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Okay, may as well pop back in.


To Prowl, thanks. It means a lot to have someone on my side. And to answer your earlier question, yeah, as long as your character doesn't suddenly gain the ability to grow wings and breathe fire (note: levitate + fireball combo is OK) he'd probably be fine.


To Perplexed, no boundaries were crossed? I... No. Not doing it. Not falling for that again. 


Still, you did make one good point. I'll get in contact with Chumpu and see if he wants to work with me.

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Explain to me first what boundaries were crossed and then maybe I'll take you seriously



And you still don't want to work with dov, huh?



Suit yourself.


Tyler himself said that I "alienated Dov." Plus, I may as well get in contact first with the guy who actually has the concept written down. If Dov's open to it, I'd be glad to have him on board. I'm doubting he'd be open to it.


And lines you've crossed? Ugh, I'm going regret this, aren't I?




 I doubt you'll settle for anything less than being head honcho for an RP which you don't really seem to be open about, a format you don't fully understand, and a playerbase you don't really seem to respect.


I never said I wasn't going to settle for anything less than head, I'm trying to be open, I've been RPing for years and perfectly understand the format, but do you see that last bit?


Gee, ever stop to wonder why I'm acting like I don't respect you? How about calling whatever you don't agree with "ridiculous," refusing to even acknowledge the possibility that maybe, just maybe, an RP based on a video game might just have, shock of all shocks, elements from the game it's based on... 


Oh, but you didn't just say "us," as in "we who are the ones calling you ridiculous and say you have a bad attitude," you said "the playerbase," implying that there is no one in the RP playerbase that I respect. 




I like Prowl. Prowl's earned my respect. Heck, even though he wasn't exactly a fan of my idea, Ymper (I swear, I can never remember how to spell that) earned my respect simply because he wasn't acting like a complete... well, in what I suppose the best and most family-friendly of ways to put it, jerk. 


And, while I'm sure this isn't exactly a big deal to you, if you don't take me seriously enough to even acknowledge there might be people who I respect/agree with/don't ignore, then you don't deserve my respect. Simple as that. 

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The above says a lot in fewer words than I'd probably say.


It's because of this systematic rejection of, abrasiveness towards, and alienation of people willing to help you that you've lost people's respect.


You can't tell me I've crossed the line by telling you the truth.

  1. Systematic rejection; like you've been doing with everything I've proposed up to this point.
  2. Abrasiveness towards; like you've been doing since I decided I wanted a Hammerfell RP.
  3. Alienation of people; Gee, I wonder why. See points 1 and 2.

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Seriously guys this is getting way out of hand and I'm pretty sure many of us getting annoyed reading it. 
This has gone beyond being a critique of Ben's RP and into a critique of every aspect of his character. 
So I'm gonna put this bluntly and maybe we can move on to discussing the one RP that actually looks really interesting and has a potential player base. Namely Humva's that has been buried in this steaming pile of vitriol. 
Ben honestly right now you're inexperienced when it comes to this particular forum. I understand that you've had bad experience in different games but the point is that this sub-forum is radically different from all those places and you'll need to learn the kind of hurdles you'll have to overcome here. We aren't Nationstates, we aren't the BZPRPG, we aren't bloody 4chan. This is the OTCRPG scene and the best way to learn how to make a successful game on here is to first play games here, then maybe co-GM and most importantly listen. Really listen to the people who know what they're talking about. 
Perp come on man, you're better than this. You're being just as abrasive and combative as the rest of them right now. We need to all cool down and just take a step back. We're talking about one game man, you don't need to point out every mistake Ben has made. You've been playing here for a while now, you should know there's a difference between tearing some one apart and guiding them to a better game. 
We all want to see a good Elder Scrolls game and that's why we're trying to make sure one of these games can become one. It's why we're suggesting things like Co-GMing and playing first. As things stand just about any game that hits the OTC is going to die, this is not an easy environment for games and the two of you are just making things worse. 
So can we just calm down, apologize to each other and move on? 

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y'all gotta have a snickers

Great, now I am hungry and want a PB Snickers.

"A stranger will always be a stranger unless you give them a chance."

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i'm a grammar syndicalist, not a grammar communist


i believe in redistributing capitalisation among democratically organised grammar trade unions.



In regards to Dov, I've heard he's Dunmer expert no. 1, and I'd be more than happy to have his lore knowledge and experience.


Also, I would be very much glad to work with you in any manner that I might make myself useful, be it simple help in setting everything up or co-GMing, however is best.


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So, I've decided to try and write something up on Vvardenfell.


I've realized that perhaps setting a Vvardenfell RP during the time of Morrowind may not be the best idea, considering canonically, it was the Nerevarine who did all that cool stuff, so... yeah.


But then, I soon realized, is that by 433, the Nerevarine had left for Akavir, leaving Vvardenfell without a protector. And so, I bring you;


The Elder Scrolls



Download link here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5mixq6roistzl85/Vvardenfell.pdf?dl=0


If you're wondering why it's in PDF format, it's because I don't know how to fix the formatting problems I had, so I just wrote it onto a PDF until the time comes for me to actually post it.

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Has it occured to you that


around that time


Vivec disappeared?


I don't want to second-guess you before I know anything more, but being in the middle of the ocean


with Vivec disappearing


and, you know, Baar Dau falling on Vivec City, triggering the Red Year because that's what happens when Vivec's not there to keep it afloat




seems like an overly plotholed situation, you know? Unless your intention is for all of us to die.


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The Red Year isn't until 4E 5. Between the Oblivion Crisis and the Red Year, a device known as the Ingenium was created that used souls to keep Baar Du afloat. It's destroyed by a Dunmer named Sul before his wife is to be sacrificed, causing the Red Year.

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Which is a problem we're going to have to deal with. The Ingenium will inevitably stop working eventually - worst case scenario, Vuhon sacrifices all the souls on Vvardenfell, even if Sul doesn't break the Ingenium in this timeline, and comes to the realisation that this was a temporary fix at best and whoops we're all dead again - so what I am saying is that for the love of Christ I don't understand why you seem to want to pick the most inconvenient parts of the timeline to have a TBRPG in. Can't you just choose a time when nothing major was happening and /make up/?


as for ripping vvardenfell out of the ground


you know, if your main intention was to prevent roleplaying elsewhere, you could just say, "The RPG takes place on Vvardenfell" and no one would even THINK of violating its boundaries.

