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Rahkshi Lalonde

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Honestly, this is a pretty good. It's definitely how I imagined her. Keep up the good work!


That's great to hear, I was hoping I'd described her right!



Reminds me of something out of the Nightmare Before Christmas, which really fits the Rahkshi well, I'd say.


Yeah I see what you mean, that sorta twisted and wiry look, it is a good one >o>



Love the dynamic of the pose - albeit she's just standing there, it doesn't look like she were just standing. Maybe hissing at something/someone...

The design itself is great as well, from the colour scheme to the spikes to the multiple eyes (those are amazing!).


thanks! If there's one thing i do, it's draw people just standing there, so i try to portray a little bit of the character when i do, and/or add a little flair to the pose, in case i ever decided to draw that same person just standing there again later!



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I saw this a while back. TBH the head looks like a radish. But becides that Eh-itza Gud. (good job)

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