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This is the profile topic for Project Protodermis. Post your profiles here for approval by a GM.











You can create your own custom character for this game, or make this game the backstory for how one of the canon hunters came to join (within reason).


Before play begins, each character will need to be approved by the GM. Characters that would break the game (like a Makuta) or whose presence would break the BIONICLE story (like a bohrok) will not be approved. Use your own common sense here.


(Hi, Lorax here, with a note on species, Toa in particular. Toa are a) rare, b) not genrally inclined towards theft and murder and c) have just finished fighting a war with the Dark Hunters, which they won. For this reason, they are rather unlikely to join the Dark Hunters and if they do, they are highly likely to be mutated in the process.


In many games, (the BZPRPG in particular), Toa are by far the most common species at around 50%. Personally, I think this is dumb, unrealistic and uncreative. For this reason, Toa PCs will be tightly scrutinised before being approved for this game. Anyone wishing to play a (non-mutated) Toa must provide at least 1000 words of backstory explaining why and how this Toa has come to join the Dark Hunters, and this will be looked over closely. Further, with each Toa character that is submitted and subsequently approved, the higher the bar for approval will be. We might get one on the team, perhaps two if we’re feeling generous and they’re great characters.


This is a game about Dark Hunters for goodness sake, the most species diverse and non-standard organisation in all of BIONICLE. Take this chance to play a little outside the box, and give those rarer or custom species some love.)

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Name: Acanon

Codename: Huntsman

Species: Murau (Sidorak’s species)




Powers: Acanon has the strength that comes from his species’ great size, and the ability to use kanohi. He uses a fusion mask he calls the Kanohi Karapu, Mask of The Hunt. It combines the powers of the great mahiki, matatu, and rexa (mask of rahi control).


Backstory: Acanon was once a lieutenant of Carapar during the conquests of the League of Six Kingdoms. He participated in many battles during that time, but he considers his greatest achivement to be his victory over the Toa Artidax. He ambushed the three Toa, and used his mask of fusion to foribly combine them into a single being. Taking advantage of the unnatural fusion’s confusion, he was able to slay the kaita, and claimed its fused kanohi as a trophy.

When the League was defeated by the Makuta, Acanon escaped and began searching for the place where the Barraki were being held, intending to free them and let the League rise once more. He considers the Barraki to be his clan, and as a Murau Steltian, he places the importance of clan ties above all else, and so is honour-bound to retrieve them. He has travelled the length and breadth of the Matoran Universe, but so far, he has not found them.


Becoming discouraged after his long and fruitless search, Acanon looked for aid. He came across the Dark Hunters’ guarantee that they would take on any task, no matter the risk or difficulty, if only offered the right price. He contacted The Shadowed One to enquire about this, and offered what little he had been able to scrape together. The Shadowed One replied with a letter of his own, saying that, unfortunately, Acanon’s offer would not be nearly enough to cover the mission. In order to find and retrieve six of the most infamous beings in history, on a train gone cold for nearly 80,000 years, the Hunter would charge a lot more for their time. But perhaps it could be done, if another price could be negotiated: a price not in gold, but in time. In exchange for 10,000 years of service to the Dark Hunters, the Barraki could be found. This was a steep price, but Acanon had few other options left, so he replied with his agreement, and was brought to Odina.


Tools: Acanon uses a long, double-ended blade suitable for fighting multiple opponents at once. He also uses a cordak blaster.


Skills: Acanon is an avid explorer who has travelled all over the Matoran Universe. He is vastly experienced, and has learned to solve problems creatively. He is an accomplished warrior, gaining his skills under Carapar, and keeping in practise ever since. Over the millennia, he has achieved mastery over his mask powers, especially illusions.

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As a guy who thought a Dark Hunter RP would be the best thing to happen to happen to this site since... I'm not sure, allow me to be your first ever PC.


NAME: Waveahk


CODENAME: "Commander"


SPECIES: Mutated Steltian Elite (Sidorak's Species)


APPEARANCE: Pre-mutation? Sidorak, but blue. Post-mutation? The same, but with fins, webbed feet, and the like. (I'm not good at this)


POWERS: Water Breathing


BACKSTORY: Stelt is infamous for it's unsavory politics. It is not unheard of for high-ranking members for certain clans to wake up one morning and find they've been mutated. Despite the fact that mutation usually yields extra powers, such as an amphibious disposition, mutants are considered freaks by almost every island in the Universe... except for Odina. Add into the fact that Steltians usually lack a conscience, and the prospect of becoming a Dark Hunter doesn't seem like that much of a raw deal, at least not for this guy. Using his status as a previous client of the Hunters, he was able to convince a group of them who had come to Stelt (to kill the person who mutated him, strangely enough) to take him with them back to Odina...


TOOLS: Combat Staff, Cordak Blaster


SKILLS: Swimming, tactical genius... according to him, anyway.

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@ GoSP: Approved, with the understanding that The Shadowed One has no intention of ever letting him go. Come the end of ten thousand years, he'll Uncle Laban this guy into staying with the Dark Hunters somehow.


@ Toru Nui: Oh cool, another Steltian! That could work well with GoSP's guy. A couple of questions though: what does he look like post-mutation? How did that change him from what he was like before? Also, how did he go from being an outcast on Stelt to joining the Hunters? Did he run into some of them on Stelt and ask to be taken in? Did they take him in by force? Did he send a message to The Shadowed One asking to join? Add a bit more to the backstory and you'll be good to go.


Now, for my own character:


Name: Krahua

Codename: Shadowboxer

Species: Matoran

Appearance: Here


Backstory: Krahua began his life as an ambitious Av-Matoran who lived in the caves above Karda Nui. He earned his living as an engineer, inventing and repairing tools for others within the close-knit Av-Matoran community. As time passed and his skills grew, he expanded into crafting and fixing parts of the Av-Matoran themselves. He enjoyed the technical challenges of the work, and coming up with precise, efficient solutions to real problems that affected the lives of the Av-Matoran.


Suddenly, the Time Slip occurred and Krahua was whisked away by agents of the Order of Mata Nui, and his memories of his past life were erased. He was brought to an island east of Xia where, to apparently everyone’s knowledge, he was a black-armoured Onu-Matoran rahiologist and always had been.


For several thousand years, Krahua worked to understand the local rahi and their behaviours, the better to keep them safely away from his “fellow” Onu-Matoran miners, or to put them to work in useful ways. So complete was his brainwashing that he never gave thought to his life before the time-slip, even when he proved unusually adept at any engineering problems that happened to cross his path. He dismissed the talent as being “naturally handy”, or “just having a good mechanical intuition”. He kept such thoughts to himself, and continued on with his work on rahi.


Then came the fateful day when Makuta Vamprah came calling. He required an assistant to work in his labs, and sent out a request through the region he watched over. Krahua assumed that his knowledge of rahi would stand him in good stead, and, always up for a new challenge, he applied for the job. It was a decision he would rue for millennia.


When Krahua first moved into the Silent Makuta’s compound, he found Vamprah a little frosty, but hardly unpleasant to work with. The Makuta gifted him with a new kanohi, an avsa to match his own, and with a telescopic lens fitted over the right eye. The work itself was fascinating, and he followed the Makuta’s curt telepathic orders to the best of his abilities, which he found were growing by the day. In secret, he began to dream of growing beyond the role of a simple assistant, of one day becoming an apprentice, then a master of rahi in his own right, and a confidant to Vamprah. He should have known better, especially around a notoriously prideful and condescending telepath.


Over time, what little consideration the Makuta had shown for Krahua evapourated, to be replaced with harshness, and cruel punishments for even minor mistakes. Over the centuries, Vamprah’s temper towards the Matoran darkened, becoming outright sadistic. Krahua was routinely slapped out of the Makuta’s way with a contemptuous backhanded blow that left him reeling. More than the physical punishments, however, Krahua dreaded the times when Vamprah would turn his Kanohi on the Matoran.


