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Looking For "Masker" Knockoffs/Bootlegs


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Hey all! I am in search of a few of the figures (mostly their masks) from a knockoff/bootleg line called "Enlighten Maskers," some also labeled as "FrisbeeX." They're basically metru matoran, but a few of them have differently-colored masks that are pretty cool. Below are links to the figures that I'm interested in. I've only found listings on Russian sites, but none of them (per Google Translate) have any of the figures left in stock. If you have or can help me find any of them (or even just their masks), or any other knockoffs with masks or parts that come in colors LEGO didn't make, I would definitely be interested in making a deal with you!!


"Balma" http://super-shop-ru.ru/shops/s001/data/big/221-2[3].jpg



"Oddor" http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Xanxost/LegoFakes/EnlightenMaskers/14oddor.jpg


"Titto" http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Xanxost/LegoFakes/EnlightenMaskers/12titto.jpg


"Beggo" and "Altor" (and Oddor/Titto) http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Xanxost/LegoFakes/EnlightenMaskers/18titto_oddor_beggo_altor.jpg



More Photos (all photos not my own): http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=298797






EDIT: Just for kicks, here are some instances of people finding at least the masks from these sets (too bad they want to keep theirs!) - 






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Unfortunatrly I don't know where to find such figures myself, but let me just say my peace real quick.


TBH I think 'Masker' is the best bootleg BIONICLE brandname you can give.

Also, those names are beautiful, 'Titto' and 'Altor' are great names.


Also FrisbeeX is the best name for kanoka disk launching matoran xD

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I can tell that it's true, I was thinking that I have some sweet prototype parts in my hands, unfortunateoy it were these bootlegs. But Im not complaining, not at all.

I think that I have like 4 of the silver legs and white Mahiki, which is, except for different code and not so sharp nose (from the inside) and of course colour, same as the Lego one.

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I wanted to sell it at first when I thought it was Lego misprint/proto (who wouldn't want extra 500-1500$ right? xD), but I think Ill keep it. But I will remember on you if Ill ever decide to sell one.


Maybe I would consider trade for Doomsday bootleg (I can't remember the brand right now, it was the blue one)

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