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From Darkened Roads, to Unity.

Toa Imrukii

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Upon the blackness of the despairing night, the souls of light pain in a world controlled by evil. The night shines no light, the darkness of the night is eternal now. With unity is at lost, the heroes are fallen.


The darkness has risen, but when light is birthed, light shines brighter in the dark.


The red clad empath pains and bleeds evermore the night of the darkness risen. His soul glows light blue with patience of a greater day. But in his heart, he glows with orange of valor and change. He walks into the night, baring blades of light, and a world surrounding him. The evil dance of death, and the ticking of clocks around his being. Figures of black gaseous form and red eyes and skulls, the evils of this world around him, his idols come to save him from his darkened time. The loss of friends, and so much aches at his heart. And the light is gone, except from him. Now he is truly alone, or so he feels.


The hands of alliance he reaches for, and they reach back. He knows now he is not alone. He begged for help, for himself and his faults. One loss will not destroy him in total, and certainly not forever. The light, his friends come to aid him in a world distraught by darkness. He is not alone, unity of six and evermore is risen for him, and for the world around him, no, the world around them. And they fight into the night, and until the light comes, illuminating the darkness away. His heart is scarred into twilight.


He awakens in his bed, a dark storming night, the dream of evil is gone. He lives in a world surrounding him, a broken world. But he has his friends, loss one, gained many. Or rather he counted his blessings, the world around him is brighter, he made it bright. But that is but a dream. He has unity in a world distraught by shadow. He must aid himself, and help himself. With Valor, he can make change, with Patience he can withstand anything, with Kindness he builds bonds, and shows for the strongest and weakest of them. With justice he declares his good will, to change and aid, even to those who hurt him, he is forgiving and understanding. With his will to persevere he will not falter. And with his integrity grand stronger than ever he stands, united.


Determined to make a change to his world, with confidence to do so, he can take down one of three paths. Those paths to help, to hurt, or to simply watch. In the darkened night, he fights forevermore, united with Earth, Light, Fire, Ice, and simply good by his side if anything, undefined in the time of which he fights. He has unity, he has friends. And I see this now, I have friends, I am not lost in a world darkened. I pained, I survived, I pained, I healed.


He stands alone now, but not alone in heart. As the sun rises, his scarred and bleeding face is revealed by slight by the rising light of the sun, over a red foggy dawn. Numbed on one side, his hair wild and long, but groomed. His face scarred. His soul shining bright, in a world of darkness, the light bares evermore.


I have killed my fear, I am united. I am the Light to Illuminate Against the Darkness, in the soul. And a scarred heart, shining twilight.


The loss of one is temporary, he feels and hopes. The value of friendship is greater than monetary wealth. Greater than just a commonality, a crucial understanding it is. Now, he stands united, defining his own life. Maybe he is but a dreamer, a child. Perhaps even naive, but he will not die, for his strength is powerful, but his unity is even stronger. To overcome the flow of time, action is greater.




I pained, but I have Unity.

Quote: "Love has no fear, and no vengeance." |

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