Being drained of his strength, his will, his light, his sense of self and all positive emotions made Krahua into an empty shell of a Matoran. He would cower and grit his teeth, hoping to appease the Makuta before the last of his restraint was sucked dry, leaving behind fear, and a hot rage. He knew he shouldn’t bite back, but when he snapped and flew back at the Makuta, bellowing and pounding with his small fists, then the true beatings would begin. Vamprah loved punishing insubordination, and hours later Krahua would be tossed roughly back into a rahi containment cell to whimper through the night and rue his mistakes. In the morning, a rahkshi of quick healing would be summoned to make sure he was ready to work the next day. It would not do to inconvenience the Makuta, after all.


Krahua’s days were dogged by fear of when Vamprah would punish him next, and the Makuta seemed to relish encouraging his paranoia. He would loom over Krahua as the Matoran worked, saying nothing or leaving only a cryptic, vaguely threatening comment. He would telepathically rifle through Krahua’s thoughts and parrot them back as dark, twisted versions. After a time of this, he even implanted a vial of his own antidermis within Krahua’s body, so that if his own armour and essence were ever destroyed, a small part of him would remain and could be revived. Even after the surgical wound had healed, it continued to shoot pains up through his neck, and sometimes, when all was quiet, he could hear the antidermis whispering to his, whispering in Vamprah’s voice, telling him to do horrible things to himself. He wondered then if he was going mad.


It was one night after a particularly gruelling session under the avsa when Vamprah was suddenly called away. He threw Krahua into his cell, and ordered him not to move a muscle until he returned, giving him another blast from his mask to underscore the point, and sweeping out of the chamber.


In his haste, Vamprah had gone too far, and pushed too hard. He had unknowingly drained the last of Krahua’s light, and turned him into a Shadow Matoran. Alone in the work room, Krahua saw his armour flash white and gold, before fading to black. He remained physically exhausted, but for the first time in what seemed like forever, he felt empowered. A cold fury descended over him, bringing with it a clarity of thought and purpose. No longer could he put up with the abuses and indignities that Vamprah heaped upon him. He would stand up and be his own Matoran, guided by his own desires. But first, he needed to get out.


Barely knowing what he was doing, Krahua punched the lock of the cell, and the metal was consumed in a blast of shadow. He grabbed a knife the Vamprah had been using to dissect a rahi, before using it and his newfound shadow abilities to start tearing through the wall of the lab. Once he was through, he ran down to the shore and made for the marina. Behind him, he heard an Exo-Toa guard shout for him to stop. He looked over his shoulder, and saw that the robot was gaining on him quickly. Still running, he threw out a hand behind him, and felt something akin to his confusing new shadow ability. He hardly paused to consider it: by now he was acting purely by accident. When he next looked back, the Exo-Toa had receded into the distance.


At the marina, he grabbed a jet-ski and headed out into the silver sea, taking any direction to get as far away from the island as possible (south, as it happened). He rode for several hours before he sighted land again, but in making for the distant peaks he ran into a muddy mangrove forest. Reeds and roots got stuck in the jet-ski’s mechanism, while walls of foliage blocked his progress. Krahua was struggling to extricate the craft from one of these when he was discovered by a pair of Dark Hunters on patrol.


When asked why he had come to Odina, home of the Dark Hunters, Krahua realised that very few answers would be acceptable, and boldly declared “I’ve come to join”. After all, what better place for him to start a new life for himself? His new life would contain adventure, excitement, opportunities to advance himself, and explore this strange new magic that had overtaken him. It would be a total contrast to his time under Vamprah, and more importantly, he would be nowhere near the Makuta.


Powers: Krahua has two powers. First, he can fire shadow bolts from his hands or tools. Second, he can rob targets of their speed, chanelling it into himself.


Tools: Krahua still has the rahi-dissection knife that he grabbed from Vamprah’s lab. Given his small stature, however, he uses it as a sword.


Skills: Krahua is a quick learner, and has an analytical mind he applies well to technical systems and problem solving. He has a good knowledge of rahi, and some mechanical skills, owing to his repressed memories. He is quick and agile, having had altogether too much practice at dodging blasts and blows from beings much larger than himself.

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@ Toru Nui: Oh cool, another Steltian! That could work well with GoSP's guy. A couple of questions though: what does he look like post-mutation? How did that change him from what he was like before? Also, how did he go from being an outcast on Stelt to joining the Hunters? Did he run into some of them on Stelt and ask to be taken in? Did they take him in by force? Did he send a message to The Shadowed One asking to join? Add a bit more to the backstory and you'll be good to go.



I also like the fact that an Av-Matoran's name begins with Kra, which is the prefix for Shadow.

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Name: Nilauhk

Codename: Valkyrie

Species: Ga-Matoran

Appearance: Abnormally tall, Nilauhk stands well above most Matoran. This said, she's still well below Toa height. She also wears considerably more armour than would be expected of a Matoran, although while encompassing this is of a rather light nature, and is visibly hand-crafted and attached. Her helmet has a faceplate that can be seen out of, but not in through, although it does not cover 100% of her face and her jaw can still be seen.

Powers: N/A. Her armour has a slight gliding capacity allowing for greater jumps and to drift to the ground slower at a reasonable pace.

Backstory: Originating from an island in the Southern Chains, Nilauhk spent the earlier parts of her life living a hard, but relatively peaceful existence among a village of fellow Matoran of various elements, and despite the hardships they frequently faced, it was one they were happy with. Nilauhk had always displayed aggressive and occasionally violent tendencies and so worked as a guard, fending off rahi and killing those she couldn't turn back. However, the livelihood of the Matoran inhabitants was put in jeopardy when a force of Steltians under the administration of an ambitious entrepreneur arrived. Ignoring the protests of the Matoran, mines, refineries and more were built, entire guarded compounds constructed close enough to the Matoran village made life loud, smoky and unpleasant. Even despite her respectable prowess in a fight, Nilauhk was powerless; attack so much as one and she would have entire squads of Steltian Bruisers coming down to destroy her people's home.

As the industrialisation of their home progressed, the Steltian entrepreneur even begun offering the Matoran jobs in his employ. The population split. Some chose to accept his offer, hoping for better living conditions against the degrading state of the Matoran koro, and those who wanted to remain free and independent. As one of the latter, for Nilauhk life went from an unpleasant hardship to a nightmare, all to stay alive. Finally, when the Steltians declared they were moving the Matoran off the island, the natives snapped. Weapons were drawn from racks, armour was strapped on and the populace marched on the nearest mining compound. The Steltians responded with weapons of their own. Of a superior nature. Mere minutes into the fighting, and Nilauhk was knocked out in the blast from a Cordak Blaster. When she awoke, the island had returned to a calm.
Her people had been slaughtered. Even those whom the Steltians had employed had been executed to avoid them joining the ranks of the resistance. The mines still dug away at the rock beneath her home, and the smokestacks of the refineries still turned the sky an unpleasant gray. If Nilauhk hadn't gone off the edge before, it was at that moment that she did.

Over the next two months, Nilauhk hunted and killed every Steltian on the island, leaving the entrepreneur for last, ending him as he tried to flee the island. The mines were silent and the smokestacks no longer churning out black pillars skyward. Save for the wildlife, she was the sole surviving inhabitant. With nothing more for her there, she left, looking for the home of those whom had devastated hers, and to quench her now undying thirst for battle. The grisly murder of several Steltians back on their own homeland drew the attention of the Hunters, and after an investigation into her origins, she was quietly approached, the agent explaining the opportunities they would give her for what she looked for. The agent returning home alive and with Nilauhk was taken as a yes.

