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Takanuva's Travels


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Journey 1: To Our Dimension


Takanuva had been going through realities lately on his mission to warn the Toa Nuva about the imminent energy storm that will engulf Karda Nui once Mata Nui awakens. He has so far encountered and left a reality where Matoro didn't save Mata Nui, a reality where Toa are evil, and a reality with a city of silver. But now, as he floats through another dimensional rift, he wonders what crazy, messed-up world he would emerge in.As he nears the end of the tunnel-like rift in realities, Takanuva hopes that he lands on something soft for once.


As he emerges from the Dimensional gate, he lands on a soft and squishy substance. "Thanks Mata Nui, wherever you are in this reality." Takanuva yelled, facing the sky. As he looked around, he realized that this reality had strange inhabitants, all he saw where some things that looked similar to Mahi or Mata Nui Cows. Takanuva immediately realized that these strange rahi where some kind of livestock. He also noticed that nearby was some kind of shelter and that whatever it was that he landed came from the rear end of one of these strange rahi, which he thought was strange. "Now why would these rahi need to create such a smelly and strange substance." thought Takanuva out loud. As he looked around some more, he also noticed that there was a fence made of wire and wood. After he was done looking around, he decided to head towards the structure. Once he was there, he noticed that it was made mostly from wood and had some wires coming from it and it also seemed to have two floors.


Eventually he decided to knock on the door. Eventually a being slightly shorter than him answered the door, screamed and shut it. Takanuva at once said "Please calm down, I am not here to harm you." after a while a strange blue and white vehicle with four wheels came, and out of it came two more beings. Once they where out of the vehicle one of the two beings pulled out a dark gray devise and aimed it at Takanuva and said "Sir, put your hands up and stay where you are." in response Takanuva asked calmly "Why, who are you?" The two beings then looked at each other and then back at Takanuva and said "We're police, don't you have police where you're from?" "No, what are police?"  asked Takanuva. Again the police looked at each other and then at Takanuva and said "We are law enforcement, don't you at least have that?" so Takanuva quickly explained "I kind of am part of the law enforcement, but the citizens where I am from are mostly peaceful, so I mainly go on adventures."


The officers then looked at each other again and then back at Takanuva and said "Sir, please come with us so we can talk more at the police station." "Sure." Takanuva said as he came towards the police officers. The officers then approached Takanuva cautiously and pulled out something made of mettle. When Takanuva came closer he noticed that both of these "Police" where slightly shorter than him. "Is it alright if we put these on you?" asked an apparently female officer. "What are they?" asked Takanuva. "We call them handcuffs, they restrict your movement, we want you to wear them in case you're hostile." explained an apparently male officer. "Ok, I will wear them so that you feel more comfortable." Takanuva said as they put the handcuffs on him. "Please get into the back of the vehicle, Sir." so, Takanuva got into the back of the vehicle and thought. "This is one heck of a strange reality." He had to bent over a little bit so his mask didn't bump the roof of the vehicle once he was in.


Once Takanuva was at the Police station he was taken from the vehicle and was stunned by the largeness of the place. As he was brought to an elevated platform with a desk. The man at the desk looked at Takanuva and had the facial expression of fear and asked "What on earth is that thing!" so the female officer said "We don't know, all we know is that he claims to be from another reality and wants to speak with whoever is in charge." so the scared officer said "Ok then, take him to an interrogation room so that the police chief can talk to him." so the officers that met Takanuva first took him there and told him to stay in the room. "Could you take these off of me now?" Takanuva asked the male officer. "Sorry, but protocol says you have to keep them on for now." he replied, so Takanuva said "Very well, if it makes whoever's in-charge feel comfortable."


After a while of waiting, an older being came into the room and said "I am police chief Smith, but you can call me either John or Mr.Smith, ok?" "Nice to meet you John, I am Takanuva, Toa of light." said Takanuva proudly as he stood up. "Please sit down Mr. Takanuva." said John. "Sorry, I'me just very proud of my title." said Takanuva as he sat back down. "So what where you doing on a farm outside of town?" asked John. "You probably won't believe me, but I am from another reality and I'me trying to get home to deliver an important message to some friends of mine." said Takanuva. "You're right, I don't believe you, are you going to stick to this story of yours or at least have any proof of your claims?" replied John, so Takanuva said "Well, I could remove my mask and show you that I'me not from this universe, I could show you my elemental powers, or just break these handcuffs, your choice Sir." "How about we just start by you taking off your mask." said John. So Takanuva took off his mask and showed John that he wasn't his species, to which the man hid his surprise very well and said "Well, that definitely proves that you're either a robot or from another dimension, so how about that elemental stuff you said you have?" "Ok, well, I have two elements at my disposal, light and shadow, which one would you rather see?" said Takanuva.


Later Takanuva was taken to a court yard where he was told he could unleash his power. So Takanuva did just that, he decided to use his light power to absorb the light around him. This gave him power to unleash and he used it to make a ball of solid light said "Hey, catch!" and tossed it to John, whom was in disbelief that he was holding solid light. Then Takanuva made holograms of himself and then got rid of them and then stoped. "Did you like what you see John?" asked a weary Takanuva. Stunned, the police chief said "Yep, you definitely are not from this reality, nobody has that kind of technology here." "So, does that mean that you guys don't have anything that could get me to another reality?" said Takanuva. "Well, your only hope is that some scientists and engineers can make a dimension-hopper, and luckily I know some, come with me." said John. So, Takanuva followed John to another vehicle, but this one was black. "Hop on into my car, I will take you to them." John said. So Takanuva got into the car's front passenger seat.


