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Does someone know more about this rare kanoka piece?


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The simplified (one-color) nature of the print, and just the fact that nothing like this has really come up before afaik, makes me think this is probably from some kind of bootleg. 


Without more info it's impossible to say for sure, I think.

believe victims. its actually not that hard, and youd look kind of bad if you were to, say, side with an abuser because theyre your friend

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70% bet its from a bootleg metru matoran. I doubt bootleggers copied the kanoka supplementary kits. (This would be too odd to be a very rare misprint since there are normally only glow in the dark, black disks and orange (kanohi vahi disk) and vakama's red toa disk.)

It's Nuhrii's kanoka disk http://www.peeron.com/inv/sets/8607-1 (even according to biosector this would be the usual disk for him.)
Does your collection have a red/silver mask or blue/silver blended ruru mask(look at the shape if you re unfamiliar with the set.) if you have a blue/silver blend then its boootleg since they usually dont make actual original colors for the setsl

How did you get it, was it a relative that gave you his bricks or? 
very unlikely to be a official prototype piece

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Yeah I'm gonna go with it being a bootleg. Aside from the obvious, the other thing I noticed is that the print is slightly off. After looking at a bunch of my own disks, I noticed the numbers on the bottom line up with the Metru symbols on them, but on this one it's slightly misaligned. Plus the top of it is slightly faded.


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