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For sale: SSKK, complete VMKK set, WMKK, inside tour Gali mask, comple


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The car I've been wanting since I was a kid has come up for sale at a really good price, and I'm not passing it up again. View the imgur album for pictures: http://imgur.com/a/9K3v9


Prices are in USD.


SSKK = $2750

Complete VMKK set = $1800 SOLD

WMKK = $275

Inside tour Gali mask = $750 SOLD

Complete Toa Mata Kanohi set = $250

Complete Toa Nuva Kanohi set = $250

Complete Turaga Kanohi set = $90

Complete Krana set = $150

Complete Krana-Kal set = $75 SOLD

NYCC clear Tahu mask = $40

Sealed Vahki Nuurakh w/ Mask + Disk of Time = $50


I have a complete set of Kraata that may or may not be for sale, I'm banking on no, but if I don't have enough for the car that will also be sold. I also have a second almost finished Kraata set that might join, along with miscellaneous other items.

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Do you happen to have a light blue Kaukau or a pearl gold Kraahkan you'd be willing to part with?

i have a light blue kaukau if your interested.

Looking for rare Bionicle Promo Materials!

  • Press Kits/Press Packs
  • Promo CD/DVDs
  • Style Guides
  • Promo posters/leaflets etc
  • Anything Unique or one of a kind!

Please message if you have anything of interest

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