After an hour's drive, Takanuva and John got to there destination. As Takanuva looked out of the car's window, he saw what appeared to be an observatory, the only way he could tell was that it somehow reminded him of the Ga-Metru observatories. Once he was inside he was introduced to people that John said where "The finest minds in the USA", whatever that means. So as he talked to these "scientists" he noticed that all of their information was "theoretical" and thought "Wow, these people have a whole lot of terminology." After a while, Takanuva realized that these people couldn't help him in time and said "I'me sorry, but you all just can't help me in time, where I'me from religion is embedded in science, are there any religious people that could help me?" The scientists where all shocked at the news and eventually one said "Well, there are many major religions in town with many followers, maybe one of the major religious leaders could help you." "Thank you very much, I will start looking for them immediately." said Takanuva while bowing to the scientist.


Later he was brought to many religious places and talked to their leaders, but none could help him. On the way back to the observatory, Takanuva noticed a big building that he thought looked religious and asked John if it was. "Yah, I don't think they could help you." said John. "Why not, they are religious aren't they?" asked Takanuva. "Well, they are, it's just that that religion is against mysticism." explained John. So Takanuva replied "Well, what do we have to lose, none of the other ones could help me." said Takanuva. So the police chief parked the car and they headed into the building. Once Takanuva was in the building a man said "Welcome to Mountain Christian Church, how can I help you?" So Takanuva said "You probably won't believe me, but I am from another reality and am trying to get home by religious means, is there a chance I could speak to your religious leader?" So the man said "Sure, why not, what could go wrong, follow me."


So the man lead Takanuva and John into a back room and introduced him to the religious leader. "Hello, my name is Ben." he said. "My name is Takanuva, do you think you could get your god to open a portal to another reality, I am from another reality and am trying to get home." Takanuva said, so Ben said "Sure." and he turned around, got on his knees and prayed to his god, when he was done a portal opened and Takanuva asked "How come you could do it when no other religious leaders could?" so Ben said "I didn't do it, God did, and he is the one true god, those other religions worship false gods, ours never fails and never gives up, safe travels Takanuva, and may God be with you." so Takanuva said his goodbyes and walked through the portal, hoping that their god either sent him back home, or to a reality that will help him in some unexpected way.

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My Epic: Ahkmou's Return and My story collection: Takanuva's Travels are my stories so far, look 'em up.

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Journey 2: The Marvel Universe


As Takanuva was traveling through another Dimensional Portal, he couldn't help but wonder where he was going to end up this time, another shattered mirror world, or perhaps another world with beings that are completely organic? He just hoped that this time he landed into his reality. Once again he felt the now way too familiar sensation of being pulled into another reality. "It really stinks that I can't be braced for what is special about this reality before entering it" he thought to himself as he hoped he would land on something soft again.


Once he exited the dimensional portal he landed on something soft and thought "Thank you Mata Nui for another soft landing." after he fell on it he got up and realized that he landed on some kind of furniture. It was long and black. After he got off the furniture an alarm sounded and a feminine voice said "Intruder alert, intruder alert." As several beings came into the room Takanuva thought "Boy, these beings have some strange color schemes."  Then a being that was wearing red, white, and blue hostilely said "Who are you, and how did you get into our tower?"


So Takanuva then said "Hold on, I'm not hostile, you can put away your weapons!" "After you answer the question" said a being wearing red and gold armor. "I am Takanuva, Toa of light, and I came through an inter-dimensional portal that landed me onto your furniture. Who are you?" said Takanuva. The beings looked at each other and one that was wielding a bow said "We're called the Avengers, my name's Hawkeye, the girl with the red hourglass on her belt is Black Widow, the guy with the shield is Captain America, the big green guy is The Hulk, and the one in the armor is Iron Man." Seeing that Hawkeye was friendly, Takanuva said "Thank you for the introductions, not many beings I have met are this friendly towards me." "So why are you traveling through realities?" asked the man in armor as it came off of him and flew away.


"Long story short, a friend of mine tried to use his mask of Dimensional Gates to teleport me to another section in my universe, but he accidentally sent me to another universe and I have been trying to get home ever since." The Avengers looked at each other again and then turned to Takanuva. "Well you’re in luck, Tony is the smartest man on earth." Captain America said, to which Iron Man said "It's true, I am." "Wait I thought your name was Iron Man." said Takanuva, confused. "Iron Man is my superhero name, it hides my true identity." said Tony. To which Takanuva said "Oh, that makes sense, where I'm from we don't need to do that." Then Captain America said "Well, you can stay with us until you find a way get to another reality, but in the meantime, what do you do in your reality?" "I fight Evil, what about you?" asked Takanuva. "We do  the same thing." Hawkeye said.


"So, how old are you?" asked Hawkeye. "I am over one-hundred-thousand years old." Takanuva said. Once he said it, the jaws of Tony and Hawkeye dropped and tony said "How could such advanced technology have been made one-hundred-thousand years ago?" "I don't know, my people and I lost our memory a thousand years ago due to us all having been traumatized by something, I don't know what though." explained Takanuva. “Interesting,” Tony said, “so what have you been doing throughout your travels?” “I have been helping heroes of whatever reality I’m stuck in while trying to find a way back to my own.” Takanuva said as the rest of the Avengers gathered around him.


