come later. For now, Miserix needed to be dealt with.



"You are an absolute in these uncertain times. Your past is forgotten, and your
future is an empty book. You must find your own destiny, my brave adventurer.
-- Turaga Nokama


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Chapter 6: A Hand Held Out Before Me


I was placed in command of Nikila Division, accompanied by Velika. Lhikan and Matoro launched their attack, and when the guards at the front gates were called by Miserix to fend them off, Jovan Division and my own broke down the gates and entered the palace. We were supported by the handful of Glatorian who had been given Toa-level elemental power, who, to my surprise, proved rather helpful with their knowledge and experience in hand-to-hand combat. Miserix’s Dark Hunters were overwhelmed. The ones who did not flee were quickly dealt with. I thought to myself that this would be easier than I thought. I was wrong.


Miserix calmly walked down from the grand stairway. The Freedom Defenders and resistance members all aimed their weapons, but nobody dared fire. Miserix wore on his in place of his Mask of Mutation a different mask, shining slightly. Its angular, pointed eye slits left no doubt it was the Mask of Creation once worn by Artakha.


“When I stumbled upon this mask, I couldn’t believe my luck,” Miserix said with a deep laugh. “I’m truly surprised, Velika, that neither you nor your Toa queen thought to return to the sight of my first battle with her and scavenge the area for something that might be useful.”


“Something like a Legendary Mask of Power,” Velika finished, clenching his fist. For the first time, I saw genuine frustration and regret in his face. Luckily for us, Miserix wasn’t the only one with a secret weapon. I removed from my sack the Legendary Mask of Time and donned it, creating a flash of light that continued glowing at a lower level, illuminating my face just as brightly as Miserix’s.


“So, you command the power of Time,” the red-armored Makuta commented. Both Velika and Miserix’s soldiers stepped to the sides, leaving me looking directly at him as he bellowed, “Let’s see if you can handle it!”


Miserix raised both arms as his mask glowed brighter, creating hundreds of fist-sizes spiked balls. He sent all of them flying toward me at once, but I was ready. I called upon my mask’s power, and everything around me stopped. I calmly walked around to behind Miserix’s back, picking up a bladed staff from a frozen Dark Hunter as I did, and held it to his neck as I restarted time. The spiked balls landed on the wall and floor behind where I had been, leaving foot-deep dents in the structure.


“Impressive,” Miserix commented as he conjured up a suit of armor for himself. While Miserix showed no sign of being affected by the armor, it was searing hot on my armor, heating up my flesh underneath. I shrieked, dropped my staff, and froze time once more as I stepped back and walked around to face him. The pain continued to eat at my skin. I realized I’d have to restart time for it to wear off.


As soon as I did, Miserix conjured a series of spears, all heading my way. I stopped time again, the pain having subsided somewhat, and took a few moments to turn each spear around. I restarted time as the last of the searing pain left my body as the spears simultaneously struck Miserix, pushing the Makuta back against the wall.


“Creative. I like it,” he told me as he conjured up a dozen more. He flung them toward me, and when I froze time once more, the spears didn’t stop. They took me by surprise, hitting me all over and sending me flying into the wall, creating cracks in the building’s foundation. I struggled to stand back up, trying to process what just happened. Miserix had, frozen on his face, a smirk of pure arrogance.


I restarted time and immediately demanded, “Explain, Makuta.”


Miserix simply laughed and tapped the corner of his mask. “Creation, my dear. If I know how to make it, the mask can make it for me, as many of it as I may need.”


I was still breathing heavily as I said, “You know how to make… that?”


“What, the time-defying spears?” he asked as he slowly lumbered toward me. “I am a Makuta. Former leader of the Makuta. I was tasked with protecting Mata Nui from any threat. To that end, I learned how to make weapons more magnificent that that. I immediately figure out, upon meeting anyone, how best to kill them if they interfere with my duty. When Mata Nui ceased to be my charge, I reoriented that skill to protect myself. The biggest threat to me right now is you. And you’ll be quite curious to know what I have in store for you, little Water Toa.”