Tools: Nilauhk employs a polearm, which by default is a glaive. However, the tip can be detached(and used as a dagger or very short sword), and exchanged for a halberd tip. She has also been known to employ throwing axes.

Skills: Nilauhk is a skilled and aggressive fighter, acknowledging the advantages of stealth and ambushes but also reckless at times, leaping into a battle. She is also an able climber and something of a traceur.


My profiles


Read my Epic:Tales of Aoris Nui!

Profile pic by Soulemn on DA!


I also have a custom species approved for the BZPRPG! Click here to read about them!

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I think I'll get in on this adventure. :)



Name: Zaryna

Codename: Exile

Species: Akula (Pridak’s species)

Appearance: Zaryna is vaingloriously good looking with a tall and muscular physique and well-maintained appearance; she has looks that could kill, as though her thighs and heels alone weren’t weapons enough. She regularly polishes her ivory and blue armor to continue her air of regality long after losing her principality. She eschews the use of a Kanohi, preferring her elegant face unadorned instead, and has bright red eyes that drip with insidious curiosity. Her rhotuka launcher is affixed to her armor on her left wrist, and her sword is stowed at her back. 

Powers: Her immolation rhotuka have two functions, controlled as per her whim:

1) She can give a living target a debilitatingly intense sensation of burning pain, or

2) Consume any sort of target in intense flames, usually resulting in its utter obliteration or at least severe injury and disfigurement.

History: Formerly a vassal member of the League of Six Kingdoms under King Pridak, Zaryna ruled a section of his empire with an iron fist. Once the Barraki, including her ambitious overlord, were defeated by the Makuta in an decisive raid she evaded capture and remained secluded on her land until her subjects eventually revolted with the aid of a few toa. Deposed, exiled, and infuriated, she assembled up a roving band of raiders composed mostly scattered League fighters and spent thousands of years relishing in killing toa and terrorizing lesser beings. Through this notoriety she gained the interest of The Shadowed One, who offered her the opportunity to put her skills and hatred to more focused use as a Dark Hunter. 

Traits: She despises most Matoran because of what she perceives as an act of heresy; the Matoran remain faithful to Mata Nui but rose up against her despite her divine right to rule over them. Conversely, she gives Matoran who have shunned the Great Spirit a less harsh treatment. Vortixx are usually granted a measure of respect, since she worked with them occasionally in Pridak’s empire and can appreciate their typically cruel and greedy natures. She generally admires power and competence, which is why she regards even Nidhiki with a degree of respect. Though accepting of her mistakes, she regards herself as demonstratively better than most beings in the Universe; others translate that as a superiority complex and consider it off-putting, though Zaryna has been quite capable of backing her claims.

Tools: Zaryna has a rhotuka launcher and a saber that can parry most non-elemental energy attacks, which she attained from her dealings with Xians. 

Skills: As an Akula, Zaryna has naturally high dexterity and speed, and she’s cunning and ruthless, traits which made her a feared ruler and dreaded raider. She has plenty of combat experience as a general and warrior alike and uses her sword with uncanny deftness, preferring to quickly and creatively dispatch her foes. Her high intellect and sharp eyes make her adept at perceiving details and quickly understanding people's behaviors and complex systems.



Note: Most edits are for grammatical tweaks because I'm a perfectionist. No powers have been taken or added to the profile, though certain personality traits and skills may be added after they are introduced in character. 

Edited by EmperorWhenua
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I could complain about how I should stop joining BIONICLE RPG cliques, but this idea was too cool to skip out on.

(Are we allowed to create multiple characters?  I'll just drop both of mine here on the off-chance that we are; if not, I'll pick one and edit his backstory.)


NAME: Idgaddiy

CODENAME: “The Bug-Eyed One”

SPECIES: Cunal (Ehlek’s species)

APPEARANCE: Most of what one normally sees of Idgaddiy is his suit.  Idgaddiy’s arthropod head is encased in a silver Breathing Helmet filled with water, allowing him to breathe.  Through the glass eye sockets, rimmed with dark red rings, one can see his multifaceted, pale blue eyes.  A speaker system is wired near the front of the Breathing Helmet, allowing those he interacts with to hear what he's saying.

     Idgaddiy’s body is encased from neck to foot in a close-fitting suit of silver armor, accentuated with dark red markings.  An elaborate emblem is painted over the right breastplate.  On his back, a bulky control panel runs the different systems that the suit contains- pressure modulators, air intake, and blood pumps- to aid him with his breathing and circulation.  A panel on his wrist regulates the flow of water throughout the suit's interior.


BACKSTORY: Idgaddiy was once a native of the waters surrounding Zakaz, around the time that the Skakdi civil war was getting started.  An argument between him and other members of his race, regarding whether or not the Cunal should involve themselves in the Skakdi's troubles, escalated so far that it resulted in him and two of his friends killing three other Cunal.  As punishment, they were dragged to the shores of the Northern Continent, given Breathing Helmets, and sentenced to be exiled as Landwalkers.

     The Northern Continent was home to the Vemosai race, a stout, muscular lot.  Idgaddiy attempted to capture one for himself, to use as a bodyguard in order to protect his frail self, but each time, he was prevented from doing so by the Vemosai's son, Skondh.  Eventually, Idgaddiy and his fellow exiles ganged up on the Vemosai in question, and Skondh fought them all, in the process delivering a crippling blow to Idgaddiy’s chest, caving in his exoskeleton and damaging his heart and lungs.  Idgaddiy had to have multiple extensive surgeries, the final one of which gave him his trademark suit.

     After recovering, he approached Skondh and finagled him into slavery a "contractual agreement" to be his bodyguard, subverting the Vemosai honor system to explain that because Skondh nearly killed him, he was obligated to stay with Idgaddiy and guard him until he was nearly killed himself… or something like that.  A deal was struck, and Idgaddiy and Skondh became partners.  After all, one must keep their friends close and their enemies closer.

     Eventually, Idgaddiy tired of the Northern Continent and attempted to return to Zakaz via a stolen boat.  Unfortunately, neither he nor his partner were good navigators; they overshot severely and ended up on Odina instead.  But the Dark Hunters seemed an interesting prospect; ascending the ranks here would help legitimize Idgaddiy as something more than an exile.


  • Verberator- A dagger with a switch on the handle that causes the blade to vibrate extremely fast.  Useful for cutting through things quickly.

SKILLS: Idgaddiy is skilled in the art of subtlety and manipulation.  His suit, while hefty, does not hamper his naturally light movement much, allowing him to retain his jump height and quick reflexes.


NAME: Skondh

CODENAME: “Bruiser”

SPECIES: Vemosai (Mantax’s species)

APPEARANCE: Skondh is big, even for a male Vemosai; seven-and-a-half feet tall, and still not out of his growing phase yet.  He has a flat, round head, acid-green eyes, and a toothy mouth with two sensory tentacles at each corner of it.  Silver patches speckle his leathery black hide.

     Skondh is built a bit like a gorilla; he has short legs, a muscular torso, and long arms that nearly brush the ground as he walks.  His forearms split into three wide, flat, rough-padded digits.  Each of his feet has two wide toes.  Around his waist is a metal-plated loincloth.

POWERS: Skondh’s skin seeps a sticky, gooey, black liquid that is slightly corrosive.

BACKSTORY: When Skondh first met Idgaddiy, he hated him.  The bug tried numerous times to force Skondh’s mother into slavery, and each time, Skondh drove him away.  One fateful day, Idgaddiy brought two of his friends with him and ganged up on Skondh’s mother.  Though not experienced enough to competently fight multiple foes, Skondh tried his best.  He severely injured Idgaddiy, and the rest fled.  Hopefully, Skondh’s troubles were gone for good, and he could go back to his normal life of corroding rocks, eating delicious steaks, and prattling about honor.

