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Tahu Mata Costume WIP

Ziontyro Metalhead

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This is a costume that I built for Halloween this last year. I wanted to emulate a realistic version of the mata designs while also keeping some aspects of the original toy. This is what I came up with.


The miru is just a stand-in for now, but a hau is being made. The blue jumpsuit is also being replaced with a more skintight black suit, with more detailing as well. 


Here's a good photo of it.




And also a video of it.


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Impressive-definitely recognizable.

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Freaking rad! Being freinds with costume makers allows me to appreciate all the hard work you put in. Are you going to bring it to a con?

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It's a great costume, no doubt. And it is clear that much work has been put into this, certainly far more than I can muster. I just have one question though, why a red Miru instead of the signature Hau? Or do you have yet to make it?


Anyhow, as it is, this is a pretty great costume nonetheless.

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Impressive! I wish I had something like this when I was a child. Even if it's made of cardboard (I think), it looks like one of those expensive cosplay costumes you might see at some comic-con.
The details of the torso and the pistons on the legs look really good, you resemble Tahu from Bionicle: the Game :D
You also handled very well the waist part (Tahu's waist is quite thinner than the one of a human being).

Looking forward for future updates!


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