I paused time at that moment. My heart was racing. I looked around at the assembled soldiers. They were all watching in awe, but Velika himself was gone. That only perplexed me more. Had he abandoned me? I knew that couldn’t be so. He loved me. I still didn’t know what that meant, but I could tell as much that he valued me in a way he didn’t value anything else.


I decided to finish this battle, approached Miserix, reached up, and grabbed the edged of his Mask of Creation, careful not to touch is heated armor, and pulled. The mask didn’t come off.


Then, I perceived a terrible laugh. I don’t say I heard it because I really didn’t. It was similar to Miserix’s laugh, but somehow more artificial, and, worst of all, I couldn’t tell where it was coming from.


I wondered how long it would take you to think to try that.


I backed away from the still-as-a-statue figure before me. I grabbed my head, but the laugh refused to leave.


It was a good idea, but you should have known I’d be ready. We have two options before us, little Toa. We can continue this destructive and futile fight until there is nothing left to rule, perhaps not even a universe left to inhabit, or you can reconsider my offer to you.


“What offer?” I asked. I gasped and covered my mouth as soon as I did. When the air stopped moving as soon as it left my mouth, it made no echo.


Have you already forgotten? Think back to when I rescued you and the two Matoran from Velika’s explosion. I could have left you to die. You figured out why I didn’t before I had to tell you.


“You’re offering an alliance?” I asked in disbelief. “Even after you just gave a speech on how you would kill me?”


I never said I’d kill you. I said you were the biggest threat to me, and you’d be curious to know what I had planned for you.


“How are you doing this? Is it that wretched mask you seem to have glued to your ugly face?” I asked, feeling more alone and cornered than I ever had before.


No, little Toa. It is my nature. You might be aware my brothers once evolved into an energy form, losing their organic components. I was imprisoned for tens of thousands of years. I’ve evolved beyond what they could have ever hoped to attain. Time and space are my playgrounds now. The physical sensations of sight and sound are quaint memories. Oh, and about my ugly face? Take a look at it for yourself.


I wasn’t completely sure what he meant by that. I took a hesitant step toward him, both hands up in front of myself.


Go ahead. Don’t worry about my armor, either.


I reached out and felt it. It was cold. I put my hands on the edges of the Mask of Creation, but before I could pull, it fell off and landed on the ground. The sound of it clanging on the palace floor sounded distant as I marveled at Miserix’s face, if it could be called that. It was a face-shaped hole in his armor, with a low red light coming from within, congregating by what I would consider eyes.


So, Toa Tuyet, will you join me?


In a way, it felt like a long time before I answered. But in actuality, I knew no time had passed at all. I still had it slowed down so much it was practically at a standstill. But when I finally answered, I was resolute and confident I was making the right decision.



"You are an absolute in these uncertain times. Your past is forgotten, and your
future is an empty book. You must find your own destiny, my brave adventurer.
-- Turaga Nokama


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Chapter 7: The Best Week of My Life


I knew that, together, Miserix and I would make an unstoppable team. His strange powers and natural leadership abilities, tempered by my moral guidance as a Toa and feminine touch, combined with the powers of Time and Creation at our command, and the two of us could have ruled Spherus Magna for eternity.


So, naturally, I declined. Even I, co-ruler of the planet, knew that there was such a thing as too much power vested in too few individuals. Velika, on some level, knew that as well. Sure, he was a homicidal maniac who embarked on a quest to kill everyone nearing his power level, but at the same time, he was a Great Being. He had ruled this planet once before, until its inhabitants destroyed it by ignoring the Great Beings. Miserix had ruled a wretched association of corrupt shapeshifters until he was ousted from power, unable to maintain it himself.


I started time back up and, not a moment later, the window behind Miserix shattered. Kabrua’s Vorox pack came down on the Makuta, threatening to topple the giant. Thinking quickly, I grabbed the Mask of Creation as Velika, riding on the back of Kabrua, punched the Makuta across the face, sending him tumbling down.