Just then a new alarm sounded and a Feminine voice said “We are under attack, I repeat, we are under attack.” Quickly Iron Man said “Takanuva, do you have any powers?” “Yah, why, do you want my help?” Takanuva asked as the other Avengers raced down towards the threat. “Yep, we may need all the help we can get.” Iron Man said as his armor flew to him and formed itself around him. So, Takanuva followed Iron Man to where the attack was. Once there Takanuva found himself on what appeared to be a landing pad near the top of the tower. Takanuva saw some guys in yellow outfits wielding strange weapons and figured out that they were the attackers. So Takanuva took out his Power Lance and aimed some light energy at the feet of one of the enemies and fired. The shot sweeped the enemy's feet right from under him and made him hit the floor face-first faster than the eye could see. The being then moaned in pain. Seeing the robot-like figure as a major unexpected threat, the beings in yellow all ran to some kind of flying vehicle and fled.


Right after the beings in yellow fled, Takanuva turned to Iron Man and asked “Who were they?” Before Iron Man could respond, lightning struck right behind Takanuva and another being appeared, hit Takanuva with a hammer and said “Is this what you called me for Iron Man, an automaton, I thought you said AIM was attacking.” So Takanuva got up and used his light powers to create holograms of himself everywhere and said “Is he friend or foe, Iron Man?” to which Iron Man said “This is Thor, and he’s a friend.” Then he turned to Thor and said “Thor, this is Takanuva, he helped us drive off aim before you got here.” As Iron Man was making introductions, Takanuva got rid of the holograms and Thor stowed his hammer. After which Thor said “Sorry, I thought that you were the enemy.” Takanuva then turned to Iron Man and said “So I take it that the name of the people that attacked you guys were called AIM?” “You guessed it.” Hawkeye said flippantly.


“Let's go inside and see if we can figure out where they retreated too, with any luck we can figure out where their base is.” Tony said as he entered the tower.  As the team was searching for where AIM went to, Takanuva couldn't help but think about Thor’s powers that he saw earlier and eventually asked “So, Thor, how is it that you have lightning powers?” so Thor then held up his hammer and said “I can control lightning due to my hammer named Mjolnir, and only because of it.” confused, Takanuva said “Why did you name your weapon?” “I did not name it, it was named that when I got it and it is the most powerful weapon in all of the nine realms.” Even more confused, Takanuva decided to then asked. “So, if it’s so powerful and thus potentially dangerous, then what precautions are there to ensure that it doesn't fall into the wrong hands?” “Well I am glad you asked Takanuva, because only someone that is worthy can lift it, due to a magical spell put on it.” Thor explained as he hooked Mjolnir to his belt. The Takanuva asked “Would you mind if I try to lift it?” so then Thor put the hammer on a table and said “Be my guest.”


Takanuva then preceded to attempt to lift the hammer and was able too, but found it heavy and could only lift it for a little while before having to drop it, which amazed everyone in the room. Then Takanuva said “So what does that mean?” to which a bewildered Thor said “It means that you are almost worthy to wield Mjolnir.” Just then Iron Man yelled “I found it!” to which Hawkeye jokingly said “What, your sanity?” to which Captain America turned to Takanuva and asked “Is there someone like him in your universe, the kind of person that thinks he’s funny, but isn't nearly as funny as he thinks he is?” so Takanuva said “Actually yes, his name is Lewa.” while Captain America  and Takanuva had that conversation, Iron Man put his right hand on his forehead ,sighed then said “No Hawkeye, I found AIM’s base.”


Once the Avengers and Takanuva got to the location in a flying machine the Avengers called the Avenge-Jet, Takanuva said  “What element do you guys want me to use, the evil one or the good one?” to which everyone looked at him and wondered what he was talking about, eventually Black Widow asked “What are you talking about?” to which Takanuva explained that the element of shadow was considered evil and that the element of light was considered good and briefly explained some of the basic things that each element could do. The Avengers all seemed shocked that before them stood a being that controlled the powers of good and evil, to which Hawkeye then jokingly said “So you’re a living personification of a Ying-Yang.” to which Captain America slapped Hawkeye on the back of the head and said “Show some respect.”


After several minutes of discussion and scouting, the Avengers put their plan into action. Takanuva started by temporarily blinding the guards that served as lookouts on the north wall of AIM’s jungle outpost, so Takanuva got into position and reached out his left arm and unleashed tentacles of shadow that went straight to the guard’s eyes. The now blind men started to scream in panic and some even fell off of the wall and then stopped screaming, next Hulk broke the south gate while the guards were distracted and the rest of the avengers sneaked into the base and set several explosive charges, all the while hearing the chilling screams of Takanuva’s now blind victims.


After the Avengers got out of the base, Black Widow went over to Takanuva’s position and found him on one knee holding out his left arm, and shuddered. She had never imagined that shadows could be so eerie. Then said “Alright Takanuva, you can stop now.” to which Takanuva stood up and turned to Black Widow, whom noticed that Takanuva’s eyes were dark and seemed to be full of shadow, then he stopped torturing the AIM agents, blinked the shadow out of his eyes and calmly said “Please don’t sneak up on me like that; due to my shadow element I get dark urges and had the urge to kill you due to you unexpectedly showing up behind me.” to which Black Widow took a few steps back.Sensing her fear, Takanuva reassuringly said “Don’t worry, I no longer have the urge.” Once far enough away, Tony pulled out the detonator and pushed the button on it, causing the whole AIM encampment to explode.