     Nope.  Idgaddiy had the sheer gall to come back and actually try to get Skondh to come with him as a bodyguard.  The Vemosai honor system was brought into the topic, even though that had nothing to do with anything.  Skondh was almost ready to break Idgaddiy’s fancy new suit, until the bug offered a lifetime supply of the most delicious steaks Skondh would ever taste if he agreed to the contract.

     Skondh is still waiting for the first of those steaks.  The only things that came close were the bodies of those two other bugs that were with Idgaddiy, and they tasted awful.  But, with any luck, the Dark Hunters would have steaks; if not, he could always resort to cannibalism.


  • Steel Knuckles- Two metal plates drilled into Skondh’s knuckles.  Useful for maximum bone breakage (as Idgaddiy knows only too well).

SKILLS: Skondh is very strong, due in no small part to his size and muscular build.  His sensory tentacles work better than his eyes; he can’t see too well in bright light.

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I didn't really want to change Idgaddiy's species, since there aren't too many of those lying around, but I hopefully fixed the entirely aquatic issue by giving him a Breathing Helmet so that he can stay on land (as described by BioSector01).  It should be OK now; if not, I'll change the species entirely.

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That's a reasonable step to take, but before I'm really happy with these guys, you're going to have to do one of two things:


  1. Explain why Idgaddiy left his homeland in the waters around Zakaz to live on land in a special hydration/pressure suit and breathing helmet, how he got to wherever Skond was living, and how they got to Odina (not telling is fine for talking with other characters, but how such a pivotal event occurred needs to be in the bio.
  2. Change the species, and fill in the joining details. There are actually plenty lying around (other barraki species, Hydraxon's, Jebraz's, other DHs like Lariska and Lurker...)


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Name: Erox


Callsign: "Specialist"


Species: Vortixx


Gender: Male


Appearance: Despite being a vortixx, his body structure looks more like that of a Skakdi. He isn't particularly tall, or lanky, but more sturdy looking and gruff. Both of his legs are prosthetic, looking more robotic and practical than the rest of his body, pistons and technical parts clearly visible. His eyes are a searing orangey yellow, like that of the rising sun. He is predominantly black, with yellow highlights on his chestplate and arms.




Enhanced Sprint: His legs have been outfitted to give him boosts of speed when needed, allowing him to run faster for a short amount of time.


Hardened: Erox is exceptionally resilient, as well as strong, strength rivaling that of a Skakdi.


"I never skip leg day": As well as enhancing his speed at times, his jumping abilties can also boosted, giving him a larger jump height, as well as his leg based attacks given extra power, such as kicks.


Gear: "Specialist" carries a weapon that is about the size and similar shape to that of a rifle. It takes 3 special types of ammunition clips, all of which contains a variant modified plasma. Variant 1, which he's nicknamed "Slow-water", is a variant of plasma that hardens on impact with an enemy, effectively acting as artificial rust. It is eventualy broken out of, but can be a pain. It is a blue colour. Variant 2, which he's given the name of "Xian fire", is very similar to the properties of common plasma, obviously with certain modifications to make it viable to be fired. It burns on impact, acting essentially as acid without the corrosion. Its colour is orange. The last variant, he has named "Marker". Most of the damaging properties have been removed from this substance, instead it glows a very bright green. He uses this to mark certain enemies, to keep them from escaping. The weapon itself is rather rare, the expense in making it is quite high, and due to this, it didn't really catch on with companies wishing to buy arms from Xia. However, Erox, as a former arms builder, had his connections, and managed to acquire one of these after his accident. It fires in 3 round bursts, with each magazine having about 20 shots of plasma.


He also carries a regular sword sheathed on his hip.


Personality: Has a dislike for those who are unqualified to order him about, but do so anyway. He tends to get attached to people after a certain amount of time, leading to certain complications when teammates die. He takes a while to warm up to people.


Bio: Erox used to work as in the Xian factories manufacturing weapons. Life was somewhat tough for him in Xia, he never got far, and always ended up with the end of the stick. Something he was always good at was fighting, and he often found himself being asked for favours from rather shady friends of his. A while after an alleged "accident" at the factory where he lost his legs, he found himself being given an offer for a new life and new legs by the Dark Hunters. Not seeing any other future he took the offer, and worked with them to create another pair of legs for himself, using his knowledge gained from working at the factory to add certain adjustments. Using his connections to acquire his plasma weapon, he was soon recruited, and found himself in Odina.

Edited by Aussie Bane



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Name: Corrivalis (usually goes by Corri).


Codename: Whisper.


Species: Lariska’s Species.


Appearance: A lanky, limber being, her height and strength is somewhere between that of a Toa and Vortixx. Her skin is a soft grey, her eyes a vivid green, and her taloned fingertips silver. Her copper-hued armour is light and sparse, and around her neck hangs a silver necklace, from which dangles a simple golden key, one of very few items she places any sentimental value in. (MOC).


Powers: while she lacks any proper powers, she does possess the heightened speed and agility characteristic of her species. And, as with the rest of her kind, her senses are extremely acute, enough to detect even beings concealed by the effects of a Volitak or Huna.


Bio: The Dark Hunters employ beings from many walks of life, for many different purposes. Some were discredited gladiators, former heroes, or mere mercenaries, while others were soldiers or assassins. But some, like Corri, have more humble beginnings.


Once a skilful metalworker on Xia, she aided in the manufacture of all kinds of complicated devices, from clocks and safes, to weapons and tools. When a potential promotion opened up in the facility where she worked, she and a Vortixx co-worker competed for the position. Unable to choose between them, the overseer eventually decided that they should compete by climbing The Mountain. Corri, overconfident and eager, was quick to agree.


Suffice to say, the climb went disastrously. Badly injured before she’d even made it a third of the way up, she barely made it back to the ground alive, and was promptly fired from her position, cast out onto the streets. Harbouring an intense hatred for the Vortixx and their archaic ways, she refused employment from other Xians, and instead resorted to petty theft to keep herself afloat. Eventually, though, after a botched theft, she was forced to flee to Stelt, where she found a new source of revenue in looting the patrons of gladiator bouts.


It was during her time on Stelt that her talents caught the attention of a Dark Hunter, who offered to recruit her into the organisation. Although wary, given the Dark Hunter’s recent failings in the war, she ultimately decided a life with them would probably be better than her current circumstances.  


Tools: Corri’s weapons of choice are a matching set of butterfly swords, which rest together in a single sheath to present the illusion of one weapon. She also wears a standard scoped Akaku, useful for infiltration and break-in purposes. Additionally, she carries a small assortment of lockpicks and the like in a belt pouch.


Skills: Safecracking, lockpicking, sleight of hand, and pickpocketing are her primary talents, honed through decades of survival on the harsh streets of Xia and Stelt.


BZPRPG Mercenary Organisation - Description - History - Base

BZPRPG Characters - Minnorak, Kain, T'harrak, Savis, Vazaria, Lash

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OK, hopefully, this is my last edit.  I explained why Idgaddiy started living on land, how he got to Skondh's homeland, and how they ended up on Odina.  If this still doesn't work out, I'll just go ahead and switch the species.  (Like I said, I'm really hesitant to change Idgaddiy's species.)

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This profile ended up a bit longer than I anticipated, but I hope it's acceptable.


Name: Unknown

Codename: Hijack

Species: Parasite (inhabiting a toa's body)


Appearance: Although at first glance they may look like a toa, they are anything but, with their chest burst open to reveal a ghastly being with the appearance of black writhing roots ever shifting in the torn up cavity that was once this toa's torso. A single slit eye, yellow-red in colour, peers out of the center of the parasite's mass, gazing with an uncomfortably knowing look at those it lays eyes on.


