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Where Did G1 Go Right?

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The artistic direction of the first three years.


It's... just... so... GOOD. The juxtaposition between the tribalistic Maori influences and the mysterious technological cracks peering out of the facade of a paradise was so inspired and original.

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I feel like Bionicle worked because it took itself seriously. It wasn't just a hashed, throwaway excuse for a storyline that was made for no reason other than to sell a toy; it felt like a work that, were it a person, would carry its head high. It made you care about the characters, it made you get invested in the plot, and the world itself felt alive and natural.

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As the story evolved they didn't hold your hand. They threw terms at you, immersed you in this world, and trusted the viewer. Plus the first 3 years rocked, loved the Metru Saga too

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Bionicle: ANP aims to create narrated versions of all the Bionicle books, with voice actors for each character, and music taken from various media to enhance the story. Check here if you're interested in voicing a character, and here for the chapters that've already been released!

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It went right in giving us a rich and intriguing world to explore and fairly easy and enjoyable means to do that through (mainly the MNOLG and movies), and the sense that there was a lot more to this world than we knew at the beginning was also helpful in getting people interested at a deeper level.


I also liked the fact that it was a relatively original and serious story, not short, shallow and full of cheesy content as most Lego stories until then had been.

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A story that took itself rather seriously with an expansive world to explore. Great multi-media tie ins (MNOG!!!). Large lore, and lots of mystery; etc.


I think G1's strongest points were also its weaknesses later on down the line as the growing story became to convoluted to follow. But those early years, especially 2001-2004? Genius. There was enough worldbuilding to make one curious, but not enough to overwhelm the casual fan. Plenty of action and intrigue. I also thought 2006 did a decent job recapturing some of that mystery, but the dark tone it introduced and the more complex story lead to the problems I mentioned the line had.


Also another great thing about G1? Technic. The Rahi, Vehicles, and Titan sets were like "Technic Primers" for younger Lego Fans. While they might not have been interested at that age in building a full $150+ car model out of Technic bricks, being able to piece together the Bionicle Technic builds was a great way to learn what those more advanced models were doing. I didn't have a lot of Technic based Bionicle sets, but I wish I had more!


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