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The Halfway - A Bionicle Series


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"What if everything we thought we knew...was wrong?"


Mystery. Betrayal. Survival.


A series based on LEGO's Bionicle, "The Halfway" shifts from the original universe composed by Greg Farshtey and C.A. Hapka and takes dramatic turns into unexplored territory. Characters, settings, plots, origins, villains, storyline, and endings have all been altered to fit a new reality- one that strongly parallels our own. 

With new challenges, mysteries, and developments, all awaits revelation in this dramatic re-telling of the classic Bionicle story.


(More information about the series can be found at: https://www.patreon.com/hebarlow)

Link to review/discussion: http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/24447-the-halfway-review/

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Chapter 1 (Prologue)


The High Seas.


Stretching to horizons of distant shores, seamless salty waters encircled every spit of land without divide. United, they had stood in unwavering purpose and resilience, determined to carry out their duties without falter, as the lights of the sky knew with great familiarity.  


As dawn peeked its head above the shoreline, the waters would leap to the rising sun, cheerful rays of gold cloaking the crystalline waters in glory; near end of sunset, gentle swells would caress each ribbon of twilight as they glided beyond boundary of sea and sky; at the unveiling of darkness, the silvery radiance of the moon and stars would be echoed upon the vast saline surface.

Regardless of source, light was embraced and guided by the great waters without falter; and the lights and waters would return to the sequence afresh, as they had since time long forgotten.


Though the seas embodied a devoted and tender demeanor towards the heavens, they held a far more ominous and foreboding temperament for those who sailed across their expanse.


Every sea craft that had spanned “The Great Marine Highway” knew all too well the depths of its ulterior nature; those who still dared the venture guarded their vessels with a tense and somber uncertainty. Only the Great Spirit himself knew if their journey would end frictionless, as any weathered mariner would forewarn. For the seas concealed much within their wake, and though some had been granted a glimpse of their mysteries, far too many more had been claimed by them.


Grasped by all was a bleak and disheartening reality: dead were the ancient ways of water voyaging.


Still, despite the abrasive affairs between sea and sailor, six survivors of an era long past remained unscathed on their timeworn crossing. Legends had been told of strange containers, ones containing cargo of great power and potential, drifting along the salty streams of the ancient Highway. It was during the time known as “The Era of Legends” that many would attempt to seize the vessels, and with differing agendas, each one had set out to unleash their contents and command them for themselves: out of lust for war; out of scientific progress; out of sheer desperation for answers.


Yet any who could have chanced a glimpse of the alien capsules were met by swift, snarling waves so terrifying even a decorated sea captain would soil himself; the fortunate few who would manage escape dare not return to relive the experience. Innumerable traumatic encounters and catastrophic losses would bring an end of the Legends as history; their well-known facts would be transformed into fables of terror and caution. The Era of Legends would drown, along with hope, as the planet yielded its greatest source of ambition to the unforgiving seas.


And so, the foreigners would continue their marine voyage undisturbed for eras to come. Left unmoved, their own sequence would continue indefinitely until time itself conceded to fatigue; and, with the High Seas as their champion, nothing on earth would interfere with their destiny.


That is, except one.


Perhaps it was the staunch belief that the planet would always continue in the way it had, or perhaps the long inaccessibility to answers - and departure from seeking them- that would lead to the agony and horror of was to ensue. For a most formidable secret, one which had been concealed from even the vigorous seas, was soon to be uncovered by the six unsuspecting marine passengers: 


Such cycles were never intended to survive.


*  *  * 

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