The toa husk itself has at this point largely withered away, with its organics entirely replaced by the writing roots of the parasite. The armour has faded to a grimy unsaturated colour scheme, and the toa's eyes have completely faded to empty blackness. A viscous black liquid scarcely but evidently lines the fringe where the mechanical and formerly organic components meet, at times dripping down their body in thin black strands.


Powers: Whereas the toa's powers are inaccessible to the parasite, the parasite itself has mild telepathic abilities of its own, and with enough effort and focus, is able to take over the mind of a single being, to control and manipulate to its own ends. This trick becomes more difficult the more powerful the being is, and while rahi make easy targets, and matoran moderate, any larger beings may prove difficult to enthral with these powers (aside from Steltan brutes and beings of similarly low mental capacity).


Backstory: On an island deep south in the Matoran Universe, there existed a race of symbiotic beings which integrated themselves into the local flora and created a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship, strengthening both the plant and themselves, and producing a vibrant flora that inspired awe in any travellers that came across the island. In time, a small tribe of matoran, lead by a band of Ce-Turaga, arrived on the island and made it their home. In time, the symbionts would learn from the turaga how to communicate among each other by sharing their thoughts, strengthening themselves by creating a unity among themselves. 


Thus the matoran and the symbionts created a symbiotic relationship of their own, with the matoran caring for the plants of the island, and the plants giving back supplies for the matoran to use to their own ends. In addition, they became allies, protecting one another from any malicious force that wished them harm. There was a day when trees would walk the island, and invaders would know terror.


One day, a roaming horde of visorak came across the island, killing many of the matoran and destroying much of the island's flora. In desperation, the turaga made one of the matoran into a toa, and with great strife and effort, the toa managed to fend off the visorak, but not before their devastation rendered the island uninhabitable to all beings. The plantlife, and the symbionts with it, were gone. Save for one symbiont, which by the wicked effects of the visorak's hordika venom, had been transformed into a vicious parasitic mutant.


Lying in the ruins of its tree, dying, the parasite leaped at the opportunity which presented itself when the toa stumbled across it, tearing up the toa's chest and carving itself into the cavity, taking root and destroying any remainder of the toa which had existed before. Then, with its new characteristic viciousness, the parasite used its new body to kill the rest of the matoran and the turaga, burned down their villages, and left for other prospects.


Over the ages, this new conglomerate being began to experiment with its telepathic abilities. Being that they had no more brethren to communicate with, the parasite reached out to the minds of rahi they encountered, and found to their vile pleasure that they could control them. Developing this ability further, they attempted at manipulating the sapient beings of a nearby settlement, managing in the end to drive them all against each other in a bloodshed which horrified the neighbouring settlements. Discovering the truth, the neighbours took up arms against the parasite, which ended in a conflict that resulted in three dead, nine horribly wounded, and the rest of them scattered in fear.


Eventually, The Shadowed One caught wind of this terrifying being, and sent it a proposal to join the Dark Hunters for glory and... mayhem. The parasite, deciding these Dark Hunters could allow it more opportunity do explore its own potential, accepted the offer.


Tools: Hijack has a two sharp curved blades that once belonged to the toa it now inhabits. It has grown quite proficient in utilising them.


Skills: Their movements are unnatural and janky, betraying any attempt Hijack might make to pass as a toa (and that's assuming the glaringly obvious mass writhing in its chest was somehow overlooked). How ever, this becomes an advantage when fighting, as anything even an experienced fighter might expect from a humanoid being becomes obsolete, with Hijack bending and contorting the toa husk in ways that are both unnatural and completely unprecedented, pulling off attacks and manoeuvres impossible for a normal humanoid being to pull off. In that sense, they are excellent at melee and hand-to-hand combat, being able to stay unpredictable to their opponents.

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Ok let's give this a shot


Name: Kohu


Codename: Ghost


Species: One of Hyrdaxons kind


Appearance: Kohu has a strong build of average height for his kind, standing at 2 bio tall. Below his armour, his body is covered with scars from past battles. Kohus armour consists of large pale grey segments covering his legs, arms, feet and upper torso with grey flexible material covering the gaps and everything else. Kohu wears a powerless pale grey Iden, behind which his piercing green eyes shine. On his hip he wears a grey satchel that holds crossbow bolts. Kohus pale grey crossbow clips onto his back and he has a supply of rope wrapped from over his shoulder to his hip, and held in place by clips.


Powers: Kohu can create a dense fog that obscures both sound and vision over a wide area. Kohu does not need to create this fog at his position , he can place fog clouds a distance away from himself. To allow him to see through his own fog, Kohu was given infra red vision.


Backstory: While currently a taciturn and professional sort, Kohu started out his life as a young warrior eager to prove his worth under Carapar’s banner in the time before the Barraki aligned together. As he worked for Carapar he came to develop his skills in stealth, often sneaking behind enemy lines to sabotage them. In this time Kohu lost his enthusiasm and any naiveté he had, becoming nihilistic and interested only in warfare. Yet after campaign after campaign of battle, each becoming more intense in the lead up to conquering the world, Kohu’s career suddenly ended with the defeat of the Barraki.


Now alone in a (sort of) peaceful world, Kohu would become a mercenary who would throw himself into any battle even if the pay was little. Some of this work was for Makuta Bitil, who gave him his powers in exchange for his work and as part of an experiment to create a perfect assassin.


Eventually the Dark Hunters noticed someone was out pricing them and offered Kohu a deal, work for them or die. Not caring who he took orders from, Kohu accepted.


As he stands now Kohu is a taciturn and focused individual. Prioritizing the mission above all else, he cares little for the lives of his enemies but does value his team mates. He can be reckless at times, showing little care for his safety. Oddly enough for a Dark Hunter, Kohu shows little ambition.


Tools: Crossbow and rope that can be tied to his crossbow bolts to form a zip line.


Skills: Kohu is a stealthy sort, even when his powers are not active he can be hard to find, and his experience climbing makes it easy for him to sneak his way into anywhere. Kohu is well disciplined in war, brutal in hand to hand combat and an excellent shot with his crossbow, able to easily make killing shots from a distance.


Edit: formatting goof, fixed now.

Edited by The Invisible Noob
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Dark Hunter RP? Oh yes!


Name: Sukiru


Codename: “Sting”


Species: Ga-Skakdi


Appearance: Sukiru is a little on the short side as far as female Skakdi go. She has dark blue and black armor with a dark brown jacket over it. The sleeves are torn off to reveal developed biceps wrapped in tribal decorations. Her face is angular and prominently displays her trademark Skakdi grin, albeit with a few cracked and missing teeth. Her spines are large yet limp, draping down her back like a mane of bluish-green seaweed. Underwater, however, they unfurl in their full bioluminescent glory. A spine slug she has come to affectionately call “Gus” also hides in the growth, feeding on and adding to her battle lust.


Powers: Elemental Water - Only when combined with another Skakdi

     Accuracy - Her vision power leads to a greater sense of direction, power, and weight, the latter of which she abuses to no end in getting her “proper” share of the reward, a trait her overseers regret and threaten to remove her eyes for on a regular basis.

     Telekinesis - Her tertiary power, a weak sense of telekinesis.


Backstory: Sukiru had none of that sappy tragic backstory slag many other Hunters seem to share. She wasn’t wounded in her past or coerced into joining. She just got bored. Even on the wartorn island of Zakaz, she was never satisfied. She followed a pair of Hunters from Zakaz to Odina and demanded to be a part of their organization, a decision many would rue in days to come as she worked to eke out each and every widget she could from every job.