-dovydas (fontless, as I'm on my phone)

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Which is a problem we're going to have to deal with. The Ingenium will inevitably stop working eventually - worst case scenario, Vuhon sacrifices all the souls on Vvardenfell, even if Sul doesn't break the Ingenium in this timeline, and comes to the realisation that this was a temporary fix at best and whoops we're all dead again - so what I am saying is that for the love of Christ I don't understand why you seem to want to pick the most inconvenient parts of the timeline to have a TBRPG in. Can't you just choose a time when nothing major was happening and /make ###### up/?


as for ripping vvardenfell out of the ground


you know, if your main intention was to prevent roleplaying elsewhere, you could just say, "The RPG takes place on Vvardenfell" and no one would even THINK of violating its boundaries.

-dovydas (fontless, as I'm on my phone)

Again; no one stops to think it'll stop working until 4E 5 when it stops working. This is a full 5 years earlier. We're not going to get to the point when it stops working.


Fine, I'll keep Vvardenfell where it is. I just didn't want to have to deal with "hey, why aren't they bringing in reinforcements?" Keeping everyone isolated is the easiest way to prevent that question from popping up.

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Some revisions have been made, primarily to the magic system, which has been simplified. Talking to a few folks about the job of co-hosting, so that's getting sorted out. 




My father would often tell stories of the old country and its magicks. I was too young at the time to remember, our homeland ravaged by war and famine as so many others had been before I was old enough to even speak. He'd tell stories of the miracle workers in the villages who could heal any sickness, the exalted priests who could summon the rains during even the worst droughts. He'd speak so highly of those skilled in the art, remembering fondly to better times. Then the War came, and with it, an end to those magicks. Gone were the days of superstition and faith, replaced with steel and coal and medicine.


When my father grew old and dying, I asked why there were no miracle workers in this new land. It was a land of innovation, of opportunity, why did no one seek to marry magic and industry together? He gave me no answers before he passed on, leaving me only with his books and his stories to guide my path.


In time, I learned the Art. There were many who were doubtful of my quest, many more who rejected my goals entirely. I learned nonetheless, seeking to understand why the Art had died in the homeland and never resurfaced. I didn't find the answers I sought, but I did find what I needed to revive the Art. One day, soon, I will be able to prove to the world what a modern day miracle worker can accomplish. I only need students, to teach what I know to.


There are obstacles, as there always are. The War brought with it a great change of power, leaders overthrown and replaced with puppets. A great many would see the magicks forever forgotten, or worse, controlled and exploited solely by them. With the right applications, the right technologies, the world could become a utopia, but utopias aren't profitable. They will do whatever it takes to stop me, so I must begin in secrecy. I cannot risk exposure finding those who are gifted enough to make use of the Art.


That is where you come in.


Rails, Guns, and Magic
Hosted by Alex Humva


How This All Works


This game is set in an alternative world similar to our own, set during a period roughly corresponding to the 1920s. The game's story takes place in the small but successful nation of Awhye, a country shielded from the events of the War and founded on immigration. Players will be part of a group that is working with the intro character, Mayra Castellano, to find magically gifted individuals around the country. Player characters may or may not make use of the Art, depending on the preference of the player. New players are recruited into the group whenever the group makes a stop in a city. The main force behind the game will be the overarcing plot of gathering a magically gifted force, as well as the more individual conflicts along the way, along with other trends and conflicts that are happening in the world.


The Nation of Awhye


Founded 79 years ago, the United Republic of Awhye is a small country located by the sea, across the ocean from the world's major powers. While it has fair larger and more powerful neighbors surrounding it, its rich natural resources and substantial industrial base has allowed it a position of power its small size wouldn't suggest possible. Awhye was largely unaffected by the horrors of the War, instead producing industrial goods and weapons for both sides and enjoying a substantial economic boom from it. The nation is still coasting off of its boom cycle, its economy prosperous and an overall happy sentiment across the land. This only serves to disguise underlying problems in its society and economy, however, and there is discontent amongst the masses that the wealth earned during the war has largely been reaped by the elite. Historically disenfranchised groups continue to work for recognition in society, and conflict amongst the different immigrant populations has lead to numerous skirmishes and riots.


Old Country Magicks


Magic in this setting is an unrefined art, having never benefited from rigorous study or experimentation. Because of this, it has mainly been the work of small-time miracle workers in villages, being used to cure children of the plague or help the crops grow. There was some work by clergy members in the past to better understand the underlying mechanics of magic, but centuries of superstition has left any real knowledge buried under hearsay. With time and the Industrial Revolution, magic was nearly eliminated, years of misinformation making it difficult for new practitioners to perform the great feats their forebearers had and the rise of modern technologies making many of the feats entirely obsolete.


Everyone has some tendency towards the Art, but some either are born with or develop a greater control over it than others. For the modern magic user, the use of magic is almost entirely based on instinct. However, the work of Mayra Castellano has helped to provide a framework for her followers to use, as her time studying ancient texts has revealed the underlying mechanic behind magic, or at least its modern incarnation. Magic is derived from cultural significance, one of the many reasons accounts on it are so difficult to parse through. Symbols, phrases, and idioms are where magics draw their power from, concentrated and controlled by a magic user's willpower. A simple swear can deliver a magical curse in the hands of a witch, as easily as a blessing can bring good times in the hands of a miracle worker. Most magic users have discovered their talent in the Art during emotional times, cursing someone and actually delivering a physical result because of it.


There is a flipside to this, however. The stronger a symbol is in a culture, the harder it is for the magic user to control. A grievous curse could easily spiral out of a magic user's control, causing effects that can't be predicted and potentially harming the magic user in the process. Because of the difficulty of controlling more powerful symbols and phrases, Castellano's work recommends a joint effort between magic users to combine their respective concentrations to keep the magic from running amok.


Important Locations


By no means definitive, this list includes the initial starting locations and will expand with more cities as writing time permits and as the cast explores more cities.


City of Eternal Light: The principle port city of Awhye, the surrounding metro contains nearly twenty percent of the nation's population and serves as a vital economic point for dozens of nations trading in the region. Its buildings are the most modern in the nation, new forms of steel allowing for the construction of immense skyscrapers and truly labyrinthine docks. It's also a hot bed of violence, with many dissidents hiding in the outskirts around the city. Its name comes from a species of bio-luminescent jellyfish that drift to the surface at night, lighting up the harbors and giving an eerie glow to the beaches.


