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Awesome elephant, I like the way you use both Bionicle and Hero Factory parts, also great name.

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Whoa, this thing looks awesome...

Nice use of the white HF armor for the toes. It might look a little better if there was more HF armor on the body itself, particularly the sides, to keep things looking a bit smoother and cohesive, but other than that this looks flawless!



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Have you procured any of the smaller white HF panels in the interim since this was first posted? I know you don't have an amazing tendency to go back to finished products, but I'd especially like to see this with those, and with the grey HF limbs from the newer sets to replace the trunk. As an aside from the actual contest entry, you know. Also, I still wish this had some bulk on those legs, but the optical illusion the different orientations of the large panels provides still helps those thin-as-all-get-out legs from look too embarrassingly nonelephantine.

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I think I already replied to the old topic, but I'll say it again: Awesome MoC! The legs seem a little weird and should maybe be thicker, but everything else is perfect. I should go re-post my entry for this contest if it's still going too.

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I feel like the greeble-y body in grey clashes a bit to much with the primarily smoothe HF-based extremeties, but every individual part of the build is brilliant, in particular the feet and head. It does look fantastic, but I think you may be better off with it being either HF or Bionicle, or a more even mix of the two.


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Wow. I must say, this is very well done. It looks very sleek and it certainly resembles an actual elephant. One flaw that I can see lies in the joint between the leg and the body: it looks extremely feeble and out of place compared to the rest of the creation. And yes, I wouldn't be surprised if LEGO released a HF set named "Trunx" :P




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The mouth is rather good; I also like the feet. The chest is rough compared to the legs, though. Otherwise, awesome MOC.

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Why are orange and black such a good color Combination ? Purple is pretty, and so is blue. Pink hurts your eyes, green is quite mellowing, black is very threatning, red is cool, orange is SO awesome, yellow's hard to read... But you can't see white at all! Oh, wait. I forgot brown.


Here's my thoughts: If a person tells the truth and says, " I always lie," Is he lying? Or is he telling the truth? And what has a mouth, but no head, and a body, but no torso? Do caterpillars like to tend to supporting colum of stone's every need? Or is that name misleading by nature? Speaking of nature, why are the children of animals called offspring? don't many young beasts come alive in spring, and thus, should be called onspring? Heeeeeeyy..... I got the first post on a page for the first time. Who knows; it may happen again. What the... It did happen again... and again...



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