Tools: Sukiru carries a seemingly inexhaustible supply of a variety of daggers on her person, wrapped in a belt around her chest, in every pocket of her jacket, and even a few tucked inside her armor.


Skills: Sukiru’s power set and choice of weapons makes her a deadly threat close-up and at range. On the off-chance she does miss a throw, her victim had better watch for the dagger to curve around and plunge into their back. She likes keeping her hands dirty, shunning all other tasks… unless they promise a hefty reward.

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Two minor issues with this one:


First, the location of the Dark Hunter base is a closely guarded secret. One does not simply swim to Odina.

Second, characters in this game are only just starting out as trainee Hunters, so there really hasn't been much time for regular interactions with TSO or taking on missions, eking the most out of them or otherwise.


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Name: Kaspar


Codename: Mirror


Species: Toa


Appearance: Although a Toa at heart, Kaspar appears to be a Skakdi. The colour of his armour is dull gold, trimmed in crimson and replete with scratches and dents. His eyes are midnight black and never seem to focus on anyone or anything - they are always focused on something in the distance. He wears a Kanohi in the shape of a Kanohi Crast, the spine of which extends onto his back and lies adjacent to his own spine.



Mask of Emulation ~ allows its user to replicate any one power of another sapient being for a short time by analyzing and duplicating it, as long as the user sees the power in use.


Elemental Power of Air ~ allows user to create, control, and absorb Air




At the the beginning of the war between Dark Hunters and Toa, the Toa were losing. Badly. Despite their elemental abilities, training and teamwork there was little the Toa could do against the onslaught of Dark Hunters and their multitude of powers and forms. So the Toa developed a plan to infiltrate the Dark Hunter organization and learn it's secrets. Find out where they would attack, when and how.


Kaspar, a young Toa, was selected for the job. Unfortunately for him, Kaspar bore one of the exceedingly rare Masks of Emulation. The leading council of Toa instructed him to copy the power of a shapeshifter, which Kaspar did, and to transform into a member of Sidorak's species, which he did. He was part of a Toa team that ambushed  and captured a small group of Dark Hunters, which is where he changed the power of his mask. He was locked in a prison cell adjacent to the Dark Hunters', where he told them he'd been imprisoned and that he had a plan for escape. He had managed to steal a key (which had in fact been given to him) from their captors and had been waiting for a group to help him make it off the island safely. The Dark Hunter's agreed, and the group, including Kaspar returned to one of the Dark Hunter's bases.


Careful not to use his power lest he be found out, Kaspar used his position among the Dark Hunter's to leak information to the Toa. He was good at his job. Kaspar didn't leak so much that it would be evident he was a Toa spy and he never left a trail that led back to him.  Not once did he become disillusioned and he was steadfast in his duty as a Toa. 


Until the end of the war. There was chaos and he lost communication with his handlers and the council of Toa. He didn't think much of it and Kaspar continued to play the part of a Dark Hunter. Then one day a a small squad of arrogant Toa attacked the Dark Hunter base he worked out of of, ignorant of the fact that one of their was a spy stationed there. Kaspar yelled aloud for them to stop, that he was a Toa too, but they didn't listen. To defend himself Kaspar used his elemental abilities to fight back, killing the Toa - those people he would have once called comrades. 


But the other Dark Hunters had heard what'd he said, seen his powers. Spent from his battle with the other Toa, Kaspar couldn't stop them from knocking him unconscious and imprisoning for real. He was sent to the Shadowed One's compound and questioned. The truth abut who he was and what'd done was uncovered.

Then the torture began. He was forced to use his Kanohi to shape shift into a Skakdi, then to overwrite the shapeshifting power. His memories were erased, replaced with feeble ideas of what life as a Skakdi was like. When he thinks too hard about the past his mind tries to form coherent ideas but it gives him headaches, so Kaspar doesn't focus on the past too much. He was told he'd been experimented on, that he could use his elemental abilities without another Skaki in proximity. He was told he was a fine new recruit for the Dark Hunters, that he'd been saved from a life of destitution and had been given new strengths, treasures from the Shadowed One. 


He was told his name amongst the Dark Hunters would be Mirror.


And Mirror was proud to serve. 


Tools: A large broadsword and two long daggers.


Skils: Kaspar, A.K.A Mirror, is quite deadly with a sword, a lingering effect of his early days in Toa training. Sometimes he surprises himself how well he can fight with it. He's not very good at throwing daggers (but he's trying to learn) and instead uses them for close-quarter combat when his sword is too unwieldy. 

His control of air though is relatively unformed - he can create bursts of it to knock people down, but more advanced techniques are still beyond his abilities. 

Quiz by TheQuizzery.com



You are strong and kinda smart, but not too much

Which Barraki are you?

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Name: Lukasi


Codename: Metronome


Species: Devastator's species


Appearance: Incredibly tall. Lukasi stands over twice the height of a Toa. His girth is massive, but he is unbelievably thin in the waist. He claims this is a species trait, although the only one who could verify that is Devastator himself, and with all his other outrageous claims no one is sure if he would tell the truth.


Powers: A lot of the claims made by Devastator are almost entirely falsified. Lukasi possesses great strength and can pick up a Toa with one arm- not with the greatest of ease, but still possible. His saliva is actually intoxicating to anyone besides himself, and can dizzy opponents if it somehow gets inside their body. He can actually turn his body into sand, forming and reforming whenever he likes. However, given that sand is simply sand, he cannot move while in this state, and he cannot deform and reform parts of his body in order to avoid attacks. He must be completely physical or completely sand. However, he can change between the two with rather quick speed, allowing for very effective surprise attacks. He can also be stored away while in sand form to allow for discreet carrying of Dark Hunters while on missions; even in multiple sections, for the sand will always collect itself to reform. He cannot stay sand for more than an hour, though. And he has been modified by the Dark Hunters to no longer require food or sleep.


Backstory: Lukasi emerged from somewhere within the deep machinations of the GSR itself- Completely unbeknownst to Lukasi; to him it was always home. He appeared on Voya Nui and talked with the Matoran there, learning how to speak and learning how to fight while still appearing as something of a myth to the startled Matoran. Eventually he vanished off the island and never returned.


One day, he reappeared off the coast of another island, smashing up ships while in the water. The people living there tried desperately to find him, but he would dissolve into sand at the bottom of the sea floor and wait for them to pass by. This went on for some years, him surviving off of food found in the cargo of the ships, striking at different sea-faring points so as not to be traced or predicted. Eventually the fishermen on the island actually recruited the Dark Hunters to find the source of the occurrence and eliminate it entirely.


He continually went on his rounds, outsmarting and outrunning some of the Dark Hunter's best until Eliminator was called onto the scene. Lukasi had even killed a few Hunters who had come after him, one of them carrying a protosteel Khopesh which he made his own. Eliminator actually caught Lukasi in the act of attacking a smaller ship and sinking it. When he vanished without a trace, Eliminator waited the long hour for developments, and Lukasi could stand being sand no longer. The following fight was very short, but surprised by it being one of Devastator's own species Eliminator captured him instead and transported him to The Shadowed One's all too ominous lair.


With the impressive total score of over 4,000 shipping vessels destroyed and 2,000 individuals drowned or butchered, his position in the ranks was immediate and permanent.


Tools: Lukasi carries a khopesh made of protosteel. He actually doesn't have any other weapons, preferring to use his bare hands and claws to take down opponents and targets.


Skills: He's a master at hiding, surprising given his height. No amount of raw force can deter him, as he's a physical powerhouse. He has a taste for metalwork, and although he's clumsy at anything aside from crude repairs, he is aspiring to be a master at it.