City of Shattered Glass: The capital city of Awhye, it is a surprisingly calm and reclusive city, nestled inland towards the mountain range. A substantially smaller city than the City of Eternal Light, it is nevertheless vital, serving as a major rail hub for almost the entire nation. It contains many historic sights, along with the government of Awhye itself. A comparatively old-fashioned city with brick and mortar buildings, its streets are lined with electric street cars and its skyline is filled with black smoke nonetheless. Its name comes from the initial settlers, who found vast plains of obsidian glass in the valleys and hills surrounding the city.


RPG Rules


  • Follow all BZPower rules.
  • Common sense, common sense, common sense. Use it please.
  • No autohitting without prior plotting or excuses as to why you’re going to hit your opponent.
  • Death is something that can happen, though as is the case in real life, it can be remarkably hard to kill people at times.
  • No godmodding, this includes metagaming. Death may come easy, but you still can’t eradicate the whole crew in one go.
  • Listen to the staff; if you have a problem with a decision, do so in a respectful manner.
  • Have fun.


The Profile


Name: (Self-explanatory)

Gender: (Yep)

Age: (How old are you?)

Profession: (Everyone's gotta work to make ends meet.)

Speciality: (This is for magic users; while theoretically capable of anything, all magic users have something in particular they're good at.)

Skills: (We all have some; keep it reasonable, please.)

Items: (Any particular weapons or sentiments or such that came with you?)

Appearance: (Yep.)

Personality: (Why does your character do what they do? What makes them tick?)

Biography: (What’s your life story?)

Edited by Engineer Alexandra Humva
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Here's version 1.1 of my Vvardenfell RP. I changed a few intro things, added some addendums to Character Creation (Khajiit can now be Cathay, Suthay or Ohmes, Argonians can be regular Saxhleel or the more serpentine Naga, and, following Morrowind logic, some Bosmer can have horns,) and changed the sample character to a Khajiit-Ohmes named Inorra.

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Presenting an Elder Scrolls RPG by Perp and Dovydas, Co-GMed by Tyler and Chumpu

The year is 4E 11, and it is a dark time in the history of Morrowind.


Imperial authority in the former province has now completely collapsed with the events of the Oblivion Crisis and the Red Year of 4E 5, and the nation is descending into a state of civil war. With formerly dominant House Hlaalu’s authority shattered by recent events, House Redoran, triumphant over the Argonian invaders and armed with the greatest military force in the East, seems poised to effect radical change on the balance of power in the province.


The Grand Council, composed of the heads of all the Great Houses of Morrowind, is convening in Narsis in two days’ time to elect a new Lord High Councilor. Although held in the ancient capital of House Hlaalu, this meeting has a feeling of war in the air, and Hlaalu dominance is no longer as assured as previously expected. Although the Grand Council traditionally met in Mournhold, with the king of Morrowind, as the Emperor’s viceroy, presiding, Mournhold’s destruction and King Helseth’s cowardly escape to Cyrodiil has upset this tradition. As such, all the Great Houses have arrived at Narsis only each at the head of their own army; formally to “preserve a peaceful atmosphere”, but in truth to display their power. There is talk of the Redoran preparing to make an attempt to dismiss the Hlaalu from the Grand Council; if that happens, war is inevitable.


Azura help us all.



(working title)



After the traumatic events of the Oblivion Crisis, which left much of Morrowind desolate and forced the most of the Imperial Legions to withdraw back to Cyrodiil, Morrowind was granted its long-awaited independence in the worst way possible: left alone to deal with its problems, the land of the Dunmer was struck by an even worse cataclysm: the Red Year.


The Tribunal - the living Dunmeri triumvirate of gods; Almalexia, Vivec and Sotha Sil - had not appeared in public, except for a few cases, for the better half of 300 years. Yet, in situations such as the Oblivion Crisis, they would always appear for the purpose of defending their people from evil. Their failure to appear this time quickly spurred rumors, seemingly true, of their demise: it was said that Vivec was seen being kidnapped into Oblivion by a host of Dremora, or that Almalexia and Sotha Sil had both been slain by the Nerevarine years ago, under the city of Mournhold. Whatever the case, in 4E 5, Baar Dau, the giant planetoid suspended above Vivec City by the power of Vivec’s divine will descended, crashing into the city and sending a seismic shockwave that triggered an eruption within Red Mountain, covering the island of Vvardenfell and its surroundings in ash.


As the sky turned crimson and ash began to fall, the Dunmer of Morrowind were just beginning to bear witness to the potential destruction of their province. The Argonians of Black Marsh invaded the province, ravaging its southern and eastern territories - partially in retaliation for the centuries-long institution of Argonian slavery, abolished only recently in Morrowind, and partially in an attempt at expansion. Mournhold, the capital, was razed; King Helseth, the last icon of Imperial authority in the province, fled back to Cyrodiil, failing to rally even the support of his own House Hlaalu. Hundreds upon hundreds of refugees began to flee Morrowind as the Dark Elf homeland fell into crisis.


With the Imperials gone, and no central power established, only one Great House - House Redoran - still retained a military force large enough and a political base untouched enough by the ills that beset Morrowind to pose a challenge. In a surprisingly successful military campaign, Redoran raised a standing army that threw back the Argonian invaders; although much of the southern borderlands between Morrowind and Black Marsh remained disputed territory afterward, Morrowind was singlehandedly saved by the Redoran. In 4E 9, after a four-year-long brutal war, the An-Xileel of Argonia signed an interim peace treaty with House Redoran - with the implication that they represented the entirety of Morrowind, signifying a radical change in the power structure of the province.


Understandably, many took offense at this - House Hlaalu, in particular, was immensely outraged. The next two years saw intense feud between the Houses of Morrowind, especially between House Hlaalu and House Redoran. House Hlaalu, after all, had dominated Morrowind since the Armistice and viewed Morrowind as being theirs to rule; furthermore, they had once had the support of the Empire. On the flipside, House Redoran positioned themselves as the anti-Imperial, patriotic force, the “hereditary defenders of the Dunmer people” - and the Hlaalu, after the withdrawal of the Argonians and Imperials, remained as the last enemy the Dunmer people had to defeat. This perception was grounded in the idea that Hlaalu continued to support a return of Imperial rule - a notion rejected by every other House and the vast majority of Dunmer across Morrowind.