Once at Avenger’s Tower, Thor put a hand on Takanuva’s shoulder and said ”Takanuva, I have been thinking of ways to possibly get you home, and I think I have a solution.” Takanuva then turned towards Thor and said “How, do you know someone that could at least send me too another reality?” “I can think of several people off of the top of my head, but I think the first one we should see is a man named Doctor Strange.” Thor responded. So, Thor took Takanuva to the landing pad near the top of the tower and said ”Can you fly?” to which Takanuva said “I used to be able too, but the virus that gave me that power wore off.” Thor then gave Takanuva a funny look, seeing his confusion, Takanuva then stated “It’s a long story.” so Thor, holding up his hammer said “Then hold on to me and you can explain as we fly to where Strange resides.” So Takanuva did as he was told and they flew away.


On the way to Strange’s house, Takanuva explained his story to Thor and he explained the Avenger’s to Takanuva. After a few hours of flying, they arrived to a long row of houses joined together and Thor stopped in front of a door and said “This is it, the house of Doctor Strange.” then just as Thor was about to knock, a man opened it and said “What brings you here ,Thor?” and then the man noticed Takanuva and said “What is that thing?” to which Takanuva angrily said “Hey, I am not a thing, I am a person.” to which the man held up his hands and said “My mistake, come in, both of you.” So Takanuva and Thor followed the man inside to the living room.


Once there, the man sat down, put his leg on his knee and clasped his hands in front of his face and asked “What can I do for you Thor and whom have you brought to me?” As he sat down, Thor said “This is Takanuva, he says he is from another reality and is trying to get home, I figured that with you being the most skilled in magic in all of the nine realms, that you would at least be able to send him to another reality.” then Strange looked at Takanuva and said “Great turmoil resides in you Takanuva, I sense that you are a being of both light and darkness, can you explain to me how that happened?” so Takanuva thought for a moment on how to put his story and then said “Basically I was at first a being of light, and then a creature from my reality attacked me and drained some of my inner light, and now I’m traveling through realities in an attempt to get back to mine to deliver an important message to my friends. ”So, Doctor Strange said “Well, I can’t guarantee that you will end up in your reality, but I can send you to another one, how does that sound?” so Takanuva stood up and said “It’s worth a shot.” So, Doctor Strange got up and gestured for Takanuva to follow him and they went up stairs to what Takanuva assumed was his studies and Strange started chanting in a strange language while holding out his left arm and eventually a portal opened up and Strange stopped and said “There we go, a dimensional gate, good luck Takanuva, I hope you can deliver your message in time.” to which Takanuva muttered under his breath “Me too.” and stepped through the portal.

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My Epic: Ahkmou's Return and My story collection: Takanuva's Travels are my stories so far, look 'em up.

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Journey 3: G2 Reality


Takanuva was once again floating through inter-dimensional space. He had seen some pretty strange and messed-up realities, two of which had completely organic beings. As he thought of those beings, he couldn't help but feel slightly nauseous, as those beings where revolting to him. As he felt the pull of another reality, he couldn't help but hope that this reality didn't have anything fully organic.


Once Takanuva emerged from the dimensional gate, he noticed that he was falling. Afraid to open his eyes, he braced for impact, but after a while, he decided to open his eyes and to his astonishment, he saw that he was falling near an island that looked like a fat version of the island of Mata Nui. Once he crashed into the island's bay, he was thankful that as a matoran that Hahli had taught him how to swim.


Once he landed on the nearby shore, he decided to look for inhabitants. So after a long time searching, he found a dirt path and thought "Hopefully this isn't some kind of rahi trail." and followed it. After following the trail for a few hours, he spotted something in the distance and thought "Finally, a local." and rushed towards the local. As he did, he noticed that the local was standing still. This immediately raised red flags for Takanuva, as usually locals ran away from him, but as he got closer, he realized that this local was bio-mechanical, just like him.


Eventually he caught up with this local, and noticed that this local was short, and so Takanuva guessed that it was this world's equivalent of a matoran, but also noticed that this being was afraid of him and frozen in fear. Takanuva even saw that the local was shaking, so he said "Don't worry little one, I'm not gonna hurt you." The short being then noticeably got calmer, so Takanuva knelt down onto one knee and continued


"My name is Takanuva, what's yours?" The small blue being said in a scared manner "My name is Tafalda." Takanuva, trying to make small talk asked "So, what's your element?" Tafalda gave Takanuva a puzzled look and suspiciously said "Waaaaaateeeeeeerrrrrrrr" Takanuva was surprised that this seemingly male being was of the water tribe and thought "Well, I am in an alternate universe." Takanuva decided that it wouldn't be a very good idea to tell Tafalda that he was of light and shadow at the moment and asked "Well, I'm lost, could you take me to your village, I need to speak with a Turaga." Tafalda gave Takanuva another puzzled look and asked "What's a Turaga?" Surprised, Takanuva said "You know, a village leader, or at least that's what we call them where I'm from." Tafalda said "Oooooohhhhh, why didn't you just say so? Sure, I can take you to our protector, follow me." So, wanting answers, Takanuva decided to follow Tafalda.


Once at the village, Takanuva noticed that it was floating on lily pads just like Ga-Koro. Tafalda took Takanuva to a large hut near the village center and said "Wait here, I will go in and make sure that Kivoda isn't doing anything." so, Tafalda went in and shortly afterwards, he saw a hand come out through the curtain and motioned for him to come in. Once Takanuva came into the room, he was surprised by how much it looked like Turaga Nokama's hut. "Hello, you must be Takanuva" Kivoda said, to which Takanuva said "Yep, sure am." After a short awkward silence, Tafalda said "Well, I've got somewhere to be, so see you later." and then walked out.