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@ Toa Fanixe: This one is a bit borderline. On one hand, he's a toa, and my note above still stands. On the other hand, you've made him sufficiently un-toa-like through the backstory and decreased elemental abilities (though this should also be noted in the powers section, not just skills).


My other concern is the mask of emulation. It's a very powerful mask, and I remember having a bit of trouble with that ability back in City of Legends, so I'm a bit wary of the power. On the other hand, the mask also has a lot of limitations on it, and so long as you keep within those, it should be OK.


On balance, I'm going to say that Mirror is approved, but be careful nonetheless.



@ Ghidora: I find it a bit odd that Lukasi has sunk more ships that people have gone down with those ships. Were most of them unmanned vessels? Also, I'm assuming this is where he got his protosteel khopesh, from someone who drowned. Protosteel is a very rare and valuable material, so where it came from should be explained. Once you clarify these things, I'll be happy to accept Metronome.


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I originally considered typing up a darker version of you-know-who, but figured I'd give this guy a more buildable revamp instead, similar to what I did with Phantom.


Name: Has none. Prefers it that way. Names are for the weak.

Codename: Smackdown

Species: Steltian Elite

Appearance: Brown, black, and dark grey armor with gunmetal accents. Elongated head and a permanently hunched back. Heavily scarred, and jacked as all Karzahni.

Powers: Elite-level Strength, Limited Invulnerability (applies to only armor and skin; doesn't affect things like bone or other interior components)

Backstory: The life of the being known as Smackdown began as the illegitimate and deformed offspring of two highly influential members of Stelt's ruling class. In an effort to spare themselves from political embarrassment, his parents' respective clans had him locked away in the dungeon of an old, subterranean fortress where he was placed under heavy guard and used as a test subject for countless, cruel experiments. Surviving off of little more than his tormentor's table scraps and lacking even the most basic of necessities, his captors soon grew complacent in their duties, simply assuming that his perceived inability to speak and seemingly nonexistent educational background would be enough of an edge to help keep him in line.

They didn't realise exactly how wrong they were until he began ripping them all apart with his bare hands and repainting the walls with their blood.

Appropriating one of his victims' Kanohi in order to hide his own face (which, upon seeing his reflection for the first time, disgusted even him), he eventually discovered its ability during his escape through the sewers, and proceeded to cut a rage-induced, one-being swath of destruction towards the heart of the island... only to finally be overwhelmed and recaptured a few weeks later, upon which he was then sent straight to the arena. Expecting him to be put to death for his crimes, the populace could only watch on in shock and horror as he broke free of his bonds, decapitated the executioner with their own axe, and then succeeded in brutally slaughtering the other twelve guards that rushed in to finish the job. Drenched in gore, frantically searching for his next oponent, and roaring like an animal, he almost remained completely and utterly oblivious to what happened next.

People began cheering and clapping... for him.

Needless to say, those in charge soon deemed that it would be much more... profitable to keep him alive as a gladiator, and considering as to how they had granted him new weapons and were almost constantly giving him new people to kill, he didn't seem to mind too much at all. A couple months of viciously dismantling other fighters and performing more than a few gruesome executions later, and the Dark Hunters eventually caught wind of his existence, quickly sending an envoy in an effort to recruit him into their ranks.

Tools: Kanohi Pakari, the Mask of Strength; two Kanabo forged from Repulsion Kanoka, giving them powers similar to that of a Crast

Skills: Crushing, pulverising, breaking bones, tearing others limb from limb, and gouging out eyes with his thumbs.


Unfortunately, "playing the Bionicle equivalent of Quidditch with his opponent's skulls" and "lollygagging" didn't fit the tone of the rest of the profle.

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Hero Factory: Contagion

RPG Characters:

BZPRPG Characters

RPG History:

The Asylum, Bionifight Infinite, Year 60,000, Matoran und Panzer, HF RPG 2.0, Wasteland, Corpus Rahkshi, Skyrise

GM Résumé:

Matoran und Panzer (Formerly Appointed Co-GM), Corpus Rahkshi (Former Substitute Co-GM)



Feel free to shoot a PM my way if you're waiting for me to respond to something and I've been taking a while to do so.

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Codename: Reaver


Species: Skakdi of Ice


Appearance: Armed in white, blue and silver armour, and looking very much like the typical Skakdi, Zekev is a stubby and hunched, his mouth permanently affixed in a huge grin, as if he is constantly amused at something. With a prominent chin and large two-toed feet, Zekev looks as brutish as one can expect a Skakdi to be.


Powers: As a Skakdi of Ice Zekev has Elemental Control over Ice when used in conjunction with another Skakdi's Elemental power. He also possesses laser vision and the ability to manipulate the density of his body to an extent.


Backstory: Already a troublemaker and thug before Makuta Spiriah's experiments on the Skakdi, Zekev wisely saw the direction Zakaz was heading weeks after the island erupted into war, and hastily stowed away on one of the last intact ships escaping the island, landing on the Northern Continent. Subsequently, he used his skills to make a living for himself as hired muscle or conducting stealing jobs that required more force than subtlety. Eventually, Zekev was permanently hired as the bodyguard of the head of a criminal syndicate. However, in the recent past, that syndicate landed in the crosshairs of the Dark Hunters after stealing several antique weapons from Nynrah before the Dark Hunters got to it. The Hunters dispatched a task force that completely crushed the syndicate, and as the Hunters stormed the inner compound of the syndicate's headquarters, Zekev took the chance to kill the guards in the Vault, murder his boss and turn in the weapons to the Hunters. Knowing that the Hunters were still hurting from the war in Metru Nui, the Dark Hunters on the mission voted three for and two against bringing him back to Odina to recruit him.


ToolsZekev carries a master-crafted shield from his time in the syndicate and a war axe from before he left Zakaz.


Skills: Zekev is rather strong, even for a Skakdi, due to lugging around two heavy weapons and his ability to increase his muscle density at strategic moments. He's also surprisingly agile for his brutish nature, and possesses good balance, occasionally augmented by lowering his density by a fraction. While not the brightest lightstone in the cave, Zekev's sense of self-preservation occasionally grants him flashes of inspiration and genius when confronted by dangerous situations.

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@ Timegeness: I have two questions about this one. First, just how limited is his invulnerability power?


My second concern is more from a story point of view. How does anyone expect this homicidal maniac who can neither speak nor understand language, and who can never lay eyes upon another person without attacking them, to go into a training camp with other recruits, sleep in a barracks with them, obey the orders of his trainers (or even understand the training exercises), or to be any benefit to the team? That's before the mission even gets started, where they will have to sneak into a hostile city and steal a well guarded artefact. Smackdown would be worse than useless at that, simply charging off to butcher the first Matoran he saw (assuming we could even get him there), and bringing the vahki and Toa straight down on the team's heads. Would he even care about the stone? I think not. Smackdown is the type of being that nobody would ever want to put into Project Protodermis. The Dark Hunters might use him as a guard, like they do Airwatcher, but trying to train him for missions? No.


Smackdown is a character who doesn't fit into this story. That's not to say he's a bad character - he might fit into a different one - but I can't approve him for this game, at least not in his current form.


@ Norik: Zekev is approved

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Smackdown's Limited Invulnerability is pretty much exactly the same as the Rahkshi Variation of the same name, just with the added stipulation that the power only works on his skin. So while knives and bladed weapons aren't likely going to make him bleed, a blow with enough force behind it, such as a mace strike to the chest cavity, for example, would still leave him with some broken ribs and the possibility of a punctured lung if not properly avoided. In that sense, it's effectively like an all-around, full-body kevlar, which is pretty much how we've been keeping that particular breed playable over at Corpus; great for additional protection, but by no means insurmountable.