In an effort to “resolve” the escalating political feud, and to provide Morrowind with formal government, in 4E 11 (this year), House Redoran has called a meeting of the Grand Council, for the first time in seven years, which all of Morrowind’s Houses will attend. Although they had refused to attend this meeting altogether, House Hlaalu was persuaded with a serious concession from Redoran: that the meeting would be held in Narsis, the capital of House Hlaalu. However, with tensions between houses, guilds and factions escalating, it is widely believed that this meeting may not be as peaceful as its organisers claim - a belief only reaffirmed by the decision of the Great House Redoran to bring its army to the walls of Narsis for what seems remarkably like peace negotiations...


War is, once again, on the horizon.


Table of Contents

I. Rules


II. The Great Houses of Morrowind


III. Other Influential Factions

IV. Locations

V. The Staff Guide to Magic

VI. Rewards & Loot

VII. Character Sheet

VIII. A Grain of Advice






  1. All BZPower rules, guidelines, and common courtesies apply. Of course.

  2. No godmodding, metagaming, bunnying without permission, or other such behaviour. Just be reasonable.

  3. Keep in mind that the bounty system sticks with you in the games; it will stick with you here, too, and the guards aren’t pushovers. Nor, for that matter, are any NPCs.

  4. Flaming, spamming, flamebaiting, insulting other players, etc., etc.: nah, not cool. Not tolerated. Sorry to disappoint.

  5. Listen to the staff. It’d be silly at the least not to. As a general rule, we’re here to help and maintain just a little bit of order; so if we tell you to stop doing something you’re not supposed to be, you kinda sorta ought to stop.

  6. As regards magic, always, always refer to the Staff Guide to Magic. It’s more helpful than you think.

  7. Magic is not a be-all, end-all. Certain spells do not grant you invincibility, nor do they always work perfectly. They cannot solve every problem, and for the problems they can solve, they only do their job as well as the skill of the character allows them to. Same goes for Enchantments and Potions, though your use of those are less restricted. We trust you to RP them responsibly.

  8. Your character must be approved before you can start playing. Post the profile in the Discussion Topic and only start posting once you’ve received the express approval of both members of the staff (ftr, Dov (Albannach) and Perp(lexed))

  9. There aren’t a whole lot of restrictions as to what you can do plot-wise, as long as you abide by the “just be reasonable” rule (and by all other rules, too, of course). However, if you’re planning something REALLY BIG, the sort of plot event that just gives you the shakes when you think about how much you want to execute it, and it will affect many other people in a multitude of ways, it might be a good idea to ask the staff for permission. We’re usually liberal on this front, so we’ll most likely let you at least try most things.

  10. Have fun Praise Azura



House Indoril - Led by the last of their ruling line, Lord Archcanon Gavas Drin, placed in power after a series of unfortunate deaths among Indoril higher-ups in suspicious circumstances during the Oblivion Crisis. Although Drin is both Lord Archcanon of the Temple and head of the House, he is not widely perceived as a powerful figure. Both sources of Drin’s power – the Temple, forced to acclimatise to a mass return among the Dunmer to ancestor and Daedra worship – and the House Indoril seem to be at an all-time low in strength. Even the Ordinators, that once-powerful warrior caste, have been gradually leaving their service in a period of disillusionment with the Temple.


House Dres - House Dres formally maintains an alliance with House Hlaalu, yet is fiercely anti-Imperial and grateful to the Redoran for their assistance in delivering them from Argonian invasion. Gothren Dres, the wealthy and influential Grandmaster of the House, with his lands left wasted by the Argonians, may be unwilling to commit to either side in a conflict until a clear potential winner can be identified.


House Telvanni - The wildcard of the Great Houses comes humble as never before, having been crippled by the Argonians ravaging their lands. These wizard-lords of the east seem uneager to involve themselves in power politics, as usual, but harbour a fierce hatred of the Hlaalu and a grudging respect for the Redoran; this may shift them towards taking a stronger stance.


House Hlaalu - Until recently, the dominant Great House, having held a pre-eminent position among the Great Houses since Morrowind’s Armistice with Tiber Septim, House Hlaalu’s position has been infinitely weakened by the Oblivion Crisis and all that followed. Having relied upon the Empire’s power and trade to maintain their control of the East, Hlaalu are now being increasingly seen as a remnant of a past, Imperial, era due to the Empire’s withdrawal from Morrowind. They are the only Great House that still clings to the concept of retaining the status of Morrowind as an Imperial province regardless, which only lessens their popularity; however, unlike most other Great Houses, Hlaalu has managed to retain much of its wealth after the war, which may prove useful to the House in attempting to regain control of the country.


House Redoran - House Redoran has played a critical role in the recent Dunmeri-Argonian war, taking on their ancient title of “hereditary defenders of the Dunmer” in a much more literal sense. The army this Great House raised while the Argonian forces were still cutting through the southern reaches of the country allowed the Dunmer to avert utter disaster and deflect the brunt of the Argonian invasion, reclaiming most of the territory lost to enemy forces. This, however, left a serious dent in the House’s finances; although this army is now House Redoran’s most potent argument in any Great House dispute, along with the immense moral authority the House now carries with the Dunmer people, the House is in serious financial debt and will require the help of allies in rectifying this problem if they seek to defeat the Hlaalu, who the Redoran perceive as their number one opponent and the last barrier to gaining overall control of Morrowind.




Ashlanders - Although they should perhaps not be understood as a “faction” in a literal sense, the Ashlander clans of the Urshilaku, Ahemmusa, Erabenimsun and Zainab represent an ever-more influential grouping of Dunmeri society. With more and more elements even within the Temple rejecting the Tribunal’s divinity and returning to a model of worship more alike that of the Ashlanders themselves, worshipping “the Reclamations”: Azura, Mephala and Boethiah, the Ashlanders are becoming gradually perceived not as barbarians as in the past, but as a select group of those who, even during the rule of the Tribunal, did not reject the “true faith”, as it is widely understood. This gives the Ashlander clans, who after the ruin of Vvardenfell have mostly migrated to the mainland, and especially their wise women great moral authority.


