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Blessed Blade

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Okay, scratch the opening scene, I'll attach it to the main scene. Had less inspiration than I anticipated ^^;


Just awaiting one more move, and confirmation on another... this will be... interesting, though, if things keep up as they are. =O


Due to nature of things, scene could be up by the weekend, though ^^

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Night One


The discovery of a dead body in the village had affected the Matoran a lot. Considering their options, they decided to search around to make certain that no-one else was missing, not trusting their memories of who was present. After spending a good portion of the night, they managed to find out two things - that Vox was dead, and a mysterious journal...


In a room, dark like all the others on the island now, a notebook sat. The book was opened to the first page of many. Hexagonal, hard-edged glyphs marked the page. The glyphs – the Matoran Alphabet – said the following.
Journal Entry: Night One
No one will read this. Why am I writing this? My own, sick pleasure? No one can read this. No one but me.
I can see.
Everything is so, so wrong, but I can see. I...need to keep this journal, to keep track of what happens. If I don’t, no one will. No one will be able to know what’s going on. They can’t see the terrors going on here, but I can. I wish I didn’t. I almost wish I lost my sight like the others...almost. But at the same time, I’m glad I didn’t change like them. My eyes still work.
Okay. Where do I begin? The sun is finally rising, and I'm glad to say there's only one dead person. That...thing didn't kill anyone. The person it targeted seems to be fine - must've been saved by the Medic. He did mention being saved rescued helped by something, and saved from that thing. I can only assume it was that...not like he could have seen it. Wasn't too badly hurt, aside from the mutations already on him. He wasn't missing any arms...or legs...or his head. He's fine He wasn't murdered. I can't really say if anyone is "fine" now. I'm not. If they could see...I doubt anyone would say they're fine. I'm not fine. I'm probably the closest to fine anyone on this Mata-Nui forsaken island can be at this point.
I found Vox’s corpse, thankfully not mutilated annihilated desecrated. There was a single stab wound in his heartlight. He must've died in his sleep. I can only assume some others here have decided to kill whomever they can find in their blinded state. I doubt they have ill will. They...probably want to kill that thing. I do, too. But if it finds me, it’ll kill me. These murderers may prove useful...so long as they don’t kill more innocent Matoran people like Vox. Maybe I can ally with them? No, that’s dumb. They might kill me on the spot. Unless...hm.
Voltex is just another Matoran person. As regular as anyone here can be right now. I was glad to see him, really. He didn’t notice me approaching, but I saw him. He wasn’t that nightmarish monster, just another poor victim of the rain. No different from Vox, or the others walking around. They aren’t that abomination. They’re still people.
The sun’s up, now. Everything is still horrifying, still nightmarish. But I need to survive. We need to survive as long as possible. Maybe if we kill the beast, we’ll be free? Mata-Nui, I hope so. I don’t want to die here. Not in the slightest. I don’t want to be forced to witness the horrors going on here for the rest of my life, either...I just want to live in peace. And I bet Vox did, too. Vox might be in a better place now. Maybe,
I just hope that thing wasn’t a Matoran once. If it was...I dread what may happen if the rains come again.
The rest of the pages were blank. Not a smudge of ink, not a single stray letter was on the rest of the page.

As the Matoran who read out the words finished, the others mumbled to themselves. So there was someone who could see? Or was this some sort of trick?


"Do not be fooled, my comrades!" The voice rang out, soft and soothing to everyone present. The speaker wasn't able to be seen even with eyes, but everyone seemed to trust in the voice. "It is sad that Voxumo has perished, and I can confirm it was, but... The rest of these are simply lies. From someone trying to stir up chaos within the village." Murmurs of agreement rang out among the Matoran.

"I have narrowed the suspects down to the following five, however..."




-Toa Smoke Monster



"You have 24 hours to vote."

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Alright, guess I'll vote ToaD to round things off.


Five-way multihang! 

I deem this an appropriate response to my unjust death.


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I vote TSM in an attempt to at least get a triple hang.

-Rahkshi Guurahk
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-Windrider - 5

-Dragon.star - 4

-Underscore - 2

-Toa Smoke Monster - 5

-ToaD - 2





The leather-bound journal has another entry in it - made soon after the death of the mafian Windrider and the villager Smoke Monster.

Journal Entry: Night Two
Night is beginning to fall.  Need to write these things down while they’re fresh in my mind. Don’t think it will ever leave my mind, though. Ever. Starting from the beginning.

The monster gathered us in the village. Couldn’t see – can’t let it know I can see. My eyes were closed the whole time. Don’t wanna see the thing anyways. It would know I was different and kill me on the spot, like how it killed Windrider and Smoke. Getting ahead of myself, though.

