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Nokama Portrait

Taka Nuvia

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Thank you. :)


Very nice! You're shading looks great! 


Is this drawn in Photoshop with a pencil imitation brush?


Thanks! ^^ It was drawn in Gimp 2.8 using one of the "chalk"-brushes.


This is just wonderful, I love it :)

The shading is great. Even though it looks like drawn on a paper, is it right to assume it's a digital drawing?

The style reminds me of the movies, with that muscle-ish texture under the armor.

I also like the wires behind the head.


Thanks, glad to hear that!

Yep, digital drawing. I did take some inspiration from the movie looks, I guess I am doing it subconsciously by now, because I've seen those movies so many times... xD


Looks fantastic, especially in its reminiscence of her movie depiction. Just one question; what are the strands behind her (rather thin) neck are supposed to be?


Thank you. c:

Wires, I guess. The neck is sort of thin because I figured that part-robotic beings would not necessarily need human-sized necks, and the wires were added mostly to keep the silhouette somewhat intact. ^^

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 My art collection topic - updated! (21/09/2021)

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I think you succeeded well in the unique style twist. Much more robotic--definitely a more sci-fi appeal than either humanized or normal Bionicle depictions. Very good work. And I appreciate your solid understanding of shading, shadowing. I would say to risk doing more contrast, but I do like the faded appearance.


Glad to see you still drawing. We should catch up sometime. (:

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