Morag Tong - The traditional assassin’s guild of Morrowind, who celebrate murder in the name of Mephala, the daedric goddess of secret plots, murder and sex. In Morrowind, the assassin’s trade is a time-honoured profession and assassination is maintained to be entirely legal; in a sense, they actually maintain a valued and important role in Dunmeri society, as honourable assassinations are considered a valid way to resolve conflicts between influential members of Great Houses, thus preventing civil war. The Morag Tong are considered masters at their art, having once successfully singlehandedly triggered the downfall of the Second Cyrodiilic Empire with the assassination of Emperor Reman III and his heirs. House Redoran disdains the Morag Tong, as do the Indoril; House Telvanni does not take them seriously, as the power of their mage-lords prevents assassination from being an especially high risk. Houses Hlaalu and Dres, however, have no qualms about employing the Morag Tong and frequently do.


The Tribunal Temple - The Tribunal Temple is currently in its most fragile state in centuries. With the disappearance of its three living gods, Vivec, Almalexia and Sotha Sil, the Temple, still nominally under the control of its Lord Archcanon, Gavas Drin, is rapidly descending into something of a civil war of its own. With the end of the persecution of the Dissident Priests and the Nerevarine Cult, and the reintegration of these movements into the Temple hierarchy, the Temple is now torn between various factions and camps that propose various restructurings of Temple dogma and belief, the most dominant grouping being the reformers led by the former Dissident Priests, who advocate a return to ancestor and Daedra worship, supported by an ever-larger proportion of Dunmeri society. A small circle of traditionalist Almsivi worshippers around Gavas Drin is fiercely committed to maintaining the dogma of the Tribunal’s divinity, and a belief that there must be an explanation for their disappearance that does not imply their mortality; yet this dogma, with the fulfilment of the Nerevarine prophecy and with the Tribunal’s absence, is becoming ever more difficult to justify even among its members, with more and more men and women of the cloth turning to the worship of the “Reclamations” - Azura, Mephala and Boethiah.


Although support for these opposing dogmas does not usually correspond with Great House or guild membership, Great Houses Dres, Redoran and Hlaalu tend slightly towards the reformist doctrine, while Telvanni is generally apathetic and Indoril overwhelmingly supports the traditionalist wing. Among guilds and lesser factions, the Morag Tong, as worshippers of Mephala, have a natural affinity for the reformist dogma, as of course do the Ashlanders. The Camonna Tong, however, maintain a fierce loyalty to the Temple traditionalist doctrine, which, due to Camonna Tong’s influence in House Hlaalu, allows Drin’s traditionalists the comfort of knowing House Hlaalu itself will likely not formally support the reformists.


Camonna Tong - Morrowind’s largest crime syndicate, the Camonna Tong is a xenophobic, ultra-conservative and widely influential criminal force that maintains an almost unbreakable, choking grip over much of Morrowind’s criminal underground. Until recently having effectively controlled the political life of House Hlaalu on Vvardenfell, as well as having played an integral role in maintaining the illegal skooma trade between the east and Cyrodiil, the Red Year failed to put an end to the Camonna Tong, which merely relocated all its main operations to the mainland, using the chaos of the war with Argonia to spread its reach. Although on the mainland its influence on the leadership of House Hlaalu is by no means as widespread as it was on Vvardenfell, it still has a very powerful voice in Hlaalu’s internal politics and very few decisions go ahead without the syndicate’s approval.

Thieves’ Guild - the Morrowind chapter of the Thieves’ Guild has been immensely damaged by the war and the withdrawal of Empire authority, paradoxical though it might seem. Without the Empire, the Thieves’ Guild has been facing harsh punitive measures from Great House authorities and terrifying competition from the Camonna Tong; however, after the collapse of the Mages’ and Fighters’ Guilds, the Thieves’ Guild is the last remaining Imperial guild still standing in Morrowind and the main source of competition in the criminal underground for the Camonna Tong.



Political Map of Morrowind


Mournhold-Almalexia - the ancient Dunmer capital, the “city of light and magic”, is now in ruins, having been laid to waste by the invading Argonian army. Although rebuilding efforts have started, it is estimated that the damage will take years to repair; much of the city is now a slum, concentrated around a hastily constructed fortress in traditional Dunmeri style where a small Redoran garrison is based.


The ruins of the ancient Royal Palace, High Temple, and other central buildings of the world’s oldest city, attract many an adventurer; even more so do the still-intact sewage system, the ruins of Old Mournhold under the sewage pipes, and even further below, the Dwemer city of Bamz-Amschend.


(Old) Ebonheart - Once unequivocally Morrowind’s prime city and the cradle of the influential Ra’athim dynasty, which had given Morrowind such great rulers as the legendary Moraelyn, Ebonheart was, due to its close geographical proximity to Vivec City, hit almost as bad as the island of Vvardenfell by the Red Year. The Black City was quite literally swept aside by the tidal wave that the fall of Baar Dau caused; its many thousands of inhabitants forced to flee. Although the deluge naturally subsided over time, then came in the ash clouds from Red Mountain, which covered the city for months, making it impossible to breathe, and, subsequently, Argonian raiders, who ravaged the city and carried off much of its vast wealth, left behind by its evacuating inhabitants. By the time that years later the war had ended, the only inhabitants of the city were a handful of squatters in its ancient, now ruined, palaces and temples. House Redoran maintains a small command of troops in the strategically-placed abandoned city, but has not yet embarked on a repopulation effort.


Blacklight - Located in the northeastern corner of the country, deep in House Redoran territory, Blacklight is the capital of Great House Redoran and, one might even claim, the prime city of modern Morrowind. Situated in an easily defensible secluded bay, accessible only one way by land and one way by sea, surrounded by high, craggy rocks and tall, invincible walls, Blacklight is home to the Rootspire, where the Council of House Redoran meets, and around a hundred thousand residents. During the war, due to the vast distance between Blacklight and Argonia, the city and its residents remained mostly untouched; unfortunately, this meant that much of the refugees from the country’s southern territories moved towards Blacklight, and finding accommodation and jobs for all of them has understandably been impossible. Many refugees have thus settled in something of a favela outside the gates, where they survive on odd jobs and minor trading.


Narsis - The source and centre of House Hlaalu’s power, the city of Narsis lies in the southern half of Morrowind, dangerously close to the Morrowind-Black Marsh border. Sacked in the Argonian invasion of Morrowind years earlier, the city sustained heavy damage, but was saved only by the Argonians’ drive to proceed onward and capture the capital, Mournhold. As House Hlaalu was once strongly allied with the Imperial Legion, many aspects of the Empire are apparent in Narsis - from Imperial-esque architecture to the few remaining defectors from the Imperial Legion making their living within the city. Destroyed sections of the city are undergoing repairs.


