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Xarton, the Crusher


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Once Xarton was the Protector of Okoto's Earth region, but during Makuta's uprising he fell victim to the temptation of power that was promised when he aligned himself with Makuta. Makuta used his dark powers to transform Xarton into a stronger being with massive claws and impervious armor. Xarton was sent by Makuta to seek out Lothar, the ancient guardian of the Earth region, and retrieve him for Makuta to corrupt, but he was never heard from again after he descended into the caverns of Okoto.


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Nasty looking brute, ain't 'e?


Splendid work on this guy; you can definitely tell that he used to be an Okotan, but his transformation has been quite extensive. Interesting storyline too, it'd be cool to read an actual story form.

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