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Haven't watched the video (not keen on doing so with a title like that)... but you are aware BZP still has rules about profanity?

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Owe my that title.

I thought BZPower could use a form with a age restriction for our more how you say "expressive" members.


Also Bionicle G2 had some of the most custom builds we've ever seen in Bionicle.

The sets were not the problem

LEGO's marketing was the key problem plus, construction figures our not that popular anymore unless they have a huge franchise behind them.

Such as star wars.

Also your video is nothing more than a rant than a argument.


Also the colors LEGO has are the only colors you will get for a long time.

There are still CCBS parts that have not been made in some of the most basic colors such as metru colors and clear.

We just got grey shells from a star wars set this year.

So no we may not get teal but there our other color options LEGO could use for a new theme.

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Hey I got a Flickr because I like making LEGO stuff.


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I listened to this; hoping to maybe get a small laugh at least.


But I really can't tolerate calling Lego Designer's stupid. No; just no. The main reason I got into G2 was the realization that these designs were very solid; and creative. While I agree there are a few flaws with the Beasts sets, I don't think judging all of G2 based on a few sets is fair. And the reason so many of the designers have experience in designing cutlery or doodling basic stuff is actually very logical; Lego hires Industrial Designers for this job. An Industrial Designer has the responsibility to balance so many product criteria; from price point, to durability, to ease of construction, to brand fit. There is a reason that Lego doesn't just simply sell MOCs; that is because Lego needs to design things so the same thing can be produced thousands of times, with consistent quality, offering the same building experience for everyone who buys it. Many of the Lego Designers who work for them, took a few years of college courses in Industrial Design to prove they are qualified for the job; and then had to pass a rigorous job competition cycle of interviews and building models before they were even hired, in my mind the exact opposite of the definition "stupid." 


And declaring the desire for Bricks and Minifigures to fail? Nooooooo... That would be like declaring that Ford, Chevy, and Toyata are all failures because rather than "doing something new" they just "keep doing the same thing and making more cars." And speaking for myself; I have always been a Lego fan due to Bricks and Minifigures. I first got a Lego set in about 2000; and it was my interest in Bricks and Minifigures that made me as a kid curious enough to also try the Balls and Sockets of the first Bionicle wave in 2001. And when I stopped buying G1 sets in 2007, it was the classic Brick that kept me interest in Lego; in the form of the new Modular Buildings and other early Creator Expert sets. It was this interest in the Brick that lead me to walk into a Lego store in 2015 to buy some stuff, where I noticed for the first time the new Bionicle sets and bought my first Toa in over six years. Bionicle could not exists without the Brick and Minifigure stuff; just as how the Brick and Minifigure stuff would have never existed if it weren't for a Danish carpenter making Wooden Toy Ducks.

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