Port Telvannis - the capital of Great House Telvanni, Port Telvannis is a sprawling forest of Telvanni towers, home to the government of the Great House and to around ten thousand people. During the Argonian invasion, Port Telvannis was sacked; its once thirty-thousand-strong population cut to a third of its size by looting and mass evacuation. Most Telvanni lords have thus moved, for safety, to the house’s holdings around Vvardenfell such as Tel Aruhn, and Sadrith Mora, but Port Telvannis is undergoing rapid reconstruction and still remains an influential, powerful city where the Telvanni councilors gather to discuss affairs of state.


Firewatch - Located deep in the House Telvanni-dominated northeast, and until recently the largest Imperial colony in Morrowind, which used to boast around ten thousand residents, Firewatch is built almost entirely in a typical Imperial architectural style, with a large Western castle and hundreds of houses not unlike something you’d find in the distant west, in High Rock or Cyrodiil. It must be noted, however, that Firewatch’s civilian population is, at this point, barely above zero; most colonists returned westward with the withdrawal of the Empire.


Firewatch, however, did not return to Telvanni hands. Its local Imperial Legion garrison, commanded by General Salvius Valerius, went rogue and refused to leave Morrowind during the Oblivion Crisis, not so much out of a concern for the people of Morrowind as because of a refusal to abandon one of the most lucrative provinces of the Empire. This garrison, numbering around 600 men, swore a repeated oath of allegiance to the already-gone Septim Dynasty, forming an alliance with House Hlaalu and claiming at supreme military authority in Morrowind in the name of the long-dead Emperor. Henceforth, Valerius’ forces would be popularly known as the Gold Legion, or more popularly among the local population, “those n’wahs”. Although the city was one of the sole safe places in the northeast, due to its high walls and defenses, during the war with Argonia, what little civilian population remained in Firewatch after the Oblivion Crisis quickly dispersed after Valerius attempted to rule the area as his own personal fiefdom, levying a high “war tax” on the citizens and regularly forcing surrounding farms to give his men tribute in food. With fewer and fewer civilians tolerating life in the city, Valerius has been increasingly reduced, especially since the end of the war, to relying on Hlaalu assistance, who have been supplying him with provisions and reinforcements even as his own personal army dwindles, and has in all effects become an upjumped hireling of the Hlaalu. His calls for help from the Imperial Province have mostly been ignored and perceived in the Imperial City as appeals from a rebel and a deserter.


Necrom - the Necropolis of Necrom is one of the Dunmer’s holy cities and one of the oldest, predating even Mournhold, let alone now-destroyed Vivec. The first thing a traveller to Necrom notices is its cemetery, a truly vast (the size of a good ordinary city) sea of graves and mausoleums that rings the central area - a fortified temple district decorated with huge statues of the Dunmer’s holiest ancestors and giant shrines that until recently were predominantly dedicated to the Almsivi, and are now increasingly rededicated to the Reclamations. Nearly all of the population, which lives in the outer ring around the necropolis, lives off the tens of thousands of pilgrims that visit the city every year. Necrom is such an imposing sight that even the Argonian invasion force dared not touch the graves of the Dunmer’s ancestors, or even approach the city.


After the war, due to the destruction of their ancient cities of Ebonheart and Mournhold, what little remained of House Indoril relocated to Necrom, as did the Temple hierarchy fleeing Vvardenfell and Mournhold.


Tear - Also known as Dres, Tear is the ancient capital of House Dres, situated in the hot, borderline tropical climes of southern Morrowind, surrounded by large saltrice plantations and, further afield, vast swamps and marshes that are much alike those of Black Marsh further south. The city itself is a large trade port built in a traditional Dunmeri architectural style, situated on the mouth of the River Dres, a minor swamp river in southern Morrowind.


In an older, darker age it was also the center of the Padomaic Ocean slave trade; as such, during the war, the Argonians sacked it with a particularly vengeful prejudice, identifying the city and House Dres as a whole as one of the prime sources of their suffering. However, the Dres hierarchy escaped inland during the war, enabling the house to retain much of its wealth intact; after the war, reconstruction started and completed much faster than in the lands of any other house, in no small part assisted by the efforts of the Redoran. Although no longer one of the most lucrative ports of Tamriel, Tear’s best days are surely yet to come.


Kragenmoor - Kragenmoor is House Hlaalu’s second largest city and, strategically speaking, perhaps the most important, situated between the Valus and Velothi mountain ranges in the Shadowgate Pass, one of four passes linking Morrowind and the Empire. Kragenmoor’s high walls and shadowy towers are thus quite literally a gateway to Morrowind or out of it, and, what’s more, provide House Hlaalu with an easy back door to their allies outside of Morrowind, particularly Cheydinhal in Cyrodiil, whose Count is a Hlaalu retainer and where the Great House’s treasury is kept. At the heart of Kragenmoor is one of the toughest fortresses in Morrowind, rivalled only by those of Blacklight and Firewatch - a truly remarkable castle that, in typical Hlaalu style, merges Imperial and Dunmeri influences in an imposing militant display.


Sadrith Mora - Once the prime Telvanni town of Vvardenfell, Sadrith Mora has only grown since the Red Year, paradoxically enough; its location on an outlying island in Zafirbel Bay, far enough from Red Mountain to avoid damage by either ash or lava, has made it a remarkably safe location for refugees fleeing other Telvanni towers destroyed on Vvardenfell or sacked on the mainland. It has thus also become favoured by many a Telvanni councilor as a place of residence; the only damper on its growing influence and prosperity is the relative proximity to the Hlaalu-aligned Gold Legionnaires in Firewatch, encouraging the Telvanni to look to increasing security in the vicinity due to the uncertain political situation in the country and the high likelihood of war among the Great Houses.


Dagon Fel - A small town, situated in the Sheogorad Archipelago just north of Vvardenfell - Dagon Fel is one of the northernmost populated areas in all of Morrowind, and perhaps all of Tamriel. Originally colonized by the Imperial Legion, the city’s architecture is Imperial in nature, and the population is mostly made up of Imperials, Nords and few Dunmer. Dwemer ruins dot the area around Dagon Fel, and as such, many members of the town have scavenged these ruins, bringing whatever they find back to their home. A lighthouse once sat along the northern coast, warning ships of the dangerously shallow waters of the Archipelago. Unfortunately, it was shaken apart during the eruption of Red Mountain, leading to many a ship from Skyrim and Solstheim wrecking and becoming stranded in the shallow waters; Dagon Fel has taken in many of the refugees.