After watching Tafalda leave, Takanuva then turned to Kivoda and urgently said "Look, I'm not gonna beat around the bush here, I am from a different reality and need to deliver an important message to some friends there, so do you know how I could get back?" To Takanuva's surprise, Kivoda didn't seem phased that he was standing in front of an inter-dimensional traveler, almost as if he had heard of stranger things. There was again an awkward silence and Kivoda said "No, I don't know of any way, but I know someone that probably does." Takanuva then asked "Who?" Kivoda then instantly said "Ekimu, he makes magical masks, so I'm sure that he could make one for you." Takanuva then asked "Well, where can I find him?" Kivoda then said "In the city of the Mask Makers." Confused, Takanuva asked "Where's that?" Kivoda said "Don't worry, I will guide you there." He then proceeded to get up and said "Come."


After a day's journey, the two finally reached the city and where about to enter when a tall being came out and said "Halt, who goes there?" Kivoda then said "Oh Pohatu, you're always so serious." Takanuva was again surprised by this reality and muttered "Well, I didn't expect that." Pohatu then turned to Takanuva, pointed a boomerang at him, and said "And just who are you?" Takanuva then said "I am Takanuva, a Toa, just like you are." Pohatu then gave Takanuva a funny look and said "What's a Toa?" Again surprised by this world, Takanuva then said "Sorry, it's just that where I'm from we call all heros Toa." Pohatu then said "Oh, then how did you know that I was a hero then?" Takanuva then said "Because where I'm from, there is a Toa named Pohatu that I'm actually good friends with." at this point both Pohatu and Kivoda where looking at him funny looks. Takanuva then said "I'm from another reality." Pohatu then stated "Ah."


Eventually, Takanuva and Kivoda reached a temple-looking-forge at the far end of the city. At work there, there was a gold and blue being making something. Kivoda then yelled at the being, saying "Hey, Ekimu!" Ekimu then stoped his work and turned around, seeing that it was Kivoda he said "Hello Kivoda, what are you doing here?" Kivoda then gestured towards Takanuva with his thumb and said "This guy, he claimes to be from another reality." Ekimu then said "Interesting, so why did you seek me out?" Kivoda then said "Well, I thought that maybe you could make a mask that could get him back to his reality or something." Ekimu then playfully said "Well, I could try, no guarantees though." Takanuva then said "How long do you think it would take to finish it?" Ekimu shrugged and said "A couple of days at least." Takanuva then felt his spirit sink and said "What am I supposed to do in the meantime?" Ekimu then jokingly said "Help the heros here.


Later, Takanuva decided to sit in the city square and observe the life of this world's inhabitants. They where very similar to the matoran in many ways, from their size to their work ethic. The main thing he found to be different was that all tribes had both genders, which confused Takanuva. After a while, a protector came up to him and said "Hi, you must be Takanuva, I'm Korgot." Takanuva then said "Nice to meet you, sir." Korgot then gave Takanuva an angry look and said "I'm a girl, idiot!" Takanuva was very surprised, not just by Korgot being a girl, but also by her mean response. Takanuva then said "Sorry, where I'm from everyone of the earth element's a guy."


Korgot was obviously surprised by this statement and asked "Then how does that tribe go on?" Takanuva was confused by this question and said "Uh, my people live 'till we are killed, don't yours?"Korgot then sat down next to Takanuva and said "No, we only live for about seventy-five years and then we die of old age." Now it was Takanuva's turn to ask "Then how do your people go on?" Korgot then squirmed and said "I'm not comfortable answering that question, you should ask one of the boys." she then got up and walked away, leaving Takanuva with more questions than answers about this world.


Once night fell, Kivoda came to Takanuva and said "Hey Takanuva, how's it goin'?" Kivoda then sat down next to Takanuva as he said "Well, I have a bunch of questions about this world." Kivoda then said "You can ask me anything." Takanuva then said "Well, first off, what's the name of this island?" Kivoda then said "Okoto, anything else?" Takanuva then said "Plenty of stuff." to which Kivoda laughed and then said "Shoot." Takanuva then said "Well, I met Korgot earlier and she said that your people die after roughly seventy-five years of life, so I asked her how your people are still around and she told me to ask 'one of the guys', so will you answer my question?" Kivoda then laughed hysterically. After a while he finally said "Our people reproduce, how do your people go on?" Takanuva then said "We die only if someone kills us, but what does 'reproduce' mean?"


For the next several hours Kivoda explained everything he could about their reality and Takanuva explained everything about his. After a while Kivoda yawned and said "Well, I had better get some sleep, you can stay at my place here if you'd like." Takanuva then said "No thanks, my people only need to sleep every other night." to which Kivoda said "Alright then, goodnight." Takanuva then said "Goodnight."


The next day, Takanuva went  to the forge and asked Ekimu if the mask was ready yet, and to his surprise he said "It should be done this evening." so Takanuva asked "I thought you said it would take a couple days." Ekimu then turned to Takanuva and said "Well it was, but last night I found some ancient texts that should help me do it faster." Takanuva then said "Well then, I will let you get back to work."


Once outside, Takanuva saw the six beings that he recognized as Toa and rushed to them to have a talk. Once Takanuva was close to them, they all stoped talking and looked at him. Pohatu said "This guys, is the dimensional traveler I told you guys about." they still stared at Takanuva. Takanuva then said "Hi there everyone, my name is Takanuva, I assume you guys are Tahu, Gali, Lewa, Kopaka, and Onua, right?" the five other heros nodded and then Takanuva, wanting to break the awkward silence said "So, what are your guys's mask powers?"


