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Prototypes Kanoka Krana Krana-Kal Sealed sets from 2001 to 2010 Huge s


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Hello Bionicle fans,


Back for a few weeks to sell a few items of my Bionicle collection!


Kanohi 2001 prototypes

Click here to go to my BL store


Kanoka "175" $15

I have a lot of regular Kanoka to sell if interested


Kanoka 175

Trans-Red Kanoka (TRK) $50


Prototype Toa Pohatu + Prototype Rock $1200 $800


This is the model to own, parts are very different from the final model, the rock itself is also completely different, check pictures below :


Full set of 96 Krana $250 $200

Full set of 48 Krana-Kal $150 $120

Full set of Kanoka including "175", TRK, Tan, Disc of Time $300 $250

Full set of 2001 Toa Kanohi $5

  • red hau, trans-blu kaukau, green miru, brown kakama, black pakari, white akaku for $5, shipping add $5 for 1-5 sets, tracking add $2.50 (many available)

Full set of 2003 Matoran of Mata Nui (8581-8586) $50 - Full set of 2001 Toa Kanohi ($5 value) offered, limited offer!

Worlidwide shipping with tracking : $19 (Europe $14.50)


Many sealed sets from 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

Click here to go to my BL store


Trades : I am only looking for the following sets

  • 852293 Castle Giant Chess set
  • 10123 Cloud city
  • Lego Gentle Giant Blackhole Stormtrooper
  • Lego Gentle Giant Darth Vader (with Anakin's head)
  • Lego Gentle Giant Stormtrooper (with Han Solo's head)
  • Lego Gentle Giant Boba Fett
  • 75060 UCS Slave I
  • 75095 UCS TIE Fighter
  • 75098 UCS Assault on Hoth


  • Trading : you send first
  • Selling : you pay for shipping fees, IBAN or Paypal

Read my topic until here? Interested in the White Huna or Yellow Ruru? PM your offer!

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I'll take one of those "175" disks off your hands




Got rare bionicle collectables? Ask me what I'll give you for them


$250 for a White Huna

$250 for a Yellow Ruru

$250 for a Brown Komau

$100 for Metru Blue Matatu

Kraata -  Wild Kraata

- all prices open to reasonable negotiation -


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