Okay. Beast gathered us. Read my journal. It found my journal. I’m terrified, it found my journal somehow. Hide it? Should I hide it? No, keep it out. It’ll read it. Maybe the villagers will understand it doesn’t have our best interest in mind. Its voice is...hideous. The mutagen must’ve changed how people hear it. Beast responsible for rain? Don’t know – don’t wanna find out.

Read my journal out, which was how we decided to execute people. Beast narrowed down the votes to small party of people – didn’t trust the list, but voting off of it would raise suspicion. Everyone else trusts it. Don’t. Its hideous words twist your mind. It wants you to believe that it is right – it isn’t. How can you believe it to be right after what it did to Smoke and Wind? Their bodies...

Ahead of myself again. We voted – no one was sure of what to do. Not even I had a clue of who killed Vox. Beast may have some clue. Beast may watch the killers like prey at night. Maybe it watches me? It kills. It tried killing last night. I hope it doesn’t try again.

Votes came to a close after a long, drawn-out conversation. Decided to execute Smoke and Wind. I still remember the noise. Oh, Mata Nui, the noise. Their screams still echo in my ears. I’m glad my eyes were closed. I don’t want to witness it doing that again. The squelching...the tearing...the screams...it was hideous. The beast may have warped what others heard. Might have made it sound peaceful and gentle. It wasn’t. I went to look at their corpses. Mutilated doesn’t begin to describe it. I don’t want to describe it. The agony they must have went through...I hope no one ever experiences it again.

Windrider had a knife. I can only assume she may have killed Vox, or been complicit in his murder. Smoke was innocent as far as I could tell.

The sun is falling. I must prepare for the night. I know who I must speak to this night.

There was nothing else written. Small smudges of ink dotted the back of the recent page, however...


The Voice spoke of tragedy, of how it was so tragic what had happened this day. It mentioned how the events of what had gone on should serve as a reminder of why everyone must work together. However, it warned that there still remained four hooligans who could strike at any moment...




All roles PM me.


Also, sorry about the delays ^^; A bunch of things have come up, one being, well, um, Breath of the Wild. ^^;

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Oh, three people have, I just forgot to update the first post ^^;


As for the scene, I'm just waiting on one last thing, hopefully the scene will be up by Monday.

*Is in a constant state of Limbo, neither alive nor dead*


also how the bloody heck is it this topic only has 2 pages thus far?

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If you interact with one of my characters and I don't respond or acknowledge the interaction within a day, send me a PM. Odds are I missed or did not see the post.

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I'm honestly not sure, it's been a quiet one so far...




Night Two


The journal was discovered once again, alongside a recent discovery of a second body courtesy of the Mafia. The Journal read as follows...


The journal seems to have had a page torn off, despite the next entry being the third. Spots of what looks like dried blood can be seen on the remains of the old page...

Journal Entry: Night Two

No beast. Beast did not kill or attempt to kill. Safe? not safe from beast beast hiding beast does not want to be found nothing we can do beast is haunting us beast will kill us no salvation doomed death beast monster murder mutants help help

The page falls into incomprehensible scribbles for a bit, before it resumes legibility...and sanity.

The monster didn’t kill. It did not attempt to kill. That is a relief – but I’m sure it’s plotting something. Can’t let the paranoia get to me. It’ll use it against me, make the village think it’s in the right as it reads my journal. You reading this, monster? I’m sure you are. I’ll find out who you are eventually.

Speaking of, found the Medic. He’s safe. I have an ally now. He agreed to protect me from the beast if at all possible, in exchange for not saying who he was. Good. I hope he will know when to save himself, and not save me...

The killers struck again – I assume that Wind isn’t the only one. Found Hellyam’s corpse, lots of blood. Must have stabbed him in the heart and let him bleed out. Gruesome way to go, really. Didn’t realize how much blood there was until I got to writing this the first time. Ruined a page. Note to self: Don’t touch dead people again, even if it’s to check for a pulse. They’re dead.

Need to stay calm. Can’t trust the voice. Don’t trust the voice. Never trust that beast’s hideous voice. It may sound peaceful, but it is not. It wants you to trust it.



There’s a small drawing of a hideous, tentacle monster of sorts in the bottom right corner. Aside from that, the rest of the page and book is blank.


The Voice appeared in the middle of the square where the Matoran awaited, and explained the situation, reading the journal once again. However, they left out some parts that talked about not trusting them. Still unable to be seen, the Voice calmly urged people to avenge Hellyam the Villager, and to vote with all their might.








You have 72 hours to vote.

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