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Gruamorde, the final defender (MM vs SG alt model)


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After seeing Logan McOwen's cool work with gearboxes, I was inspired to give it a try. I had the set just sitting there, so I thought it would be a great test. With out further ado, I present, THE INDIVIDUALLY OPERATING GEARBOX!!!!! Just in case you didn't get that, you can move each arm separately. I just made up the name, I know it stinks.


Story: When Kulta knocked Ekimu away and reached up to put it on his face, a being formed, wearing the mask of creation itself. Beginning to duel Kulta, it soon became clear that Gruamorde would overpower him. However, as Kulta was at his mercy, Gruamorde showed weakness. Kulta snathced the mask from his face, disintegrating him. Ekimu then jumped and grabbed the mask before he could wear it, ending the fight.



P.S. Here's a link to Logan McOwen's profile: http://www.bzpower.com/board/user/114717-logan-mcowen/


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It's nice to see someones experimentation. The custom feet and the unique torso are good, the gearbox is definitely worth praise ... the fact you made all this with one set is really cool and I still like the blue and orange colour scheme of this guy.

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