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Bionicle: The Legend Continues ... (in search of a name xD)


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Bionicle: The Legend Continues ...   (looking for a name, please suggest)




and welcome to my (notably badly drawn) comics page. As per right now, I haven't got much to show, in fact I've only just started. For the past year or so I've been wanting to start a Bionicle comic set on Spherus Magna and featuring the Toa Mahri (remember them? I know right I didn't either ...). After about a year of sketching and scrapping, I decided I was going to draw the beginning of a comic and not throw away, rub out and/or burn it. This is it and I'm regretting having scrapped some of the old versions right now, that actually had more than just a beginning for a start. This is more of a prologue if anything at all, but hopefully it'll grow at a reasonable if I have the time to draw some more and if it gets any feedback. My scanner seems to be utter , so the image quality is awful, like AWFUL awful. The drawings look like they've been done by an eight year old. I did most of it in a rush/rage if that's an excuse. The story which hasn't started yet is what will hopefully count in the future, but that leaves pretty much nothing at all worth reading at the moment now I think about it. Anyway here it is before I change my mind (in the process saving myself plenty of regret) ...













Again, sorry for the awful image quality, I hope it's not too faint. I'd say sorry for the eight year old drawing style, the unreadable writing etc etc etc but I warned you before hand.


More to come, better and less rushed hopefully, there is an actual STORY set to start. Stay tuned and goodbye ...

Matoro is dead. (Lol)

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This is beautiful, especially the landscapes. I could use your talent elsewhere....


I actually love this in its entirety. The ONE single problem I have is that this is a high stress project that might not see completion. I pray you prove me wrong. It looks so beautiful.

Wow thanks mate that's so nice of you! As for the high stress project thing, it is partly true. Unless I properly get myself to sit down for at least half an hour, an hour every day, it's not gonna move forward at a 'steady' pace. I mean I've got the time, even with the homework, but I'd definitely need to get into a good rythm. But thanks for being such an awesome person! Appreciated! :D

Matoro is dead. (Lol)

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