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World's Largest Bionicle Literature and Media Collection


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(Let me preface this topic by stating that I'm pretty sure this isn't quite the proper subforum for this topic, however I'm not entirely sure where it would fit. It's more of a showcase of various Bionicle media more than anything).
Some of you may know me for my 2001 Rahi Revamps or my Bionicle: Audio-Narration Project, but for those of you who do not, I am Joev14, owner of Infinite Inspiration Incorporated.
As a huge collector of Bionicle, and of Lego in general, most people are impressed to hear I own every single Bionicle set from 2001-2010 and 2015-2016 (including Click, Klakk, and Turaga Lhikan, while excluding all other non-canon promo sets). However, while I am personally proud of my collection of sets, I am in many ways even more proud of my collection of Bionicle Literature.
Over the years I have not only collected every chapter book, but also every other piece of literature and media you can imagine, from comics, to games, to physical copies of story serials. So get ready for a showcase of every piece of story material you might need to immerse yourself completely, in the world of Bionicle.
For reference, I plan on creating physical editions of The Crossing, Journey's End, and a compiled edition of all the Bionicle short stories.




Chapter Books/Informational Books/Movies


Informational Books (Credit to Tolkein for the Matoran Dictionary Second Edition)


Custom Bionicle Bookmark (Link to inside)


Bionicle Story Serials (Link to all serials)


Bionicle GBA Games


Bionicle Comics Collection (Link to inside)


Bionicle Mata/Nuva/Ioka Black Light Scene

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Who the heck are the Toa Ioka?


Also, nice Shadow Toa.

Voicing your opinions with tact is the best way to keep a discussion from becoming an argument.
So far as I'm aware, it's pronounced like this: We're ee ah moo.

Check out my Creations:


G1 Battle for Spherus Magna - G2 A Lingering Shadow

Short Stories

G1 Fallen Guardian - G2 Shadows of Past and Future (The Legend Continues Entry) Head of Stone, Heart of Jungle


Mask Hoarder, Desert Scourge

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