Once they explained to Takanuva that there masks where elemental, Takauva said "Huh, that's weird, in my reality your masks don't give you guys your elemental powers." Tahu then asked "Well, what's your mask's power?" Takanuva then said "That's somewhat hard to explain, you see, my mask gives me the elemental power of light, but if I wore another mask I would still have the power of light, due to it being my element." Then Gali asked "So in your reality masks aren't just elemental?"


Takanuva said "Not even close, as far as I know there are nine elements and at least thirty-three different mask types." the heros where all shocked and eventually Onua asked "What are our mask powers in your reality?" Takanuva then explained that Onua has a mask of strength, Tahu has a mask of shielding, Gali has a mask of water-breathing, Lewa has a mask of levitation, Pohatu has a mask of speed, and that Kopaka has a mask of x-ray vision. All of these revelations at once pretty much fried the hero's brains and so Takanuva decided to change the topic.


Takanuva said "So, what do you fight here?" Tahu quickly responded "Well let's see, we have fought Skull Spiders, Various Skull Warriors, and we're currently fighting Umarak the hunter." To make the topic more relateabel to himself, Takanuva asked "What about Makuta?" the heros all gave Takanuva confused looks and eventually Lewa asked "What is a 'Makuta'" Takanuva then said "In my reality there is a group of beings called Makuta, these beings are pure shadow and have caused my reality a lot of grief, so I was just trying to see if there where any here."


Later that day, Takanuva was summoned by Ekimu to the forge. Once there, Takanuva said "I take it that the mask is finished?" To which Ekimu said "Sure am, here you go." and handed Takanuva the mask, but when Takanuva tried to put it on, it didn't fuse with his current mask like it should have, which meant only one thing. "I can't use your masks" Takanuva said after trying several times to put it on. So Ekimu said "Well then I guess that means I will have to open a portal for you." So Ekimu put on the mask and opened a portal and said "I hope you get home in time to give your friends the message." And as Takanuva entered the portal he muttered "Me too."

My Epic: Ahkmou's Return and My story collection: Takanuva's Travels are my stories so far, look 'em up.

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Journey 4: Ben 10's Reality


Takanuva was floating in between dimensions again. The feeling of it made him nauseous the first few times he experienced it, but the last few trips didn't, he started to wonder if that was a bad thing. As he felt the pull of yet another reality, he couldn't help but feel anxious. "Well, I guess that just comes with traveling in general." he thought and noticed for the first time that in this space between realities he could actually hear his thoughts.


He emerged in the middle of what he recognized as a street due to having been another reality with this kind of street. As he observed his surroundings, he saw what he remembered from that same reality as being a "car" barreling towards him. Seeing that the car wasn't slowing down he put up a wall of hard light in between him and the car and the car crashed into it. Two beings emerged from the damaged vehicle. He saw that they where human and wondered if he somehow got back into a reality he has already been to. The two beings where wearing black masks that Takanuva guessed where to hide their identities. Takanuva then picked them up and said to them "Who are you, and what where you running from?" before any of the people could answer, a green car with two black stripes going from it's front to it's back stoped and three more humans emerged from it.


Of these humans, two where male and one was female. A male in a green jacket said "Thanks for catching these crooks for us, whoever you are." Takanuva eyed the human closely and said "Your welcome, and just who might you be?" the human was surprised by his question and stuttered "W-why I'm Ben Ten surly you've heard of me!" Takanuva then said "Nope, never heard of you." The other male mockingly said "Hey Tennyson, how's your ego now?" The female then elbowed him in his ribs and said "Knock it off Kevin." Kevin then said "What Gwen, it's just that this is the first being we have encountered in a long time that hasn't heard of Ben, let me have some fun with this" Ben then turned to Takanuva and said "Well, now you have heard all of our names, so what's yours?" Takanuva then said "I am Takanuva, Toa of light." Kevin then asked "What's a Toa?" Takanuva then said "In my language Toa means hero and we're a species as well as a title." Ben was about to say something when a devise on his wrist said "Unknown alien DNA detected." Takanuva then pointed to Ben's devise and asked "What's that?" Ben then said "This is the Ultimatrix, it allows me to turn into any alien for a while and also allows me to evolve them." Takanuva then said "Well, I'm not quite an alien, more of an inter-dimensional traveler."


After the police arrived and took away the criminals, Ben said "Hey, how about you come with us, while you're in our reality, you might as well stay with us." Takanuva then said "Sure, but while I'm with you, I will need to find a way to get back to my own reality."After they got into Kevin's car, Ben asked "Why do you need to get back to your reality?" Gwen then said "Ben, of course he wants to go home, you would too if you where traveling through realities." Takanuva then said "That and I need to deliver an important message to some friends of mine." Kevin then asked "What's the message about?" Takanuva then said "Basically, in trying to put this in terms you would understand, if the other Toa succeed in there mission, an energy storm will engulf the area they are in." Gwen then asked "What in the world is their mission?" Takanuva then said "It's to awaken a being named Mata Nui, he was put to sleep a thousand years ago by a being named Makuta Teridax, whom claims to be his brother, and with Mata Nui out of the picture, Makuta has been wreaking havoc on my world." Ben then said "If that happened a thousand years ago, shouldn't they both be dead?" Takanuva then said "Not even close, due to my people basically living until we are killed by something or someone." Ben then stupidly said "Oh."


Then he asked "Would it be okay with you if my Ultimatrix scans your DNA so I could turn into your species?" Takanuva then said "Go ahead."Then a yellow light scanned Takanuva and said "Alien DNA acquired." and the hour glass symbol on the Ultimatrix turned from yellow to green. Takanuva then asked "Where did that devise come from?" Ben then said "It was made by the smartest being in three galaxies named Asmuth and his ex-assistant named Albedo." Takanuva's eyes then brightened and said "If he's really that smart, then he may be able to find a way to get me home!" Kevin then said "Not likely, he may be smart, but I don't think he would know anything about inter-dimensional traveling, would he?" Ben then said "Well, there's only one way to find out."


