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A Little Watchmen themed Suggestion

Banana Gunz

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Wasn't sure where to post this but since this is a place to ask about BZP in general why not.


I was using the smiley face emoji here recently and I got this cool idea. I got this idea having recently read Watchmen for an alt version of the smiley face we know and love with a little blood splat across one eye as a little reference to one of the greatest pieces of literature/comicature (if that's a word).


For a sort of an actual question since this forum is called the Q&A section, how often/are there updates to the emoticons, and if none are there any plans to update them or add new ones? It'd be lovely to have my Watchmen emote, no matter how impractical it likely would be.

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If memory serves, the emoticons haven't been given an update since this incarnation of the forums was launched in 2011. The Tracker is the hub for suggestions and bug reports on BZP, so if you'd like an update to the list, I'd start a ticket there.
However, it's also possible to embed images, allowing for custom emoticons, so updating the list would likely be low priority.

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