“Everyone, now!” Velika ordered. The assembled Toa and Freedom Defenders began launching their powers at the downed Makuta, reducing the armor to dust. They began congratulating one another, but I knew it was premature.


“The antidermis; he’s not dead until we destroy his essence!” I cried out.


The black-green energy cloud tried escaping through the hole formed by Kabrua’s attack, but a well-placed combined elemental blast from Tahu and a Toa of Plasma defeated him for good. A few wisps of (now finally lifeless) smoke were all that remained, before a light breeze dispersed even that.


After that, no one quite knew what was going to happen. It was an open secret that the Toa would never submit to rule by anyone who wasn’t one of their own or a Turaga, and our alliance with them was more of a convenience than anything else. However, we had just killed the last Makuta. What we could all agree on was that it was, in fact, a time for celebration. Tahu and Velika shook hands as they declared one week of peace would be allowed for both factions to regroup and rebuild.


During the weeklong festival was the dedication of a new Great Temple. It began as a move by Tahu to remember and honor the Great Spirit Mata Nui by beautifying the chamber housing the Mask of Life. I took it upon myself to surrender to the temple the Mask of Time and Mask of Creation as well. Velika shot me a look as though he wanted my head, but I stood by my belief there was such a thing as too much power. (I also stood by my belief his “love” for me would prevent him from ever really disciplining me.) I could barely handle the power of one of those masks, let alone two. The Kanohi Ignika wasn’t the only mask that could be called cursed. In a rare moment of agreement between the two, Tahu also tried discouraging me—unsurprisingly, he thought I should entrust the masks to him. I maintained my choice to both men, but my next suggestion seemed to pacify them.


Tahu assembled the remaining members of his team, all three of them. Takanuva, Onua, and Gali stood in a row with Tahu, along with Kongu and Hewkii. The six Toa all focused their elemental energies in a unified stream of power that coated the Third Great Temple in an impenetrable layer of protodermis. It would take a union of the same set of elemental powers, the six primary elements only with Light replacing Ice, for the seal to be undone, and since Takanuva was the only Toa of Light I knew, and one of the more level-headed ones, that wouldn’t be happening for a while.


The best part of my plan? The seal was translucent, allowing us to view from the outside the three most powerful masks in existence, as well as the very spirit of Mata Nui. I admit, it even made me a little emotional. Velika stood by my side, along with most of the remaining Toa alive, as we gazed upon it. I can’t describe that well my next move. I removed my Kanohi Mask, ignored the associated sensation of weakness, leaned over to Velika, and pressed my lips firmly on the side of his Kanohi Komau. I only did it a second, as the feeling of the cold metal of his mask on my lips felt quite strange. I quickly put my own mask back on as he looked at me, shocked but also clearly grateful, and though no words were exchanged between us, I knew his thoughts were mine: We should do that again, but with neither of us masked.


That one week of peace was the most enjoyable week of my life. It wasn’t truly a week of “peace,” as true peace is unattainable; there were sporadic attacks from Bone Hunters and Skrall along our borders and petty disputes from the Matoran over alleged thievery, but Velika, our tenuously-recognized leader, didn’t execute anyone, and that was a step in the right direction to me.


I wouldn’t have been bothered if that week lasted forever, but unfortunately, it lasted just a week, and no more. Seven days after the defeat of Miserix, things fell back into their miserable routine.



"You are an absolute in these uncertain times. Your past is forgotten, and your
future is an empty book. You must find your own destiny, my brave adventurer.
-- Turaga Nokama


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Chapter 8: The Arrival of Angonce


I begged my king to show restraint. I saw no problem with Velika reestablishing his infrastructure on Spherus Magna, became slowly apprehensive when he resumed Freedom Defender patrols through New Atero at night, but had to object when he proposed a preemptive purge of the other Toa.