Shad Astula - an ancient magical academy not far from the city of Mournhold-Almalexia, Shad Astula has mostly survived the war intact, which has raised concerns among residents of the surrounding area that the leadership of this historic school might have been collaborating with the Argonian invader, especially considering the high amount of damage done by the attackers to Mournhold district as a whole. These suspicions are likely unfounded; the high amount of magical talent located behind those walls would have easily withstood any assault. Shad Astula is a secretive, isolated society and does not involve itself in the affairs of the Great Houses, especially now.




What sort of Elder Scrolls RPG would be complete without a Magic System? It seems that, in Hlaalu Blues 2 (name pending), we’ve thought of everything.


There are five schools of magical knowledge and power; these are…



More detail on each, as well as available powers, listed below:


Alteration - allows practitioners to alter and manipulate the physical world around them


Telekinesis: Allows the wielder to move small and medium-sized objects in their direct vicinity. They must also be able to see the object to manipulate it.


Waterbreathing: Allows the wielder to breathe underwater for a short period, usually a couple minutes.

Levitation: Allows the wielder to lift themselves off the ground and seemingly float on air in order to reach high-up places. Does not allow the user to fly, nor can the user lift themselves higher than a few metres at most.


Conjuration - used to conjure spectres and reanimate the dead


Summon Spectral Skeleton: Allows the wielder to summon a spectral Skeleton (either with a sword and shield or a bow and arrows) for a short while. Extraordinarily weak, but more than one (a maximum of three) can be summoned at once.


Summon Atronach: Allows the wielder to summon an Atronach (a magical entity) of either Frost, Flame or Shock. Only one can be summoned at a time, but they are much more powerful than a spectral Skeleton. (Note: players must choose ONE type of Atronach, listed as “Summon Flame Atronach” or “Summon Frost Atronach,” et cetera)


Reanimate: Allows the wielder to briefly bring a recently-deceased body back to life for a few minutes. The reanimated corpse will do whatever the wielder asks, but is essentially a zombie and is not very powerful.


Destruction - gives the wielder great power over fire, frost and lightning


Cast Bolt: Allows the user to fling bolts of fire, ice or lightning at their discretion. Prolonged use of these powers will tire the wielder out immensely. Specific elements have certain effects; Flame can cause minor amounts of fear, Frost can slow opponents down slightly, and Lightning can paralyze enemies for a second or two. (Note: players must choose ONE type of element, listed as “Cast Firebolt” or “Cast Lightning Bolt,” et cetera).


Resist: Allows the user to resist and deflect some of the energy of a specific elemental attack (Flame, Frost, Lighting). (Note: players must choose ONE type of resistance, listed as “Resist Frost” or “Resist Shock,” et cetera)


Illusion - permits those who are learned to affect and manipulate the minds of others


Induce Hysteria: Allows the user to drive their intended target insane for a minute or two. The result is largely unpredictable, and only works for a full couple of minutes if the caster is effectively hidden from the target. If they are not hidden, the effect only lasts for a couple of seconds. Only truly effective to living (not undead or magical) targets, and not particularly effective against stronger-than-normal opponents.


Charm: Allows the user to sway the mind of a target and make the caster more likeable to said target for a minute or two. The result is somewhat unpredictable, and only works for a full couple of minutes if the caster is engaged in open conversation with the target. If they are hidden, or not of any particular interest to the target, the spell will fail. Only truly effective to living (not undead or magical) targets, and not particularly effective against stronger-than-normal opponents.


Invisibility: Allows the user to turn almost completely invisible for one minute. It is mostly effective if the caster is completely hidden from view before they cast the spell. Casting invisibility while they are being watched will make it easier for targets to spot the caster. Any offensive action (either towards the caster or from the caster) will disrupt the spell and turn the caster visible again.


Restoration - imparts the power to heal and protect both others and themselves


Heal Self: Allows the user to heal their wounds within seconds. The more serious the wound, the longer it will take to heal. Healing mortal/fatal wounds may not stop the caster from dying, as a second healer may need to be present, as magic is directly linked to life-force. (If a caster is dying, their power fades to suit). Does not allow the caster to heal others.

Heal Target: Same as above, except inverted; the caster can heal others, but not themselves.


Magical Ward: Allows the user to form a magical ‘shield’ that can block most directed magical attacks, usually cast Bolts or Atronach attacks. Does not stop physical attacks. Takes immense concentration to keep a Ward up; even still, the Ward will only last several seconds at a time. Magical attacks are not deflected or absorbed - they are cancelled out.


IMPORTANT   -   Tips from the GMs Regarding Magic     -     IMPORTANT


IMPORTANT - Players have two slots for magical abilities on their character sheets. Unless the player specifically denotes their character as being a necromancer, wizard, witch, or sorcerer, they may only start with ONE ability - the listed classes may start with two. (Note: classes that can only start with one Magical ability are not prevented from learning a second later on through the use of a Spell Tome) Likewise, for each magical ability you have, you must list one extra, significant weakness to compensate.


You do not have to adhere to one specific School of Magic; you may pick and choose from the listed abilities as you wish. However, new Magical Abilities can only be learned through Spell Tomes. These tomes are rare, and will only be awarded as Loot by GMs (see the Rewards & Loot section for more info). If you already have two abilities, but wish to learn a third, your character must “forget” one ability in order to free up a slot. As previously stated, they cannot use nor re-learn this forgotten skill unless they find a Spell Tome on that specific Ability.


The Magic System was implemented to give players interesting abilities - not to be used to spam and declare superiority over another player. Please refrain from repeatedly using these abilities over and over and over and over again in short succession - give them a long while to “recharge” before you use them again. It’s just common courtesy to use your powers responsibly. City guards, powerful NPCs, and other Players are all examples of mid-to-high-level characters - as such, they’re not all that easy to use your abilities on, nor are they particularly easy to kill outright. As already stated - play responsibly.



Certain items in this RPG are extraordinarily rare, and only available in certain circumstances, (such as quest rewards or dungeon loot) usually with GM approval. These items include:

Spell Tomes


Ebony and Daedric Armor and Weapons

Valuable gemstones and metals

Intact Dwemer Technology

Aedric & Daedric Artifacts

Powerful Soul Gems


Powerful, Enchanted Weapons and Apparel

Powerful Potions


Elder Scrolls

(Note: Regular potions and standard enchanted items can be purchased in shops.)