Ben then was doing something with the Ultimatrix and before Takanuva could ask what he was doing, a hologram of a short gray being came up and yelled "Ben, why are you contacting me?" Ben then said "Sorry to bother you Asmuth, but we encountered a being that's traveling through realities and he needs help getting back home." Asmuth then said "And I should care why?" Takanuva then said "Because I have an important message to give to some friends of mine that could save not only their lives, but also the lives of hundreds of matoran." Asmuth then turned towards Takanuva and asked "What's a matoran?" Takanuva then said "The civilian race of my people." Asmuth then said "I reiterate, Why should I help you get home?" Kevin then said "Well think of it this way Asmuth, this will finally give you an excuse to make a dimensional portal." Asmuth's eyes widened and he then said "You have a point Kevin, alright, I will help him get home." Takanuva then asked "How long will it take for it to be ready?" Asmuth then turned to Takanuva and said "A few days at most." and the hologram turned off.


Eventually they stoped at a house and Takanuva asked "Why are we stopping?" Ben then said "I have a friend that lives here that has a way for us to get to Asmuth's planet." Seeing that Takanuva wasn't getting out of the car, Gwen asked "Hey Takanuva, are you coming?" Takanuva then said "No thanks, the last time I knocked on a door in a similar reality the being that answered it screamed, shut it in my face, and then called the police." Gwen smiled and said "Well, your with us, so I'm sure that won't happen if you stand behind us." Takanuva then reluctantly agreed and came out of the car. When they rang the door bell, a female in a pink sweater answered the door and said "Hi guys, what brings you here?" Ben then moved so She could see Takanuva and said "This guy needs to get to another planet, so naturally we thought of you, Julie." Julie then looked at Takanuva and said "Ok, well come on in."


Once Takanuva and the others went to the back yard, they saw a small black and green being and Takanuva asked "What kind of rahi is that?" Julie then turned to Takanuva and asked "What's a rahi?" Takanuva then said "Oh right, you guys don't have the terms my people have, well rahi is what my people call any bio-mechanical animal." Julie then said "Oh, well in that case, this is called a Galvanic Mechomorph and his name is Ship." Takanuva then said "Why is his name Ship?" Julie then said "Well there are two reasons: one, we found him in a crashed spaceship, and two he can do this." after she finished talking, Ship turned into a spaceship and Takanuva said "Well that makes sense."


Just when they where about to get on Ship, some beings in metallic armor came and said "We are here to take back what's rightfully ours." Takanuva then asked Ben "Who are those guys?" Ben then said "Forever Knights, they steal alien technology and try to get rid of aliens in general."Kevin then touched some mettle and, to Takanuva's surprise, absorbed it and turned his skin into that mettle. Takanuva turned to Gwen and was surprised to see that she had pink energy surrounding her hands. Ben got the Ultimatrix and said "Well let's see how well this new guy works." and then when a hologram on someone of Takanuva's species came up, he pressed the button and turned into a Toa and yelled "Toa!" Ben then looked at himself and then at Takanuva and said "So how do I activate my powers?" Ben had the color scheme of a toa of light and a Kanohi Pakari so Takanuva said "You are a Toa of light, so focus your inner elemental energy and think of what you want it to do, your only limits are your imagination and what your element is." Ben then thought for a while and decided to shoot lasers at the Forever Knights, and he did just that.


Takanuva pulled out his power lance and shot some of the knights, melting there armor just enough so that they couldn't move, but would have only minor burns. After the armor of several guys where melted, the others decided to retreat. So Takanuva and Ben picked up some Forever Knights and got them out of there armor and Takanuva picked one up gently by the neck and said "Why did you attack us?" the Knight pointed to Ship and said "We want our weapon back." Takanuva then asked "Why, what are you planing to do with him?" the knight then said "I will never tell you." Ben then stepped in and said "Okay Takanuva, I'll take it from here." Takanuva then said "Don't worry, I've got this." Takanuva then lifted his right hand over the knight's face and drew upon his shadow powers to torture the Knight and the Knight's eyes widened upon seeing the ball of shadow in Takanuva's hand and scared, asked "W-what are you doing?" Takanuva then darkly said "This." and put the ball of shadow on the knight's face and after a few seconds of screaming the knight said "Okay, okay, I'll talk, I'll talk." and Takanuva turned off the shadow and dropped the man onto the ground.


After the knight revealed everything, Takanuva and the others besides Julie got back into Kevin's car and drove to where the knight said his base was. While still in the car, Ben asked "Why did you torture that man? How did you use shadow, I thought you where a Toa of light? And could my Toa transformation do that?" Takanuva said "Calm down, take a deep breath and stop talking so fast." after Ben did that, Takanuva said "For your first and second question, I was attacked by a shadow leach, which drained me of some of my elemental light and so now I can also control the element of shadow and that makes me have dark urges, which is why I tortured that man. Also, no your Toa transformation shouldn't be able to do that."