“You know they’re not truly loyal to me,” Velika told me.


“You have the people’s support for the moment, but it’s not guaranteed,” I reminded him. “For killing Miserix and imprisoning the Barraki, they are grateful, but attack the Toa without reason and you’ll be despised by all the Matoran who have relied on us for so long.”


“I have given them ample opportunity to join my army, and still they refuse,” Velika countered. “I can’t have this independent armed group wandering the streets. They must be made an example of.”


I refused to participate in Velika’s attack, which was all I could do. Still, I’m glad to have been spared the battle, for the taskforce Velika sent on Tahu’s stronghold suffered a harsh defeat. If Velika didn’t have a Toa rebellion on his hands before, he certainly did now. All warriors loyal to him were tasked with fighting the Toa wherever they appeared, while Velika also founded an engineer corps to do something they all questioned the wisdom of—rebuild Marendar.


Even without a new Marendar, though, it seemed Velika would win. By providing Spherus Magna peace and stability not seen for 100,000 years, he had endeared himself to the Agori and Glatorian populations. The Matoran were a harder sell, but Velika’s extensive propaganda campaign eventually convinced them the Toa were no longer heroes spearheading a battle against evil as they were before, but rather, terrorists seeking to usurp his legitimate government. With virtually all of Spherus Magna behind him, the Toa resistance seemed doomed to failure.


And then Angonce revealed himself. I can’t say for sure what battle or what day; I heard unverified rumors of his presence for weeks until an undeniable report came in directly from the Freedom Defenders. It was during Velika’s assault on the Northern Frost, the final stronghold of the Toa. Velika had redirected the bulk of his army there, hoping to crush the Toa once and for all. However, the Toa were fighting like they had never fought before. They moved as one, unleashed their elemental powers as one. The Toa were being led by a new commander, that much was clear. What was so shocking was that it was another Great Being. One of the few Freedom Defenders to escape reported to Velika that Angonce personally led the Toa in their counterattack. With Velika spending so much time safe and protected in the palace, this already sent a strong message. Coupled with the fact that Angonce’s presence invalidated his claim as the only legitimate ruler as a Great Being, it was not a matter of if, but when our regime would fall. At least, it was a matter of when to everyone except Velika himself. He continued strategizing how to defeat the Toa and maintain control, and give his grand speeches of a thousand years of peace under him, but fewer and fewer of his people were convinced as Angonce won more and more battles. At the time of Velika’s final speech, imploring the residents of New Atero to defend their city with bravery and valor, I don’t think he convinced even himself. Angonce didn’t conquer New Atero, he walked in.


I swear to the Great Spirit I don’t know where Velika is now. I awoke before the sun rose on the day the Toa took the palace and Velika was nowhere to be found. The Toa didn’t believe me, and offered me everything from immunity from my crimes as Queen of Spherus Magna to great riches if I told them. I told them the truth; I knew nothing. They refused to believe me. I was tried for war crimes and complicity in the extralegal executions of various beings when they realized I wouldn’t be helping them find Velika. I was found guilty and sentenced to death.


I still don’t know what Velika meant when he claimed he “loved” me, and I don’t want to anymore. I can’t imagine any kind of love that allows the lover to run while leaving the beloved to die.


Toa Tahu explained I would be killed civilly. My executioner, a Toa of Lightning named Aelia, would administer to me the right kind of electric shock to fry my mechanical components. I would immediately lose consciousness, and my organic components would proceed to shut down not soon after.


I was able to hear Angonce’s victory speech before my end. I wanted to believe he would be a better leader than Velika, but I knew I was being idealistic when he used the phrase “thousand years of peace” to describe the coming millennium under him.


The End


Tuyet's Story Continues in BIONICLE: Legends of the Red Star



Edited by Master Inika

"You are an absolute in these uncertain times. Your past is forgotten, and your
future is an empty book. You must find your own destiny, my brave adventurer.
-- Turaga Nokama


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