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(second half of post since we hit the character limit)



Name: (Whatever you like, really, as long as it’s within reason and not something along the lines of ‘######poster_007x’. If you like, here’s a link to the extremely helpful UESP guide on TES names.)

Age: (Human races live, well, human lifespans, whereas elven races normally live two or three centuries before being considered old despite reaching full maturity at around the same time humans do - 18-25; normally they pass away at around the age of 500, but some mer who have special abilities at magic or are just that lucky can live twice that. Argonians and Khajiit have similar lifespans to those of humans.)
Appearance: (What does your dude or dudette look like? Give me some scrumptious details, man.)

Gender: (Male, female, otherwise; pretty straightforward really)

Race: (Playable races: Dunmer (Dark Elf), Breton, Reachman, Redguard, Nord, Imperial, Altmer (High Elf), Bosmer (Wood Elf), Orsimer (Orc), Khajiit, Argonian. Granted, if you want to play someone else, like a Tsaesci or a Maormer, REALLY REALLY BADLY, you can feel free to petition us, but you’re probably going to be refused than anything due to the effective nonexistence of other races than the ten we listed in Morrowind.)

Loyalties/Faction(s): (Yes, the optional plural implies that yes, indeed, you can belong to more than one faction. In this game, faction warfare is not the emphasis, the emphasis is on the storylines you, as the player, write in a world at war, and thus there is no reason to limit your characters to just one faction. However, this is entirely reliant on the rules of basic logic and reason; for example, your character cannot be part of more than one Great House, or juggle like four conflicting loyalties. If your character is a Thieves’ Guild member on the streets of Narsis, then he cannot also be a member of the Camonna Tong and a loyal supporter of his uncle in the city guard, a law-abiding citizen who has sworn to hunt down all criminals in the city. If your character is a traditionalist Temple hierarch, he cannot also be an Ashlander ashkhan. And so on. But other than that, feel free to be a member of any number of factions as long as there’s an explanation in your biography as to why and how you ended up that way.)
Abilities and Skills: (This pertains solely to non-magical abilities. Don’t get yourself too many. or too few, for that matter. The ‘just be reasonable’ rule applies more than anything else.)

Magical Abilities: (refer to the Staff Guide to Magic)
      Power 1: (same as above)
      Power 2: (same as above)

Weapons: (Any weapons your character might carry. Don’t make yourself a walking armoury, but otherwise knock yourself out.)

Equipment: (Any non-weapon equipment and items your character’s got and is carrying with them.)

Personality: (Simple enough. What’s your character like? Any overarching traits, quirks, w/e?)

Weakness(es): (Everyone has some. There must be significant weaknesses related to the number of magical skills a character has.)

Biography: (Where’s your character from? What’s his family like? Any life-changing events in his past? You gotta give me something.)




Subtle reference few will get aside, there are a few words I’m sure all of us here at the staff will want to say before we dig in.


This is perhaps an untraditional TBRPG (as far as OTC is concerned) in that it is not solely driven by the main plot and the factional conflicts. Being set over a rather unimaginably huge territory that covers Tamriel’s largest country, Morrowind, in its entirety, we cannot possibly, as the staff, provide gameplay always and everywhere. Heck, we cannot provide you with everywhere to begin with; aside from the main locations we’ve described, there is a vast wealth of secrets, dungeons, Dwemer ruins, Daedric shrines, villages, whatever you want scattered between them in the lands fought over by the Great Houses, and it is up to you to not only discover them, as the players, but create them, write your own stories taking place in this land. In a sense, we’ve given you the canvas; it is up to you (with our help and cooperation whenever necessary, of course) to fill it with paint.


The main quest, and the overarching conflicts between factions and Houses, we can guarantee you, will be enticing, tense and will capture both your attention and your participation; but even more important to the game will be you, the players, and the stories you tell of how your characters survive and thrive in this land at war.


We are giving you neither solely a sandbox nor solely a plot driven RPG; in a sense, we are giving you both. In a sense, what we have here is a Bionicle Kingdoms or BZPRPG-style game, set in an Elder Scrolls setting.


So, without further ado; we present to you,





(working title)

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Hmmm. Well-thought out rules system, fleshed out setting, I can tell there's alot of passion behind this RPG. The only thing that leaps out to me is that, speaking as a player and not a judge, the magic system is too limited for my tastes. So I probably won't be playing with this personally. But that is neither here nor there and won't factor into the approval of the RPG.  

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I believe you find life such a problem because you think there are the good people and the bad people. You are wrong, of course. There are, always and only, the bad people, but some of them are on opposite sides.

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Ah, I see someone else has thrown their hat into the ring.


Well, four someones.


All joking aside, well done. Four GMs working on one RP seems like a bit of an excess, and it's a little big (hey, I never said I was better) but it's pretty well written. I'd simplify the magic system a little, but it ain't bad. The biggest problem comes from the few historical hiccups.


From what I can gather, after the Red Year and Argonian invasions, Hlaalu was stripped of it's power and replaced by House Sadras. From what I know, this happened just after the Argonian invasion, yet no mention of Sadras or Hlaalu's being stripped of power is in this RP.


Also, after Mournhold's destruction, Blacklight was named the capital of Morrowind. Just saying.


Well, I have a few rewrites to do. Moving my RP backwards a few hundred years, expanding the scope... You know, stuff. May the best man win.

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The biggest problem comes from the few historical hiccups.


From what I can gather, after the Red Year and Argonian invasions, Hlaalu was stripped of it's power and replaced by House Sadras. From what I know, this happened just after the Argonian invasion, yet no mention of Sadras or Hlaalu's being stripped of power is in this RP.


Also, after Mournhold's destruction, Blacklight was named the capital of Morrowind. Just saying.

Firstly, it's not in any way stated that the event happened immediately after the Argonian invasion. I'll have you know that House Hlaalu was one of Morrowind's pre-eminent powers, and it is borderline impossible to remove a Great House from all its holdings overnight. It could not have happened without a war.


This war.


As for Blacklight being named capital, it's easily assumable that such an event could only be done after Redoran ultimately enforced its power over the country.


Regardless, I appreciate you attempting to keep us up to date with lore, but thanks, we'll manage and then some.


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