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Titans Vs. Monsters Entry:      

TvM Part 1: Wakeup Call

TvM Part 2: Elevated Descent

TvM Part 3: Into Mechness

TvM Part 4: Titan at Arms




1. I'm just lazy

2. A very lame intro

3. A villain enters the plot...

4. Decent punchlines, what are those?

5. Sue me Valve

6. Procrastination

7. The Hiatus (Part 1)

7.5-ish. plz kill me now

8 http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Sycron/BZPower/Comics/008.png

9. 9.gif


Portal Sub-Saga

Test Chamber 00 - Spanish Robots

Work on this Saga has been halted. Sorry. 


Guest Star Comics:

1. Kodrak

2. Soran


Special Comics:

My 1 year Vahi!

Xmas 2011: Wreck the Halls

Happy New Year! (Late)

Happy Valentines Day! (Late)

Happy Pi Day!Happy 4th of July!

Late Happy Tanksgiving! (No, it is not a typo)

My 2 year Avohkii! (REALLY late)


Guest Star Waiting List (Take a number, we'll see you in a year or so.):

1: Ghidora131






Rules for guest stars:

1. Please use only Chimoru Omega sprites for guest staring.

2. If you use Chimoru Omega, please give me a full sheet.(Requirements include the default 30 poses, a full mask spinny of 5 to 8 views, and an optional weapon.)

3. Please fill out the following exam if you wish to guest star:



Description and Personality(10 to 50 words please):

Preferable treatment (This function has been disabled due to the fact that it was stupid.)


Permanent Guest Stars:

1: Kodrak



The Halo Matatu Award




Kodrak, JiMing, and Soran for so much support

Everyone who contributed to the Chimoru Topic

GIFs made in http://gifmaker.me/

Others whos names I cannot remember

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"i m noob on fir lol"Best part of the comic for sure.But I don't think King Joe would approve of that last panel.Edit: word filter won't let me use 0 instead of o http://www.bzpower.com/board/public/style_emoticons/default/annoyed2.gif

Eh, I got sued, so it's Sonic you should be taking it up with. But nice comic, a tip I can give would be to experiment with glowy text or speech bubbles to make it easier to read. Good start!
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I was just out of ideas. No offence ment to King Joe.P.S. Sonic realated stuff probebly wont be used again in my comics.

Eh, I'm cool with it.Good 1-year Vahi comic. Except in the last panel it looks kinda like you're trying to adjust the vahi instead of facepalm, but the idea gets across.
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Just made a new years comic. I got pressed for time and just did whatever I could think of.Read it here. :wired:I would post a comic right now, but Brickshelf is having some problems. <_<Edit: I merged your two posts. Please do not double-post unless you are announcing a new comic. Since Bshelf is having another bout of issues, you may want to look into another hosting service such as Photobucket for the time being.-Wind-

Edited by -Windrider-
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This is your first attempt at comics, correct?If so! Congratz! You've done a fabulous job here. Outlines are perfect, backgrounds are great, humor is good.I'd easily put these at a level with Gavla, Nuparurocks, and even Dark709.For such awesomeness, I present:halomatatuaward.pngDisplay proudly, and with honor!LinkEDIT: You're not allowed to use the messaging system, so I hope posting my GS App. here is OK.I'd like to be a PERMANENT Guest Star, if you accept them. If not, I'll just be a GS.Omega Spritesheet (2-shade)Name: KodrakDescription and Personality(10 to 50 words please): Kodrak is nice, funny, and enjoys Minecraft. He has a complex past, from being a Toa, a Turaga, and finally a Matoran. He has fought countless battles and has lots of experience with his Hyperice Blades.Preferable treatment (please choose one of the below.):A. WorshipedEdit: Since Sycron is a New Member, posting a GS request is fine for now. Editing just to confirm this for everybody!-Wind-

Edited by -Windrider-

not autistic

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Yay these comics are back!I love the most recent comic, I thought it was funny. I like how you are using Jimmy as a 'pack mule' in the beginning. The room looks good, and the ending with Fred was funny.Nice job on the comics and keep up the good work,~Soran


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I know this is a double post, but here's the the thing...


I've basically had author's block for 7 months, and I have no idea what to do about it!


I have driven my comics into a ditch, and can't call a tow truck...


I need some help.


Edit: I made a long overdue guest star comic. Sorry about that Soran.

Edited by Sycron
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