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Happy N7 Day!


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It's N7 Day and the cinematic trailer for Mass Effect Andromeda released! I can't wait for this game and am really looking forward to the open world experience Bioware has built. From gameplay we've seen, it looks like a combination of the mechanics/map layouts of Dragon Age Inquisition, combined with combat elements geared towards 3rd person shooters. 


Really excited to see when this game comes out! Though I'm not pre-ordering the Deluxe edition. Pretty much only multi-player perks.



Bionicle: ANP aims to create narrated versions of all the Bionicle books, with voice actors for each character, and music taken from various media to enhance the story. Check here if you're interested in voicing a character, and here for the chapters that've already been released!

Formerly: Tahu Nuva 3.0

Looking for a Bionicle Beanie. Black one with the symbol on it. Contact me if you are willing to sell

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