The answer seemed to calm Ben down even more and he calmly said "Sorry, it's just that torture isn't the way we do things." Takanuva then said "Yah, that's not how Toa are supposed to do things either, and that stunt broke the Toa code." Gwen then asked "What's the Toa code"


Takanuva then said "The Toa code is a code of honor that all Toa are to live by, breaking the code results in you losing your title of Toa." Kevin then asked "So what, your no longer a Toa?" Takanuva then said "Well technically I lost my Toa status when I lost some of my inner light, because if you can control the shadow element, you aren't a Toa anymore." Ben then asked "Well, what if you manage to get back all of your inner light, would you be a Toa again?" Takanuva then said "Yes, but I still broke the code with that torture stunt." Kevin then said "Well, you where exempted from the code when you gained shadow powers, right?" Takanuva then said "Yah, so?" Kevin then said "You can't break a code if you aren't part of it." Ben then said "Kevin's right, and besides, it's not like there was anyone else from your reality that saw it happen, so just don't tell anyone when you get home." Takanuva then sat straighter and said "You know, your right, as long as I control the shadow element, I don't have to worry about the code, thanks guys."


Eventually they reached the Forever Knight's castle and Ben took one look at how heavily guarded the castle was and said "Oh boy, I'm gonna need to go ultimate for this." When the car stoped behind a large bush he got out of the car turned on the Ultimatrix and turned into a Toa again and then turned into it's ultimate form. Takanuva was amazed at what he was looking at, the Toa in front of him had all color schemes on him and a legendary mask of everything. Ben turned to Takanuva and said "Well, what element do you think I have now?" Takanuva then distantly said "All 16 of them." everyone's jaws then dropped and Takanuva then also said "Your mask also has power, you know. Before it was a mask of strength, but now it is a theoretical mask of everything." Ben then said "A mask of everything?" Takanuva then said "Yep, it has the powers of all 60-something of the mask types." everyone's jaws dropped even further. Ben then asked "Well, how do I access the various elemental powers?" Takanuva then said "Well, just like you did with just light, but focus on one element at a time, or if you tried to mix elements, you would focus on those elements." Ben then asked "What are the elements?" Takanuva responded with "Light, Shadow, Fire, Water, Earth, Stone, Air, Ice, Sonics, Plasma, Psioncis, Plant life, Gravity, Magnetism, Iron, and Lightning." Ben then said "Cool, so how should we storm the castle?"


Ben sneaked to the wall of the castle and unsurely looked back at Takanuva, whom gave Ben a thumbs up and then Ben called upon the stone element and made a hole in the wall big enough for them to walk through and then rose the water to ground level and then froze it, allowing for them all to get into the castle. Once inside the castle, they all went down to the underground research facility and saw all sorts of equipment, including something to detain Ship with. Just as they were about to start destroying things, Ben's Ultimatrix timed out and the light drew attention to them, so Takanuva said "Well, so much for stealth." and then the scientist said "Seize them"


The fight was over quickly thanks to Takanuva fusing people's armor like earlier. That just left the scientist to deal with. Takanuva then picked him up and said "Leave my friends alone, or else." he then punched the wall as hard as he could and made a hole as deep as his elbow and then continued with "Or it won't be the wall I punch next time." Takanuva then dropped the scientist, turned around and left.


Later, when it was night time, Kevin dropped Ben off at his house and Ben said to Takanuva "Hey, how about you spend the night at my place." Takanuva then said "Thanks" and followed Ben into his home. Once inside Ben yelled "I'm home, and I brought a friend." Ben's parents then came to the living room and froze when they saw Takanuva, whom was sitting on the couch. Ben then said "Guys, this is Takanuva, he's from another reality and needed a place to crash for the night." Takanuva then said "Hi, nice to meet you." and stuck out his hand for a handshake.After some talking and dinner, they determined that Takanuva would sleep on the couch because he would probably pop their air mattress.


The next day, they went back to Julie's house and they used Ship to fly to Asmuth's planet, the journey took a good four hours. Once there, they went to Asmuth's tower and got to the top via elevator, which freaked out Takanuva. Once they got to Asmuth, he said "So you're finally here." Ben said "Well, yah, you said that the thing to get Takanuva home would take a few days, so here we are, where's the portal?" Asmuth ignored Ben's question and said "So have you scanned Takanuva with the Ultimatrix yet?" Ben then said "Yes, and his form was very useful, especially the evolved form, why?" Asmuth then said "Because he is the only one in this reality, when he leaves you will no longer be able to transform into his species." Ben then said "What, but why?" Asmuth then said "Because the Ultimatrix and the Omnitrix both need a living specimen for you to access the DNA." Takanuva then said "Well, what if you cloned me, would he be able to access my species then?" Asmuth then said "Yes, but only when the clone reaches your current age." Takanuva then said "Then you might as well not clone me." Asmuth then said "Why not?" To which Takanuva said "Because I am roughly 100,000 years old." Everyone present was surprised by his answer and so Asmuth said "Well then that would make sense, follow me to the dimensional portal."


Asmuth lead them through winding halls to the portal generator. Once there, Ben said "You sure you don't wanna stay Takanuva, we could really use your help." Takanuva then smiled and said "Nah, I need to get home and deliver that message I told you about, maybe I'll come back some day though, after my friend fixes his mask of dimensional gates of course." Ben then smiled and said "Of course, well, good luck Takanuva." Takanuva then said "You too." and held out his fist for a fist bump, which Ben bumped. Then Takanuva turned to Asmuth and said "Okay, I'm ready to go." Asmuth then signaled another one of his species to turn on the portal generator and then said "Takanuva listen, I can't guarantee that you will end up in your own reality." Takanuva then turned to Asmuth, smiled, and said "I've heard that many times, and I always find a way to deal with it." and then stepped through the portal.

My Epic: Ahkmou's Return and My story collection: Takanuva's Travels are my stories so far, look 'em up.

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