As far as his Bio's concerned, I thought my use of the words "seemingly" and "perceived" would've been enough to imply that his original captors were idiots and that he was simply biding his time, but that one's on me, I suppose. It's not so much that he lacks the ability to understand or speak, per se; it's just that the majority of what he knows is more or less self-taught, and, in the case of the latter, doesn't often see the need to do so. He still has a knowledge capacity similar to that of the average Steltian Elite, but aside from the "do this or get hurt" scenario, there just haven't been that many outside influences to assist in cultivating it, and there's only so much one can do by themselves. A similar example would be that of Frankenstein's Monster; "Oh, hey, I can speak and read and such, but why exactly is it wrong to start killing people again?" In other words, he's merely trying to process information that others have already had a lifetime to comprehend.

Which brings me to your second point; he's been a gladiator for months now. If he didn't eventually become capable enough to do what he was told, or to differentiate between those his masters did or did not want him to fight, they likely wouldn't have kept him around in the first place, as he'd be constantly trying to launch himself into the crowd to attack the spectators as well, and that's not even considering the amount of guards they'd have to go through just to keep him contained. Prior to this, he's experienced little to no positive reinforcement at all, and every sapient interaction he's had up until then has pretty much led to some form of torture. Thrusting somebody like that into a highly populated area at the drop of a hat and not expecting them to go on a murderous rampage at the slightest hint of miscomunication is unrealistic at best. Smackdown may have started off as a one-being slaughterhouse of infinite rage, sure, but as of right now, however, he has much more self-control than he did when he originally escaped.


Hero Factory: Contagion

RPG Characters:

BZPRPG Characters

RPG History:

The Asylum, Bionifight Infinite, Year 60,000, Matoran und Panzer, HF RPG 2.0, Wasteland, Corpus Rahkshi, Skyrise

GM Résumé:

Matoran und Panzer (Formerly Appointed Co-GM), Corpus Rahkshi (Former Substitute Co-GM)



Feel free to shoot a PM my way if you're waiting for me to respond to something and I've been taking a while to do so.

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Name: Galrax


Codename: Spirit


Species: Unknown, possible mutant Phase Dragon.


Appearance: Galrax, when she decides to be visible, vaguely resembles a blend of a Kanohi Dragon and Vortixx. She insists that her species bears no relation to either of those species, and prefers not to be associated with either of them. Her draconic face, reptilian tail, and forearms are covered in shining silver, metallic scales, while the rest of her body is covered in smokey-grey armor. Her nearly black flesh seems to shift like smoke under her armor, hinting at what she is capable of.

A bronze Great Kakama is embedded in her chest, the only spot of color on her.


Powers: “Spirit” is capable of Kakama-level speeds, along with the ability to become utterly invisible and incorporeal. Due to this, she is capable of phasing through walls and travelling through areas at incredible speeds. Though she can be incorporeal, she is not capable of true flight, only basic levitation, and only when she is incorporeal.

However, due to her speed and incorporeal form, she has very little physical strength. She’s utterly unable to wield weapons, as they do not become incorporeal when she does. And, if caught in her corporeal form, she is incredibly fragile and easy to kill. It takes approximately five seconds of uninterrupted concentration for her to become incorporeal, but she can become corporeal nearly instantly.


Backstory: Galrax was found on the island of Visorak, walking around aimlessly. Somehow she had managed to avoid being captured – either via her abilities or sheer luck – and still was fully sentient and aware of herself. The party that found her returned her to the Dark Hunters, and she eagerly joined the group.

After all, she had little else to do. And abusing her powers was always fun, especially for profit.


Tools: None. She cannot carry weapons or tools with her while she is incorporeal.


Skills: Galrax is an incredible scout due to her powers, and capable of committing a building’s layout to memory with ease.


Steam name: Ehksidian

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Name: Votadox


Codename: Psyker


Species: Takadox's species



Votadox is lithe and sinuous, partway between a toa and a vortixx in height, weight and posture. His armour, which looks to be a mixture of crustacean-like organic shells and mechanical implants, retains a clean, sharp aesthetic and is coloured dark and light grey under sand red, with silver and chrome details and red highlights. His face is expressed by means of a stylised Kanohi Crast.



Votadox has the hypnosis of all of his species (although it requires eye contact and concentration), hence his codename. His mask also grants him the ability to telekinetically push beings and objects away from him with considerable force.



No matter what else has changed, Votadox has always been an adventurer. When fighting for the League he was often seen to bend his commands into something better suiting his whim. After wandering off to pursue his own goals once too often, the order was given for his punishment: luckily for him, the Barraki were toppled before the sentence could be executed. Along with other shards of the shattered empire, Votadox turned to a life of crime and delinquency. One day a smuggler, the next a soldier of fortune - Votadox was never quite satisfied. Although he often tried to hide it, he felt he had lost his purpose. He also became accustomed to loss, with many of his friends, not to mention widgets, being lost in his multitude of escapades.


Rolling with the punches, Votadox nevertheless continued his rollercoaster of a lifestyle. But he couldn’t dodge destiny forever. When working as a corsair off the coast of one of the western isles, and after a particularly unsuccessful raid, Votadox was captured by the islanders and forced to work as a slave in mines under the land’s protodermic crust. Some time later the Dark Hunters attacked the island in search of its bounty, scooping up any potential recruits they could find in the process. Once freed, Votadox took it upon himself to kill a particularly cruel guard, taking his mask and launcher as reparation. Moments later he was leaving the island, ready to join his new employers in whatever exploits awaited...



Votadox carries two items looted from the guard he killed. The first is a Mask Of Repulsion, while the second is a weapon he insists on calling a Bludgeon: it’s a substantial but light ballistic weapon whose spherical projectiles create a cloud of pummeling, hammering wind around their target. The area of effect is a two meter sphere, lasting ten seconds, whose force is equivilant to repeatedly being punched by metal hands. Although the cloud does not move, its effect is immediate upon impact, while the gun itself can fire once every four or five seconds for ten shots, before needing to recharge for about eight or nine seconds. As you can imagine, it was a favourite of Votadox’s guard. In addition, Votadox carries two simple protodermis knives - just in case.



Votadox is of vortixx-like strength but above average speed and agility. He is an adept marksman, but is fairly standard when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. He is a good climber.

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Nah, I'm good.

I can already see where this is going, so I'm just going to opt out and save myself the trouble. Thanks anyway, I guess.


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The Asylum, Bionifight Infinite, Year 60,000, Matoran und Panzer, HF RPG 2.0, Wasteland, Corpus Rahkshi, Skyrise

GM Résumé:

Matoran und Panzer (Formerly Appointed Co-GM), Corpus Rahkshi (Former Substitute Co-GM)



Feel free to shoot a PM my way if you're waiting for me to respond to something and I've been taking a while to do so.

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Sorry for the delay on replying to this one. Let's get into it.


Votadox's character and backstory look fine, but all those weapons might be a bit much, especially how he was a slave right before being recruited. How does a slave happen two own two such powerful, high-tech launchers and a pair of protosteel swords? Those are incredibly rare and valuable items, more of the type that might be given at the end of the mission than what a former slave might start out with.


If I were to make a suggestion (one you don't have to take, and feel free to come back with your own), I would say drop the rhotuka and reign in the specs on that gun a bit, maybe to two shots in ten seconds, and a dozen before reloading. It also would be nice to add a little to the backstory as to how he got that fancy launcher.


The only other thing I'd say is that you should be careful with the hypnosis ability. Takadox got his power "vastly increased" with his mutation in the pit, so Votadox's should be played as weaker that what we saw Takadox do. It should require significant eye-contact, and a bit of a struggle to bring someone completely under his sway.


So Votadox isn't quite approved yet, but he's not too far off.


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