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A thank you to everyone who worked on bionicle


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Back in 2002 a very young boy started playing with a line of toys known as bionicle. That boy would someday become me. I feel there is no one person you can thank for this theme. So many people worked on it to make it what it was. And now that's it's gone (possibly forever), I feel the need to thank them. My childhood wasn't the easiest. However this theme was a light through all of it. It was something that always made me happy. No matter what it did. It was a thing that defined my taste in story. Ever since the days of viewing promos on mini discs the theme always left me awed to some degree or another. Even as a near adult I look at my old canisters and sets and think of a time long before now. Of different people, different places, a different me. In a lot of ways a happier time. And this theme was present throughout that time. It was always such a great feeling to get a new set and open it up, see how it all goes together. And those characters were genuinely inspiring to me. Some of the earliest heroic characters I can recall. So I would like to thank everyone involved in G1 for all of this.


And I also thank the G2 team. We may have had different ideas on how to handle the theme but you were clearly doing your best with what you were given. You wanted the kids of today to grapple onto bionicle like we did. And although it may not have been a success your efforts will not be forgotten.


Thank you for reading. Feel free to post whatever you like here. 

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It's time to move on.

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