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3D Printed Life Sized Vahi

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So to start saving for the Nintendo Switch, I'm starting to sell the 3D printed versions of my mask. If anyone's interested, I'd say $100, (CAD) sounds fair. It seems some people on other sites are a little perturbed by the price, so let me just be perfectly up front here: In USD, I'm only making a $30 profit off of any one sale. The base price for printing and labour is $50. So it's not as if I'm just inflating the price for the sake of doing so. The mask was made with my own facial profile in mind, however it should fit anyone else all the same.





NOTE: While the mask is now available in other materials, I only know for certain that it prints well in WS&F. I have used Shapeways' automatic wall thickness tool to allow it to pass for other materials, but I do not know how well it works. Unless you're willing to prototype, just order WS&F. I take no responsibility for any flaws in print quality if ordered in other materials. 



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Cooleo, my friend. Now if I or anyone ever wanted to, we could have a life-sized Kanohi Vahi.

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