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The Nintendo Switch


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Gentlemen and Ladies, we must discuss the interest thing that is the Nintendo Switch! 


This thread will focus on talking about anything relating to the Switch! *obligatory switch noise that sounds like a snap*


We can talk about the pricing, culture exchange, tech specs, usability, the fact that it's so strangely proportioned and cumbersome! I'm literally looking for people that find this piece of gaming goodness a worth while topic to discuss. Whether or not you have bought it, there's already an opinion arising in your beautiful heart! Because this is modern technology and a mark in history of gaming. That is so spectacularly cool to me to think that I, no, WE get to experience this console while we're alive! 


Lets talk! 


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I don't even like Nintendo, but let's get the ball rolling here.


Just took a look at Unity's website, apparently Unity 5 supports the Nintendo Switch, and so does the Unreal engine to some extent.  So now I wonder how easy it is to code up a game on one's PC and get it running on the Switch.  I think out of the last dozen downloads I got from IndieDB, more than half of them were Unity-based, so I wonder if there would be a way to just download a demo off of there, stick it on a flash drive, plug it into the Switch and play.


If that happened, I wonder how Nintendo would react if someone coded up, say, a Pokemon fan game in Unity and ported it to the Switch.  Actually, I've seen stuff about an NES emulator, coded in Unity, that takes the previously 2D games and gives them voxel-style 3D graphics.  Now THAT'D be interesting to see on the Switch.  (Just found it, here:  https://geod.itch.io/3dnes)


Also, I know people use Unity for virtual reality games as well.  I know Sony fired up their own PlayStation-specific brand of VR recently, I wonder if Nintendo might follow suit with VR gear for the Switch.  And if they ever did, I wonder how many indie devs would use Unity to port their VR goodies to the Switch.

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A number of my friends own the system and, to my knowledge, none of them have experienced any of the hardware issues or problems described here? Then again, I honestly can't think of a released console where lemons did not exist. 


Either way, the system itself looks like fun. The portability is nice, the variety of controller set up is nice, a lot of the games look enticing to me (Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8, Fire Emblem: Heroes, Disgaea 5, etc... )


I'd like to pick one up eventually. As of now, they're pretty much sold out everywhere and Amazon mostly has an army of scammers selling them. 

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